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Golden Orthogonal Torus Knot

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Tangential Magnetic Rotation of a Trefoil Dipole1 upon the surface of a Golden Orthogonal2 Electronic 3-Phase3 Geomagical4 13:8 Torus Knot Array5

Ring amp 3-phase orthogonal 13-8 torus knots 1024x768.png

An amateur concept development of reverse engineering a clandestine disclosure through life experiences.
1a   °   Continuous tangential trefoil dipolar magnetic vector rotation on a surface of a smooth 13:8 torus knot array
1b   °   Trans-diametric bifilar conduction of 3-phase current from six points —hexatronic
1c   °   13:8 3-Phase bifilar activation of pseudo-smooth magnetic trefoil array
2     °   Golden torus profile affording inner/outer knot winding orthogonality in Fibonacci knot ratios
3     °   Electronic 3-phase bi-segmented ring amplifier —the Hexatron
4a   °   Geomagical trefoil surface phase wave
4b   °   Geomagical 13:8 knot scalar length detanglement (electrical current age) affording flux density wave engineering

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