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Conical spiral conductor for applying low frequency signals to a microwave structure

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Patent US3812438A

Full Patent:   https://patents.google.com/patent/US3812438A/en
Abstract    A microwave transmission system is formed by conically spiral resistive conductors that form broadband, reflectionless, nonabsorbing connections. The conical spiral conductor serves as a single-wire transmission line having a high impedance to high frequency signals over a broad band carried by an r-f transmission line and serves as an effective coupling to such an r-f line.
2020-02-05: Application status is Expired - Lifetime
Don notes: Because of the circular path of a conical conductor, it provides an increased inductive impedance than does a transmission line. Therefore, the higher the frequency the more impeded is a signal through the conical spiral.

Patent US3812438-drawings-page-3.png