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Ring amp 3-phase orthogonal 13-8 torus knots 1024x768.png

This is an amateur development of a vector-inversion dielectric interweave exploits the repulsive-cancellation of an established magnetic field by inversion to a dielectric charge (See Vector inversion category for references and study notes.) GOTK Definition   °   Knotty Concepts Sandbox   °  

1   °   Trans-diametric conduction animation
2   °   13:8 Knot Ratio (~Phi)
3   °   13:8 Polyphase Bifilar Knot Banding
4   °   Golden Torus Profile4:1
5   °   Relative Winding Orthogonality
6   °   Rotary Phase Groups
7   °   Electronic GOTK Group( GOTK Ring Amp)

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