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Psi tech may be thought of as a conjecture/test cycle based on clues refined by an synchronistical learning curve following urgencies as a life quest.


Advancements in the understanding of the brain as a transceiver for mind has lead to lots of fun speculation.

In 2020, PsiTech, as clued-in, is realized as a future hope for a technology that amplifies the sensation of being.

But wait!  The stress enters the plot when the sentient darkness of mind is amplified to manifest reality.

And so then the PsīP thlot pickens.


Projecting intent into crystalline lattice is a method of affecting future.

The psiTech Operator's Manual

Tenet 1) The plausibility of life directions intersecting with a wish are a function of the harmony of the wish with the mission of one's celestial being.

Tenet 1b) Knowing ones celestial mission affords potency to wishes.

Coming sections:

  • Revisiting future sense: The three-way encounter of me, with a waking-psychic, and my future self

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