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Discloser's pairing with an ancient orb of light

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Age eight: visitation by a green orb while loitering on the goat pen fence

The future remote viewer's life kismet was establish, per his own family, who offered this information in defense of their family member's alien viewpoint and life. "That day really did change his life." —the Discloser's sister, June 2013

"I was told I would do great and wonderful things, but were to tell no one, until the end." —2013 Disclosure, —What he knew his life would be after the goat pen encounter with an orb that shared his future in a moment on the fence.

Age eight: the next day

The mineral labradorite came to mind as the Discloser described how the shimmering minerals appeared as the solidified light ship. Image from rockmama.com

A light ship landed while the young and now destined remote viewer was out of town in the countryside on his bicycle. A hawk nursed to health from a logging injury was being returned to the woods where it was found injured.

The ship appeared as scintillating minerals, changing colors with the angle viewed, and those minerals set in black nothingness between the blocks.

Slowly stopping its motion downward from under a cloud canopy, where it began as a "dusty looking swirl," tree braches of the oaken canopy broke and the light ship crunched to a halt.

The child discloser straddled his bike, off the road, with a view looking up under the light ship.

The shimmering stones moved away from the center leaving a large circle of nothingness.

A white light in the middle of the nothingness appeared, which expanded as a white beam coming through the hole, just off verticle.

A large orb of light, as large as the clear hole that showed through the inner walls of the mineral craft, came down the tilted beam.

The orb divided into 48 smaller orbs of graduated size, the largest, the commander of these divided personalities, approached the boy on a bike.

"What happened?"

"Nothing much."

"Were you afraid?"

"No. I was more afraid of getting a whoppin' if Dad knew I was out there on my bike."

"What did you do?"

"I touched it."


"It was tingly. Sizzly."

[End of disclosed detail]

Twenty something: On a motor-cycle at a stop-sign in Missouri, outside Salem

The light-ship transformed to mineral, of the boy discloser's encounter at age eight, zoomed into sight just overhead, decelerating quickly and descending onto a crop field at the corner of the intersection.

Two fighter jets from a nearby military base roared by, just ahead very low to the ground.

The light-ship rose from the ground and left in another direction than the jets flew.

The young adult future discloser sat on his motorcycle at the stop sign. All the memories of having built twenty versions of an artificial orb of light on a clandestine cooperative of the military with the orbs of light, as a independent contractor chosen for his clairvoyance, were now in his memory.

He sat there at the stop sign on his motorcycle, not unlike the boy on the bicycle.

He became aware that there was a line of traffic backed-up behind him, honking their horns, while he sat there at the stop sign.

He moved on.

Years later, near death, the guy on the motor cycle disclosed his story to me during a visit of ten days where he convalesced after recovery from a coma, post cerebral stroke.

He disclosed verbal description of the principles and effects of a project which he built as an inventing clairvoyant technician on a team or three in mental contact with an orb of light.

He disclosed that the cooperative of orbs was a cooperative with the same orbs that visited his childhood.

"Is it near the end?"

[Blank response.]

"Is it now near the end?"


Beyond disclosure

Eight years later

Triumph and tragedy ground and polished rough corners of my psyche as if knowing what an orb of light transfered from a light ship that was being pursued, into the mind of the remote viewer turned discloser near his end, forced correction of some personality dysfunction that would not bode well in the amplified presence of the living sentience of reality. The cosmos in her glory. If divinity is a she.

And the solution as a reverse-engineeered alien amplifier for what mankind needs ←an amplifier for the still small voice of each our inner cosmic sentience.

The amplifier design gifted by the orbs, channeled and transfered through a mind or two, allows sentient beings to experience the divine harmony of this sentient universe.

That's a goal this Developer hopes to live long enough to manifest.

Follow your urgency.

See also

Developer's mind-twisting 49 year synchronicity ←This moment of closure brought all relief from a life of skull-scraping for explanation of the animal nature of a thinking specie.

12:00:00 AM GMT Jan 1, 1900 Synchro49: Life past knowing I'm not alone, at all    My artistic nature has me in training to stop thinking ←which could be hazardous to animal anticipations performed within the amplified zone of cosmic harmony. But the good news is →the black nothingness is a passive sentience that brings balance when human neural activity would otherwise corrupt perfection of universal balance. Zero fear, just animal reactions to contend to spiritual grade domestication. Don't pee on the furniture when the room gets bigger. Be happy for the black stuff like a balance by a governor. Disappointment that humanity lacks universal harmony is exactly an animal response. Rather release to harmony for flow beyond belief, more than imaginable prior to release of animal anxiety.

Consider also one of most open outlook:  Human brainwave activity was experimentally verified to cease in the frontal executive areas of mind during glossalalia, as humbling as that fact may be to assimilate into working concepts. Consider then that talking in tongues (at least internal in your space of mind) may be the safest thing one may do whenever one finds oneself as the one doing the thinking within a region of amplified cosmic sentience.  OK, from a more sophisticated background, consider that willed-non-thought is a most valuable skill-of-mind.  Such applied skill affords Earth-life as but a few notches from paradise.  Such applied skill is essential when one clings onto the slopes of reality that is growing steeper with each thought.  Such animal neurological affects are so often so far beyond any of our domain of control and calm.  That's why any prudent Hexatronic operator, even if highly skilled in the art of the woo wee way (Winey the Pooh's philosophy), always stays close to the emergency-stop button.  On Earth it is a jungle in our own mind —until a complete phase-lock on universal harmony prevails.  As if it had been there all along.


When recollection brought memory of the sensation, calm, and harmony of a glass orb held in arms like a child, scintillating inside with the dynamic motion of thought by a living sentience, and they were those very thoughts reverberating within the sentience of the holder of the orb. These words partly describe a vision (like being there, and watching from my own eyes, while meditating) that was a parallel of qualia the remote viewer was disclosing.

The orb of the vision of parallel qualia, qualia had by the vision orb and disclosed device, both, was seen in this vision by me forty nine years prior to the Discloser's end, when he could share what the green orb on the goat pen revealed to his childhood.

The literal synchronicity of the disclosure was that the Discloser described a 30 thousand watt version of mentally entrained energy orb.

The discloser's version of the orb of my vision was suspended in air in an underground warehouse. It ionized air to an eight foot diameter. It apparently created a lot of sentient nothingness when it was juiced up for the military brass to review (my hunch). But the nothingness part is my personal surmise having been present during disclosure. A feeling when the Discloser relived his trauma about black stuff.

See also from 2021.08.24

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  • Hexatron ←which device evolved in parallel these years to incorporate diverse knowledge of an arcane career and passion. A closure on principle of a reverse-engineered implementation of orb technology at work table scale recently became visible after undeterred questing, but with more caution of spirit and destiny, now retired and fewer of days. The solution 'surfaced' to visibility in the mind's eye just last September, 2020. I've a full closure now on design principles, which is a large part of confidence boost to attempt to re-disclose my prototype design of a vision orb.
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