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Binding Force Meter

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MP3 Audio: Vancouver Lecture 1958 Images: Wilbert Brockhouse Smith 1952 Defense meeting PDFs: Discussing saucers On dealing with saucers

Binding Force Meter notes in discovery and edit

Wilbert's comparative strain meter produced a micro-motion on the axis of a tensioning-line that wrapped a shaft of an indicator needle spanning an index.

The binding force meter, or UFO Detector, as was Smith's actual use for the device, may be modernized with a digital strain gauge holding tension on nylon. The gauge would merely log for review a history of periodic readings of a strain gauge.

The strain-gauge and an Arduino microprocessor are sufficient to get a data stream of strain readings to a PC for logging, plotting, and what not. Acme thread and a stepper motor could auto-calibrate the nylon. A matrix of strain gauges could provide redundant data, and a more reliable detection.

According to Wilbert Smith's instructions from off-world humans, transposed by Dev and friends to new millennium tech, the digital strain-gauge would log a passing UFO if UFO-s these days still leave dimples in the flatness of space-timing. Moreover, these gauges found regional variations, such as a variation in the strain-gauge from inside to outside of Toronto.

This UFO detection approach may work —provided the sensitivity of an inexpensive strain-gauge would compare to the sensitivity of length-variation of nylon in tensile strain, as Smith used.

The developer is looking for a working UFO or warp drive for calibrating a Smith-style digital strain gage to the effect at radius.

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