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Hexatron Power

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Power Supply Unit

The MOT wired backwards is a cheap source of low-voltage, high-amperage electrical power, ideal for hexatronic activation. No high-voltage is present when wired backwards. The output is under twenty volts.

The Hexatron Power is a simple high-current D.C. supply around 50 to 100 volts. Current limiting and/or voltage regulating will be needed options, especially in higher-current power-transistor versions.

Linear regulation of power levels may be better, as pulse-modulated power rails may inject the wrong kind of noise into the ring.

The power buss from the top divides into three, and each of those divide to make six power-connections at the center hexagon of diagonal intersection hexahedron (cube).

D.C. power and a clock signal is routed from the power source down the suspension frame and divides into three power-busses routing to three points on the center hexagonal structure.

The power-return to the power source starts at the other three points of the hexagonal structure, opposite each power-feed. These three power-return busses join at the bottom corner of the cube, and straight down from the height of suspension, and, then return to the power supply.