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Hyperresonator can mean anything.

To developer, it means a rotating magnetic field at a velocity harmonic with the superluminal aether.

However, a less vague definition needs to specify a coupling frequency. Isn't the aetheric host of all EM frequencies by common definition?

The measured frequencies of nucleons is very very high. Direct aetheric coupling at similar frequencies is so not going to happen.

Consider coupling with the matter lattice of the solid matter of a crystal electronic conductor (copper). Coulombic coupling is explored by modern science, yet manipulation is not even a lost art.

There are instances of hyperresonators that could not be shut down, one story told by Stan Deyo. As a working developer I watched a chat-room (before bots) have told a neighbor's story from central Europe of a gentle man's hyperresonator that glowed green and would not shut off, also like Deyo's scenario.

A friend of mine, the remote viewer, claims to have built a power-resonator on a home-made diode (point contact on zinc) that altered reality. His family verifies his connection with high-strange.

Someone told me of their friend in Sedona, Arizona that activated his special coil in a vacuum chamber thinking (or not) that it would be safer that way. The field 'backed him into a corner and messed him up.'

Smith spoke of a coil obtained that made a field what could be influenced by mind.

Smith also used coils to connect with 'the men upstairs' while meditating —a mental connection yielding significant information, such as the Molecular Strain Gauge for detecting space-dimples left by UFO-s.

I wound a Caduceus winding, like Smith, but on a crystal, per channeled information from my future self... which can happen when one slants with the spiritually slanted. That was more learning adventures than I ever expected life could produce. My life went hyper-resonant directly and intensely! Re-read like it's written in capital letters. My advice... this is not play. Don't play with the universe. Don't seek to accommodate your animal when you are here as a spirit. Rather, accommodate the spirit and the animal sores in a harmony of life!

And then we come to the remote viewer's disclosure from somewhere in 2013. That was information about a hyperresonator that also affected mind, per him. It also projected mind into the aetheric environment —at high power levels that altered reality. Linguistically at that, a structured grammar directed to the intent of the universe. A 12-note musical scale language of the universe which was grammatically expressed with only one's mind in the presence of the field —not spoken. It also paralleled a hyperresonator I recall having literally held in my hands —but in a vision 39 years prior to the remote viewer describing the same built with alien-intelligence-assistance by clandestine military interests.

Jump with me now into unique fiction...


Since forever (around the late 1990-s) the rotary magnetic field of Hexatronic designs has been oriented toward becoming a hyperresonant lock upon the superluminal medium of now. A scalar oscillator, per se --where some scalar displacement into the aetheric continuum is brought to resonant-amplification —for which nobody knows the key.

A temporal element within hyperresonant oscillations that locks into a few seconds (or so) in the past — and also establishes a simultaneous lock on now, may exert a variation of trans-temporal strain on the flatness/rigidity of the subquantum plenuum.  A time-dimple, per se, will form within the temporal-flatness of space-timing. Consider the oscillations of mind best-fit a dimple in time, and the weird room glows a bit brighter.  Consider that time-dimple skewed sinusoidal oscillations broaden and deepen cognitive-based brain-operations as a host of each person's eternal essence that turns out the lights on living when gone. Consider that our neuro-endocrine system is already coded for the amplified slopes of spiritual reality.

D. Edward Mitchell 22:38, 14 May 2020 (UTC) Developer Msg:    The artsy-fartsy me just wrote that. My developer chore is to interpret the weird-room-of-mind into transistors and copper! The design is congealed. There is pink pixie dust involved —direct compulsive outreach toward the more pragmatic me.

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