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This artistic illustration of interference is created by a memory model of an interfering grid that allows vast separation in scales of interfering gridwork.

These Newton's rings are made by a memory model (in POVRay) mathematically generated as parallel latitude rings on a sphere.

The image is an example of over-sampling data-artifact, yet, the artifact is highly-variable based on very, very small change in the modeling grid.

The 'real image' of the memory model 'would appear' to eyesight with perfect resolution as simply a uniform surface of extremely fine rings covering a sphere.

When the image is created, each image pixel may have a few ten thousand fine rings through that pixel (in the memory model in POVRay). The resultant color is simply a threshold count of rings through the pixel to determine the color of the pixel, as black or gold.

The incredible patterns in the rings and dots result from incredible scale-separation of sampling.

This work was an unavoidable, reality-shifting compulsion that riveted me to the keyboard for literally weeks. [Insert proper date reference here.... 'bout 10 years ago, 2010 ish] The intuitive understanding of the concepts at play took literally years to soak through 1/4" of skull bone.

One geek's gee-wiz

Ten years later, pondering some illustration to convey a sense in sparse under-sampling of the Hexatron oscillator is acceptable in fractal-based self-similarity analysis... I recalled the Moire work, and in moments the two works joined as if they were made to go together in design detail and sophisitication ←but the fractal images were created from a compulsion ten years or so prior.

This temporal tapestry in the design texture of the Hexatron story is fractally recurrent, like this image of hyper-interference of Newton's rings.

Enter PsīP

Terminology useage:

The interference map undulates with the influence of proximal mind in the pulse field. The spherical moment is supplied by the mapped-circularity of sensorized magnetic vector rotation as a harmonic magnetic structure. The rectilinear moment is created one-dimensionally per EM orthogonality (a sensory pair) to equivocate the magnetic rotation into a Lissajous figure in real time.

The Lissajous exists as a memory model, with input/output methods that loop-lock the model with the timing orthogonality of the sensor-matrix sourcing Lissajous flavored data.

When the Lissajous is phase-locked with a memory model of the Lissajous (loop-back control w/QAT in the loop, eventually), the resonant state of affairs can be controlled by inference from a hyper-interference mapping produced from under-sampling of the oscillator by several orders of magnitude. But the loop-locked memory-model is what is under-sampled.

The intricacy of the interference patterns of hyper-sampling quasi-regular data may be calibrate-able for some advantage. However, more information is presented over-time by a sequence of images.

This equates gravity waves to waves upon a dimple in time, a.k.a., the scalar signature of cosmic mind. However, a gravity wave, per se, would be only possible to be made by a 'spirit,' per se, were the spirit to exert 'intent of mind' over period of time. To bend gravity with intent of mind, the intending mind may be as old as the universe.
After an internal dialog with my pragmatic developer-self, I've decided not to say more.

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