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Gov't Lab Hunts Flying Saucers

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Excerpt from Northern Ontario UFO Research and Study (NOUFORS) http://www.noufors.com/governments_the_military_and_ufos.html Edited for wiki linking/emphasis by curious developer.
North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 11 November 1953, Page 3
On Trail of a Mystery

Gov't Lab Hunts Flying Saucers

"OTTAWA - A flying saucer sighting station is being built at the transport department's electronics establishment, at Shirley Bay, 10 miles west of the capital on the Ottawa river, in conjunction with the defence research board.

Responsible for procurement and installation of equipment, some of it new in the field of electronics, is Wilbert B. Smith, engineer in charge of the broadcast and measurement section of the telecommunications division of the transport department.

Associated with him are Dr. James Walt, theoretical physicist of the defence research board; Professor J. T. Wilson of the University of Toronto; Dr. G. D. Garland, Gravitational expert at the mines and technical survey department's dominion observatory; and other men emminent in the field of science and astro-physics.

The flying saucer sighting station has been equipped with an ionispheric recorder to measure the height, activity and change in the ionized layer of gases 60 miles from the earth's surface. The ionispheric detector will also record gamma and radiation.

Other equipment includes an electronic device to measure known and unknown radio noises; a gamma ray detector and a gravimeter. This gravimeter is a new device, built by the staff of the station with the assistance of Professor Wilson of the U. of T.

It is a device new to electronics, will measure the acceleration and deacceleration of gravity.

The equipment is wired to alarm bells in the nearby ionisphere station where a staff stands by on 24-hour duty.

The thing started as a hobby five years ago, but as Mr. Smith explained, the recurrent manifestation of unexplained celestial phenomena (flying saucers) has so interested men of science that the transport department has been assigned money, men and equipment to probe the mystery.

Some months ago, defence research board chairman Dr. O. M. Solandt and former National Research Council president Dean Jack Mackenzie, in discussing flying saucers, refused to join the scoffers who contend there is nothing but imagination and/or optical illusion to the phenomena.

Both insisted they neither believed nor disbelieved the actuality of the saucers.

Their position was they didn't know. They admitted there was certain "interesting" evidence, and the defence research board for more than two years has been investigating it.

Assignment of the saucer station was given transport, by the board, because this department has the trained personnel - ships captains at sea and on the lakes, men in the meteorological stations from the border to the pole, and agents in all parts of Canada - to make record and report saucer sightings.

The station will be in operation within a few weeks, and ready when summer brings another flurry of flying saucers."