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As a hybrid Earth animal (half human Kentuckian, half alien what for intense scientific curiosity) my serious personal science drifts among personal discoveries which congealed a personal vernacular foreign, often counter, to mainstream science. My attempts to capture an understanding of a research pathway to Coulomb field dynamics as plain English do not work. That is, except one develops a personal diction based on personal learning exposed just like I was, then my meaning will escape ones "Ah ha!" moment.

My lesson to you... unfamiliarity of topic matters will mask the principles of the topic. If you dive too deeply down the rabbit hole, what you learn in the rabbit hole may not be communicable to surface dwellers. You'll be saying powerful words and concepts, they'll be hearing "Blah blah blah blah blah."

Developer's deep blah blah blah is the content of the PsīP category. On my urgency paragraph, this is hot stuff. I hope to excite the few co-sentient hybrids that pass by here. Commiserate with Don aght groupKOS doght cφm


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