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The red-handed helix of one of two of the shortest paths on an invisible abstract golden torus profile, to get between diametrically opposite points on the torus periphery.

The red path is one of two equal length paths to move in a straight line on a (mathematically) golden torus surface at a 13:8 helical slope (knot ratio), to get to the the opposite side.

The blank area is filled in by the other handed paths between opposite sides.

There are three paths between three pairs of copper spheres.

Magnetic toroidal rotation amplifier techy points

Both green and red handed toroidal helices are electrically activated at six power-connection points on a hexagonal layout. The copper donut nests into the hexagonal power connector interface.

This defines a Resonant-X Configuration. The resonant-X configuration is the engineered vehicle that creates a self-harmony of ring oscillator stability as a toroidally revolving magnetic field by serial injection of the copper resonator inductive lag time into the ring-oscillator propagation. The X configuration connects two halves of copper inductor, and this X is serially embedded within the signal-ring of the ring-amplifier. The natural oscillator average frequency (of a chaotic ring amp ) will become synchronous with the natural impulse resonance of each copper resonator element. The inductive reactivity of the flux vortex itself will set the average frequency of the noisy ring amp.

This open magnetic toroidal rotation is noisy because it amplifies any bit of regularity in the noise floor present. The noise floor itself is the combined contribution of the entire environment of the proximity of the toroidal rotation (which has a cancellation zone as a fixed, embedded trefoil as the ordered 13:8 loops vector rotate flux over time (that's the basic three-phase vector rotation pioneered by Tesla, used in every multi-phase motor. This rotation tracks across the torus surface at a golden slope through the hole and around = toroidal rotation.

The geomagical 13:8 detanglement creates the toroidal rotation that will directly inject any/all signals into the ring-oscillation switching scheme. This interesting quality of the ring amp allows it to bring noise-level signal an order of magnitude with N-running-average window on natural chaotic data at the ground floor of electronic components. (An Arduino open A/D input, w/6" single wire antenna.)

Note: when only a green-handed helix is electrically activated, then those induce a green-handed torus ring of flux, with no external poles.

The 13:8 is special, in that it is 1/13th greater than four trefoil knots, and the near miss affords a loop-order in group sequence along the abstract torus surface.

The engineering affordance of the surprising detanglement into ordered sequence alternating in a trefoil six-pattern, even though it is a eight-pattern set by 13:8 torus knots. You had to be there.

Detanglement of this knot group sorts the knot loops of all three knots into group order, alternating between helical handedness (which is current direction when electrified).

Fascinating this is, because the ordered group numbers, when hexatronically activated with current pulses, will create a rolling continual wave across the surface of the knot loops of revolving magnetic polarity.

It's cosmic poetry. The six-pattern is a trefoil decomposed by the pattern of the helical handedness. So long as there is a revolving magnetic polarity, there is a magnetic cancellation occuring at each edge of polarity reversal. I.e., the space between conductors has flux without polarity —the odd place that put Aharanov and Bohm on the map.

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