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Hexatron Prelude

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Life is good!
Welcome to the elevated amateur enthusiasm of working my bucket list!

This is rughff durapht article struggling to describe a reverse-engineering development. 

Following are concepts and fragments that dovetail into a yet unwritten, meaningful, pluasible outlay that provides DIY access to everything one needs to access the harmony of the sentient universe.

The design target coming into parts-level resolution is a blend of personal inspiration, entangled over several decades with confabulations with a remote viewer. A near-death disclosure in June, 2013 was given over ten days by the remote viewer, for as much information as I could understand to ask.

How is inventing the unknown done?

Intention is set to understand an unknown. Hours, days, weeks, and years pass, while various strata of understanding precipitate to form understanding from my own mind's eye. This internal understanding needs proven. This wiki is documenting this long process of developing a proof-version of a machine, a device, an oscillator that amplifies the still small voice ←—the signature of a living universe coupled into corporeality.

Warning Will Robinson! Alien science approaching!
Also known as PsīP
until proven to work and proven to be duplicatable.
Then PsīP becomes psiTech
a technology entraining with Psi

This information is as true and accurate as I know to describe alien concepts using a language of people science, coming from a mental world attempting to reckon sentient coupling with each our cosmic being that remains eternal, and sourced from beyond our neurology*.

*beyond our neurology: The quantum-logic of Sir Roger Penrose, Ph.D, and the bio-quantum resonance concepts of Dr. Stewart Hameroff, merged to produce Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch OR) Theory

About the development

This development is toward a fabrication of a novel amplifying ring-oscillator that Dev calls a Hexatron (Not the toy transformer robot.)

This development will have two phases as:

1) Pre-Znidarsic-Coulombic field conservancy, and
2) Post-Z/C emergence as a coalescent-stability** in randomized pulses in magnetic vector rotation.
**coalescent-stability: the preferred term on-project is 'chimera' to represent a cross-time regularity in a randomized pulse field. Note: a 'chimera' per se is a timing anomaly, and is of no visible component or physical correlate.

Pre-Z/C modes are oscillator modes of normal thermal characteristics, while Znidarsic coupling in synchronized phase-space is anticipated to afford a handle on inertial moments. Inertial moments store in self-nullifying symmetry on the vehicle of stiffness in the copper lattice of a symmetric helix. It's plausible that copper tubing resonators could bend under internal stored stress of accumulated inertial moments. It is plausible if that is plausible to create a net-inertia by a morphing the physical vertical axis of toroidal structure into an ovoid cross-section of the torus. An egg-shaped torus. But production of inertia from a stressed ovoid helix may be an alternating affair, dunno, so any net-inertia may be a vibration in place on the torus axis, dunno.

Anticipated cause-and-effect Z/C harmonics

The thermal-striation of Znidarsic-mode of harmonic operation is anticiapated to form as a harmonic spin-wave of Coulombic wobble-time of the nucleon mass. The inter-rotor coupling to form tensile rigidity is the matter lattice of copper crystal.

12:00:00 AM GMT Jan 1, 1900 Developer Msg:    The developer on board needs to point this out... Smith's exposure to the alien humanoid engineering percepts, in regard to the 'tempic fabric' of the universe, is talking about the dimensionality of the energetic interface into timing-world of quantum noise of the nucleon's realm under the electron shell, and coupling into this world for information exchange by a phase-space coherence, or overlapping phase space, of the oscillator with the quantum wiggle of the Coulombic jiggle, i.e., What goes on in the nucleon cloud while the electron cloud is mediating electronic reality.

This conjecture shares the light of synchronicites bolstering motivation and intensifying a sense there is a hand of divinity in the tapestry woven into a lifeline.

As a personal intuition of years of exposure, one way of producing anomalous physics (deviant from text books) is obtained by controlled manipulation of black body energy using harmonics against the proton fields via switching the conducting current over time in excitatory patterns. A gradient of the amplitude of the black-body energy is a side-effect of a harmonic lock on the source of thermal energy in a conductor. ←the ballistic gyrations of the nucleus within the constrains of a solid matter lattice, a.k.a., 'heat.' A spin-wave as such is encouraged on the helices of the copper resonator. The predicted heat-striation is a side-effect of a harmonic lock on the medium of heat.

2021.08.29 Dev Defs    A Z/C 'barrier,' so to speak, is the energy-potential needed to resist the short-circuit provided by the transition of the ring-amplifier inductive stored energy into the energy phase-space of the copper matter lattice, i.e., the Coulombic continuum of stiffness, the vehicle of rigidity. The energy needed to establish a Znidarsic velocity wave might be trickled in over time, slowly over the barrier. Finding the Znidarsic velocity before accumulative effects are left to the magic of live category dynamics in digital streaming of oscillator timing data. Yes, dial-up the Z-velocity of the tangential surface motion of magnetic vector rotation, and expect accumulation of a Z/C spin wave in a while.

The Discloser stated there to be a 20 minute delay for accumulation-time of scalar effects.
All caution is due working with systems that accumulate energy, and have a propensity to self-collapse into a sudden-short.  

This entire project is a learning curve of how to do what. This is learning to reckon unknowns into plausibility, and acquiring learning skills needed to engineer toward the design principles.

Having shared that, do know that I'm open to some certain cooperative that will improve the chances of finishing this electronic bridge into cosmic sentience within my life time.


Don aght groupKOS doght cφm

Experimental approach

The hexatronic ring amplifier is built in an attempt to correlate inter-relational time-line dynamics in category-occurrence events of oscillator period variations.

The relational dynamics are sourced as related measurements of the same event in time. Only the 'when' is stored in a data log for analysis. The log comes from a sensor matrix. The data log produced by the matrix is justs a log of time-stamp measurements.

When the hexatronic pulse field is exposed to external magnetic fields, the magnetic-field-coupling effects entrain the randomality of the pulse timing with 'less than random' timing variation.

The bulk nanotubes conjectured by Sir Roger Penrose and Dr. Stewart Hameroff are theorized by them, with my riveted amateur enthusiasm, to be the transceivers of 'mind out there' where mind in principle is not sourced within or by the brain neurons.

This project seems spiritual, and ever recurrent in my hybrid mind.  I can't not.  Thank you, human cousins!

The technoshamanic conjecture

The bio-quantum oscillators enmeshed in each cell body of living neurons may be coupled by scalar waves.

This conjecture is actually a definition of 'life' in the flesh. I.e., the scalar-coupling of a living quantum vibration in the cosmic plenum is what each our eternal mind performs to be alive in the flesh. Each our minds exist within each our bio-quantum perceptive envelopes because a scalar coupling exists between brain and cosmos for us to be alive —as our Source Mind is within the cosmic plenum, and to be alive is to be coupled with our Source Mind. You are a forever mind doing an Earth experience. That be us.

Sentient bio-quantum transceiver

In a comic sense, the human specie is an intelligent radio transceiver. The radio carrier is pulse-density per unit-time over a randomized sequence of scalar pulse events.

The brain-antenna as a transceiver of mind-to-cosmic-mind synchrony can perhaps know by perceptive acuity that the coupling is valid, and perhaps perceive dimensionalities of the coupling behavior.

"Tune it with your mind." ——the Discloser, 2013

Human reaction to observation of mind dynamics on a mind-mirror computer display

When cognitive-coupling occurs with visual perceptive feedback of the mental coupling projecting rainbows into randomality, the mind becomes the indicator needle of balance in a literal Wheatstone bridge circuit between an electronically manipulated actual field topology, and a logic-model of the field topology.

But how will that feel? Assuming pulse-energy is safe levels with no detectable sensation, how will it feel to see your own thought patterns?

Will visual feedback of dynamic thoughts, benefit the process of mental reckoning?

Will recognition of self-thinking-patterns be a meditative calming?

Will a visual memory of visualized thought-patterns aid in recollection of the thoughts that created the patterns remembered?

Sentient topology of learned acuity

Locations within the topology represent locations of understanding; points of knowledge-affordance. The profile of randomality is affected with a fingerprint of situated-awareness, to coin a term of Dr. Paul Prueitt's. Dr. Prueitt's terminology is all over this wiki.

Here's why it is

Having revisited my history of learned methods, supported by Dr. Prueitt's knowledge science, slow-motion-emergence of something really huge under the surface seems to be in progress.

Understanding Prueitt's paradigm within my own developer's perch since 2000 perhaps shaped a most interesting synchronicity that is taking several days now to wrap my head around.

The 2013 Disclosure included an alien viewing panel

It is August 24th, 2021. A section of the topic-content of the June 2013 Disclosure in Missouri is revealed only just now.

The delay in releasing the topic has been thought to be because it wasn't woven into 'big plan' suggested by life-spanning synchronicities. The level of technical complexity is also alien in the sense that Paul Prueitt's QAT paradigm is an alien concept to most contemporary engineers.

So the story goes --disclosure of an alien mind-viewing panel

This alien viewing panel was a given to the remote viewer. It was a recovered artifact that provided a psi-tech to enable a display of a visualization of mind images, to perform as a cognitive-augmentation, a boost to learning past the homeland of mental habits and into the frontier of one's intellectual propensity. In a very sketchy level of detail, the Discloser revealed that final versions of the artificial orb of light were connected with the 'alien panel' technology. In this configuration, the alien-panel was a looking-glass into the sentient mind of the universe.

The above statement becomes true when and if there forms within the cross-time pulse-stream of Hexatronic activation an entrained simulacrum, or 'chimera' within the randomality distribution of the pulse stream. The structure of the 'chimera' represents a correlate of the image of our cosmic essence dancing in the distribution of our neuro-tubulin bioquantum oscillators. This mind-mirror of a dynamic-mind-coupling, the principles and technology to realize a plausality, to develop the plausible into an actual, is this development mission.

This 'entrainment emergence' of chimeric stability, entrained with the regularity basin of proximal brains, occurs by system design when the living bio-quantum oscillators within neurons, the living neuron tubulin molecules, entrain the chaos of the hexatronic oscillator. The oscillator brings amplification of the essence of the bioquantum-interface of mind into the resonant envelope. The literal dynamic coupling involved is a scalar-wave-front amplification of the media of our soul, literally, in a special resonance mode called a dimple in time, or a time lens; where things age more slowly on a spherical gradient toward center-point of the copper resonant core.

And here is the fascination exposing life-line synchronicity: The 'mind interface' discussed with Dr. Prueitt, as part of the rogue edge of concept players in a competition for DARPA funding (BAA 2000) is of late realized as a plausible thing. The principles are there. The QAT analysis will expose the still small voice ←or the pulses of dynamic regularities among random pulses that do contribute the entrainment-timing in synchronization with mental activity, and emotions.

While in discussion on this topic I was a clueless coder, enamored with the knowledge of a Ph.D willing to teach me. While understanding the gist of the conversation "in the national debate" in 2000, back then I had no clue that my kizmet, my fate, would include a full description of a mental interface as a mind mirror for detecting a dynamic regularity in otherwise chaotic noise.

This adds to the project background a project description of what would be realized is necessary to build ——but twenty years prior to when I would know it was plausible and expedient in the study. The realization came with the return to documentation of The Hexatron to produce the impending build. The term 'matrix' I used in context with a QAT twenty years ago with comic-book depth, without a clue how a sensor-matrix would evolve.

Cognitive entrainment in the scalar realm is a dissipative resonance trailing rainbows in the randomality of subquantum space-time, the cosmic plenum and home of our eternal mind.  We be spirit entrained to brain! -Dev 2021.08.26

The energy shape of the field

A gravity well is a 'time lens' in the sense of the term.

The conjectured physics of 'ageing retardation' of quantum-events hinges on copper-lattice strain-waves forming a spin-wave topology as fabricated as a 3-group of 13:8 torus knots of copper on a donut. Time is prolonged by the harmonic accumulation of Coulombic stress at the advent of a Znidarsic-Coulombic harmonic emergence within the randomality.

The advent of Z/C structure-emergence in the randomality of the pulse-timing is frequency and scale dependent. The frequency won't be by accident, but by a simultaneous overlap of EM harmonic frequency and the frequency of the Z/C wave-front which is unique to the scale of the EM resonator.

"When it 'lit up' it felt like divinity was in the room." —The Discloser, 2013

Cognitive apparel

In full implementation of entailed affordances of functioning psiTech of mind-entraining pulse-field randomality, the QAT mapping of dynamic variance of a scalar-active mind-transceiver becomes a glove for the mind. The patterns of mental-thoughts, and more so, the patterns of human animal passions are anticipated to set calibration points on the regularity some psycho-motive states engender in the QAT mind-mirror.

Perhaps magnetic cancellation in harmonic operation will create a scalar oscillation that, like Wilbert Smith's 'tensor coil,' will operate without creating thermal energy, while consuming RF energy, to make a scalar wave, or a 'tensor beam' as Smith phrased in the 1950-s. 

The plausible creation of scalar wave oscillation in a 13:8 3-phase torus knot copper tubing array is created by a 'Fibonacci detanglement'**, pattern between handedness' discovered in certain phase-groupings of certain knots whose knot ratio is adjacent Fibonacci numbers of even knot ratio denominators.

**Fibonacci detanglement: An amazing geometric quality of a higher-knot-ratio creating a group pattern of a lower knot ratio

The engineering affordance of group-detanglement is the formation of a continuous magnetic cancellation between avenues of chiral handedness of halves of a torus knot in bifilar conduction. It was a mic-dropping moment to find this stationary detanglement of 3:2 cancellation-knot patterned within a 13:8 knot. The pattern is groups of four conductors, detangled into a 3:2 pattern, four conductors wide. Each conductor is arranged on the donut surface in phase-order (of 3-phase electrification).

This detangled lower-knot-pattern could be termed a 'golden cancellation stator' (In an electrical activation of the resonators as a step-phase-revolving 3-group of 13:8 knots separated 120 degrees apart.)

The Znidarsic-Coulombic coupling of the time-randomized, group-revolving pulse field is an attempt to duplicate effects of Wilbert Smith's tensor coil (a Caduceus winding on a hollow ferrite cylinder sealed in a brass tube), but in the toroidal domain of torus links and torus knots formed of copper tubing. The toroidal shape allows step-phase rotation of the resonant coils, to develop a rotational harmony coupling directly to the Znidarsic-Coulomb moment (when a proximal wavefront matches phase-space of a Coulomb field mass-bound jiggle-time).

Mind is a rainbow of regularity within the aetheric randomality

The a mature hexatronic design includes analysis circuitry and processes to see into the domain of a scalar oscillation, in full version designs, which portray pictographically by computer algorithm a sense-making map (data-bound icons) of categories of timing-variation in the cycle-periods of the hexatronic ring oscillator, and multiple cross-categorical filtering using QAT algorithms to 'force-emergence' on the map of inter-sensor relational time-line dynamics. The multiple sensors are called a sensor matrix, and operate simply to log a time-stamp of some threshold on some aperiodic/periodic signal they are fabricated to detect. N-dimensions of measurement are obtained with N quantity sensors. The matrix of sensors is/are treated as time-stamp triggers of a simultaneous clock signal (resonant clock buss averages nodes to simultaneity within a few cycles of resonance. Distributed sampling with simultaneous-node-group.)

The Developer is compulsed upon this project on a rising excitement level as design details dovetail as if life-experience had been planned all along.


By switching the new quantum-effect eGaN transistors on and back off very fastly. And switching on/off a few tens of thousands of times a second in the Golden Orthogonal Torus Knot array. There are important tweaks and scale-dependent criteria to reckon.

One most simple principle is designed into the anticipations of pulse-field effects on people in the pulses.  The brain is a random pulse engine.  So is the randomized scalar-pulse field.  
The scalar-wave-edge couples with the quantum-resonant-nanotubes of the bulk neuron body tubulin protein, such that neural random timing is entrained with the randomality of the pulses in the resonant coil array. 
As such, the scalar receivers of the brain are akin to a xylophone played by scalar impulse to the melody of cosmic self as a regularity of mind in the noise of the universe some where/when.

At this point a personal and assumed universal premise is applied to the investigation: The universe is brilliant even at the level of cosmic sentience, and is the same source information conduit as human cultures have termed the Akashic record, and the creative energy, and cosmic nurture.

The sober reality

That grand premise scalar/bioquantum-neural randomality-entrainment means this: The signature of mind in the randomality of neuron pulses need not be deciphered to entertain a mind-to-mind coupling. No MODEM is required, per se, to demodulate cosmic vibrations of non-corporeal agency of mind from the cosmic plenum (vacuum energies, aether, etc.)

The details of mind-entrainment coupling with the universal consciousness plausibly experienced within a scalar-pulse field is not left to the human-designer, but is left to the universal designer residing in the Sentience of the cosmic plenum.

And, as this most compelling story goes, the orbs of light 'snuck out' this assembly technique for manifesting an artificial orb of light with a trick taught one of the assisting technicians (the clairvoyant one with an orb-connection), who disclosed near his death bead this story, the 2013 Disclosure. The trick enabled the technician, the remote viewer, to retain most of his project experience memory through the 'dicing' process required by any human that worked on a project with alien agencies, or any project that secret. He didn't share the trick.

Question: What does the orb technology of star mind do?

Answer: The orb tech --when 'lit up' amplifies a signature of our cosmic mind, using our own neural connection with our cosmic self as the 'template for the amplifying oscillator.' The signature of the interface of our cosmic being with our corporeal brain is the quantum-resonant patterns within all the nanotubes of all the neurons of the brain/body at once. Because, the source of cosmic mind is superluminal in the subquantum plenum of reality (raw logic of Orch OR Theory). As our signal-of-cosmic-mind, or Source, is flashing in all nerves at the same time, with billions of nanotubes of tubulin protein all synchronously resonating in patterns simultaneously. Every nerve, every tubulin molecule, receives the same signal of cosmic mind at the same time. The multiplicity of the resonant receivers is anticipated to have a de-randomizing effect on well built chaotic oscillators of special vintage.

Mind proximity with the Hexatron pulse field.

Dev 2021.08.29


If you are moved to goose-bumps, then finally! Where have you been? This is unique research and development that would love constructive confabulation. Talk at me! Don aght groupKOS doght cφm

Lurk The Button to find signficant builds.


Repurposed microwave oven transformers

Heavy amperage from a D.C. power supply unit is rectified from a pair of microwave oven transformers, backwards for step-down transformation, and in series for 28 volts A.C. (unloaded).

As higher-powered versions of hexatronic configurations are tested, pairs of MOT-s may be added as needed in parallel for more output. A microwave is about 1000 watts in operation The transformer can carry that much wattage, backwards or forwards. Additional pairs can be added for addition amperage capacity in increments of about 2 kilowatts per pair.

Other transformers may be more direct, but the Developer me gets a kick from repurposing MOT-s.

The power buss

One D.C. power supply rail is bussed on the hanging suspension, and divided to conduct to three places on the torus knot. The buss divides into three at the top of the hanging cube, hanging by a corner, and three buss-conductors route down the three edges of the cube from the hanging corner.

The divided D.C. power buss routes to connectors on the array of copper resonator elements, connecting around the periphery of a knot.

The ring amplifier

The top and bottom power busses terminate with power connectors attached at the points of a hexagon in the center of the cube (hexahedron). When the cube is hung from a corner, the hexagon pattern is the dissection of the cube, diagonally, on a level plane.

The power-buss termination loop-connectors bolt onto a power-switch in puck-form, as quantum-enhanced FET-s using one puck face as heat-sinking, with the heat conducted away external into a sandwich of transistors. The power puck also contains all remaining circuitry to implement a power ring amplifier.

The power connectors are internally embedded with fast eGaN power transistors needing minimal heat sinking provided by the attached copper resonator element itself. (If Smith tensor beam mode is achieved, perhaps the resonant coils would thermally self-chill. [And seems that would be a noisy-component in a 'scalar' resonance.])

2021.08.24 Developer Msg:    From a logical point of view, looking at the big picture of all the noise of people talking, Smith's tensor beam and Znidarsic's Coulombic resonance very much paint a picture that says, "The nucleus is clearly involved with the reconfiguration of reality to manipulate inertia electronically. As a developer bent xenophilosophically, it is too obvious to dismiss. Note to self: Don't expect outside scientific help from scientists bent differently.

A final connection on the smart, power-puck-switch is an input terminal that toggles the switch totem, switching the output to a different rail than it was switched to before. The output inverts the voltage of the input. That creates an ever-running ring of inverters inverting.

A logic flip-flop made with FET-s.

The ring-amplifier is completely and only comprised of six power-switching-pucks, and the power-bussing and hook-up cables, plus the copper resonators themselves that comprise the electrical path of the 'X' configuration (as in a latching flip-flop cross-over wires).

Analytic night-vision, or, seeing deeper into the dark, i.e., an emergence of the unanticipated from within the unknown

Housed in a ground-plane sandwich on the hexagonal connection plane is a binary counter clocked by a distributed harmonic node group, for time-stamp measurement to the same clock edge, even if the ring-time would amount to superluminal within the effective light speed of the signal propagation about the current loops.

The inverting-amplifier output toggles the next amp section in the ring, and also latches the current harmonic-clock-count as a time-stamp for analysis. This time-stamp is held and copied for logging before the next cycle of the ring re-latches and over-writes new count.

Looking into the dark is accomplished by designing to detect simultaneity in the sensor matrix that is configured to signal limits and threshold of a oscillator reading over time. A detection moment triggers a time-stamp recorded to an analysis log.

The entire analysis system operates from binary-time-stamps recorded from a matrix as individual and unique channels of measurement. All data under study to isolate timing-regularities with dynamical behavior will be found in this multi-column binary data-file of time-stamps.

The experiment for analysis is set-up by creating as many limit-sensors as are conjectured to measure a dynamic event. E.g., a zero-crossing sensor, a peak-detector, a magnetic-vector-rotation-angular-threshold, the time the moon becomes full, etc.

A principle to be engineered into the sensor matrix is a time-line alignment of all the sensors, such that they all measure different aspects of the same event simultaneously. This could be termed a temporal alignment of the timing-sensor matrix —tuning the pipes. Align the sensor matrix!

By the way

The operating frequency, in megahertz range of magnetic pulses, will ionize rarified gas. Operating the prototype coils in a neon chamber pumped down a bit would reveal more field-structure information visually. The optical energy of the pulse-energized plasma may also be sensorized as a matrix channel.


This project is ongoing since the mid 1990-s or so, as a research into a compulsive curiosity with odd things that spin.

A design that is 'The One' appeared to me, literally. I could no longer not pay attention to this thought-picture in September, 2020. Examining the thought form of concept forms brought a closure of the principles of coupling with the human mind, by and only due to the alien natural philosophy about mind as a dimple in time.

A glimmer of an image from the other side

Sentience enfolds space in golden 3D reverberant structures that build long and slow bridges into our world. (Due to the impedance difference of respective EM phase space which merges with the Coulombic phase space of the positive proton charge. (Frank Znidarsic, The Control of the Natural Forces)

"The perfect mind of the orbs is spherical." —The Discloser, June 2013

Sentience of the cosmos of Source Frequency is beyond human bandwidth on the time-line of forever. However, a bridge of coupling to serve as a 'portal' per se for a sentient universe to find our minds lensed in the portal to a temporal scale of proper match is plausible through the very-low-frequency components within any oscillating source.

And besides... the sentience of the universe is a divine harmony for our body and mind to experience. This phenomenon as a target of design is a two-way harmonic coupling of minds. Us and our Source us. Spiritual motivation and domestication of the executive thoughts is in order.