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Литература (Literature) Wilbert B. Smith

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Литература (Literature) Wilbert B. Smith / Wilbur B. Smith

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caption=Wilbert B. Smith, Canadian UFO research, communications, and xeno-development.
"Although these new theoretical ideas are not fully explained, they are provocative and can still stimulate the development of a different view of the world." —Wilbert Smith

Wilbert B. Smith was a Canadian government scientist / engineer who was interested in the flying saucer phenomenon from the early 1950s until his death in 1962. Feedback on his involvement in this area can be found here and here. Smith himself summarized his activities in a speech to the UFO club in the Vancouver area in 1961. He claimed to have communicated with extraterrestrial humans, and his archival correspondence and public presentations describe a lot of technical and scientific information inspired by topside humans. The archive was originally compiled by Arthur Bray and is kept at the University of Ottawa Library in Ottawa, Canada.

The excerpts from Smith's work are organized here by topic to explain the proposed physics and present other ideas regarding the extraterrestrial presence. Although these new theoretical ideas are not fully explained, they are provocative and can still stimulate the development of a different view of the world. In addition to theory, he also described new technologies and experiments inspired by communication with aliens. Some of these have been described in sufficient detail to be studied today. A successful repetition of his experiments would add credibility to the underlying theory as well as its source. To this end, his research reported observations are described below.

Molecular Binding Force Research

Aliens have informed Wilbert Smith that the binding strength of molecules can change under certain conditions. These conditions are created by the propulsion system of their spacecraft, so the accidental destruction of aircraft in the immediate vicinity of the UFO. Conditions were also created by the explosions of atomic bombs, which occurred regularly in the 1950s. Comments on molecular binding are taken from his archival letters and from a presentation given in Vancouver in 1961. Smith was given the specifications of a simple meter that could measure variations in molecular binding strength, and several of these devices were constructed. He measured significant changes in traction in small areas adjacent to aircraft crash sites near Ottawa and Quebec. He also found that the binding force over a large area encompassing the city of Toronto, Canada, was lower than in the region outside this area, and the difference was constant for at least a five-year period. Details of the new binding strength meter studies are described.

1. Evaluation of a Molecular Binding Strength Meter.

Since we cannot easily change the molecular binding strength, the experiment used Smith's method of observing that in the Toronto area, the binding strength was consistently lower than in the Ottawa area during the 1950s. A similar comparison of the two regions in 2006 showed no significant difference. Apparently, the conditions that lead to a decrease in the strength of binding no longer exist as they did 50 years ago.

2. Does Spirit Energy Affect Molecule Binding Strength?

Smith's research, combined with information about the power plant of alien ships obtained through the environment, suggested that spirit energy in a physical mediumship session could also influence the binding strength meter. The experiment showed that this was true, although more research is required.