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Flux Capacitor Patents

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Vector inversion occurs throughout this category only in the context of generation of high voltage from a double-spiral-wound capacitor. This is also referred to as a 'Spiral Pulse Generator.'
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Vector Inversion Autotransformer public domain USAEC 1967


Patent US4140917A

Fast risetime spiral pulse generator

Full Patent:   https://patents.google.com/patent/US4140917
Abstract    A vector inversion stacked stripline pulse generator adapted for single sch initiation consisting of a relatively long laminated assembly of alternate layers of dielectric and metallization wound on a non-magnetic cylindrical form with the metallization layers interconnected as two separate sets of mutually overlying conductors which are selectively connected together in a spiral around the outer periphery of the cylindrical form, thereby providing a compact pulser which is capable of providing a relatively faster risetime output pulse over conventional designs.

Patent US06985064

Conducting and magnetizing double spiral capacitor-inductor

Full Patent:   https://patents.google.com/patent/US6985064
Abstract    The invention, Conducting and Magnetizing Double Spiral Capacitor-inductor, consists of two insulated, conducting and at the same time, at least one of them, magnetizing spiral bands or tapes that are spooled in interleaved fashion into a spiral disk or roll and connected galvanically onto two electrodes that are placed on the opposite ends of the bands, one on each. The bands constitute a capacitor-inductor, and the electric current is always flowing in the same direction in both bands when the capacitor is charged or discharged creating a magnetic field that is perpendicular to the flat sides of the spiral disk or roll and to the electric field that lies perpendicularly between the bands. The otherwise free ends of the bands can be connected together with a fixed or adjustable resistive load to change the values of the device. This kind of combined capacitor-inductor can be used as a component in many electric apparatuses.
The invention could be used for example as substitutes for the coils of AC motors, in adjustable capacitor-inductors and capacitor-inductor loudspeakers, as electromagnetic pulse generators, AC electric net buffers, electromagnetic filters and electromagnetic emitters.

Patent US4507567A

Vector inversion generator

Full Patent:  https://patents.google.com/patent/US4507567A/en
Abstract   A conducting foil strip sandwiched between a mylar sheet and a mylar tape forms a conductor-insulator strip. An inner and an outer conductor-insulator strip are spirally wound about a tube forming an active and passive stripline pair. The inner end of a inner conductor-insulator strip is terminated by a spherical output terminal. The outer ends of the conductor-insulator strips are in electrical communication with a edge-triggered spark gap switch. The windings are encapsulated by high density urethane epoxy. The spark gap switch has a mid-plane electrode shaped like double concave cone and a pair of domed point electrodes. The margin of the conducting foil is electrically graded by staggering both the ends and the edges of the dielectrics between which the foil is sandwiched. The inner conductor-insulator strip makes one (1) complete turn around the tube before the outer conductor-insulator strip starts.
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    2020-02-03: Application status is Expired - Fee Related

    Patent US4608521

    Dual spiral line generator method and apparatus for starting low wattage high intensity discharge lamps

    Full Patent:  https://patents.google.com/patent/US4608521A/en
    Abstract   A starter circuit for metal halide discharge lamps in which a pair of spiral line generators are coupled between the source of lamp operating power and the electrodes of the high intensity discharge lamp. The spiral line generators are connected across the electrodes, in accordance with the invention, in a manner such that the high voltage short duration pulses from the spiral line generators are substantially additive across the discharge lamp electrodes, thus, in effect, substantially doubling the breakdown voltage available across the discharge lamp electrodes.
    Inventors: Charles N. Fallier, Jr., Joseph M. Proud
    1984-12-27: Application filed by Verizon Laboratories Inc
    2020-02-03: Application status is Expired - Fee Related
    A high-voltage supply using vector inversion between magnetizing double-transmission lines (rolled up as a spiral).