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Cycle time streamer

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Template:IndexHexatron A 'time stamp' is a binary number in memory that represents a cycle-completion-time on a ring-oscillator.

The time stamp may be generated at the switching-point, by a digital counter, or 'phase counter' in this nomenclature, of sufficient bit-width for the timing resolution needed.

The simultaneity of the respective time stamps is guaranteed within the time-period of a cycle by independent digital counters per ring oscillator section. A reset of the count could be enacted with a resonant-clock-buss, such that all node points were zero-crossing at precisely the same moment in time, regardless of the physical position of the nodes in the resonant clock buss. A missing resonant pulse, for instance, could signal a sudden reset on all phase counters, as a periodic watch-dog, that restarted them counting on the same timing edge.