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Quantum Mechanics of Particle on a Torus Knot: Curvature and Torsion Effects (PDF)


Dripto Biswas, School of Physical Sciences, National Institute of Science Education and Research, Odisha, India
Subir Ghosh, Physics and Applied Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

December 19, 2019


Constraints play an important role in dynamical systems. However, the subtle effect of constraints in quantum mechanics is not very well studied. In the present work we concentrate on the quantum dynamics of a spin-less, point particle moving on a non-trivial torus knot. We explicitly take into account the role of curvature and torsion, generated by the constraints that keep the particle on the knot.
We exploit the "Geometry Induced Potential (GIP) approach" to construct the Schrodinger equation for the dynamical system, obtaining thereby new results in terms of particle energy eigenvalues and eigenfunctions. We compare our results with existing literature that completely ignored the contributions of curvature and torsion. In particular, we explicitly show how the "knottedness" of the path influences the results. In the process we have revealed a (possibly un-noticed) "topological invariant".
Keywords Torus Knot · Geometry-Induced Potential(GIP) · Curvature · Torsion · Winding Number · Hill Equation · Mathieu Equation

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