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Hexatron Processing

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Fall/Winter 2021 Developer Msg:    The Hexatron's processing state-machine is presently in design-mentation as a fast-logic-solution making a tuner/controller for a chaotic ring amplifier inductively loaded with copper resonator elements of mathematically golden and completely mathematically irrational physical geometry.

Purpose of processing

Categorical analysis of strata and their occurrence frequency, of the ring amplifier's timing-edge-jitter may contain the signal of source-sentience, the human's source of mind, when the advent of cognitive homeostatis is found between a living mind, and the amplified source signal of living mind found by scalar harmony against the quantum timing signals bridged-into a scalar resonance [conjecture of test strongly suggested in fringe documents outside of academic sanction].

This scenario of a computer display artifact algorithmically bound to measured timing-categories that dynamically vary over time in concert with a living mind processing reality is descriptive of a process to image the sentient energy of self —the mind in proximity to the mind-expanding pulse-field effect.

PsīPhī —This design is based on a science of the orbs of light —Mind is a dimple in time.  Gravity is a dimple in time.  Time is entropy, and is lensed by sentience of the universe at the will and intent of the universe that gives life to everything living.

In purpose, the Hexatron/Dodecatron systems, will function, when developed to a complete implementation, as a looking glass into the soul, and as a portal to amplified human cognitive awareness of the harmony of all things living.

Those nightmares each may harbour of private fears, when exposed to electronic amplification of ones soul, may be visited and amplified to a level where cognitive introspection will overcome traumatic memory.  This process is not to be taken lightly, but in a reverence for life and love and adventure of mind and spirit.  This same caution was voiced by Bruce Gerlator, found only on a video posted on Tesla Tech YouTube channel from an 2000 conference (paid membership required to view).

Present design direction

Toward isolation of the regularity of dynamics of a sentient mind at the information level of the magnetic coupling into the phase-space of nucleosonics. I wish that sentence could mean more to more people. This described the principles of a mind mirror, such that one's mind's cognitive dynamics are mirrored in visual-dynamics of a computer display.

Radio frequency rate of recomputation of solution

The total computations at each matrix datum sampling serve to evolve an ongoing data-structure in memory holding a 'solution surface' created by self-similarity of data over sequential sampling. The static solution surface at any one time can provide multiple-category simultaneity detection, of the moment, between any or many of the matrix channels, once the data-sampling 'moment' processes the evolution of the solution surface.

Spherical moire patterns show interferometric detection

Anim moire flash 640x480.gif

The animated image is an interference pattern, created as a sequence while one of the patterns is changing in size as the animation time-line proceeds.

The processing solution is a looking glass yet to be created by this development. The 'looking glass design approach,' per se, affords imagery of the patterns over time found within categories of edge-jitter durations of the oscillator harmonics and patterns. (The noise is the revolving echoes in a hall of whispers reverberating into the recent past within the revolutions of the signal in the ring. That signal is an FM modulation, technically, into the flux-ring of the major axis.)

Artistic suggestion of overtones upon the phonon.


The LIGO laser-interferometer, and others around the globe, produce laser interference patterns not unlike the animation shown. When a gravity wave is detected, the detection event is algorithmically extracted from wiggle in the pattern over a span of time.

Mind the wiggles.

Algorithmic data structuring

Fast logic circuits implement a plus-one (+1) adder that increments a value at a memory location for each category occurrence of jitter-variance. The binary value of a data-member is used as an address (direct access, faster the big-O binary tree work), and the numeric value stored in that address is incremented by +1.

This super-fast categorizer creates a table of elements numbered by the number of categorical occurrences of binary values in the range of data-samples. Each value-category-address stores the running total of value category occurrences.

The perceptive-unit of categorical analysis of ring oscillator edge-jitter (the literal amplified signal) is a comparison for category-simultaneity between related sensors. A re-arrangement of a random-scatter on a map of icons representing value-categories effectually creates a migration of the icons proportional to their occurrence frequency of their category. The migration is a human-observed solution space. Early proof, where I was taught the technique, relied on the visual-pattern-motion of visual acuity to 'understand' the value-category occurrence dynamics happening over time within a stream of measured values.

However, two decades of pondering speed-improvements have provided other techniques to visually display occurrence-frequency-dynamics in category selections. These algorithms will develop as a circuit described on an FPGA or such. These new techniques will display an evolving structure as the time-line ontology of related-category occurrence simultaneity, manipulated in 3D and yadeeya.

Stay tuned. Lurk The Button

Word play

Well, it is a closure. The name group-KOS is a Knowledge Operating System by original inception decades back.

This described Looking Glass fast-logic solution entails a logic-of-mind directly captured in a computer model as a visible, interactable computer-screen artifact toward any advantage that any sequence of thought may provide, programmatically speaking. And a mental coupling with the tempic fabric (new nomenclature conformant with Smith).

2021.09.13 Developer's intuition through it all, which came first    The alien tempic-field is exactly the dimensionality and natural constants founded by the proton's positive field. Coulombics. The 1950-s 'tempic field' is the Hexatron's dimple in time. Same universe. Different culture.

Comic book in the toy theory box

The jiggle in the middle is a nucleo-phonon upon the coulombic electric tension, from a newbie woodworker's perspective. This is the inspiration of Frank Znidarsic, the ECE Theory, cognitive homeostasis between mind and randomized magnetic pulse field, explained in 2000 by Bruce Gerlator, and disclosed to Art Bell broadcasting from Manilla about a successful time field —as a spiritual experience (early 2000), by Dr. David Lewis Anderson.

With the above citations on principles exercised by the work above, the technology seems to be happenstantial to my life. Please enjoy relaxing into an understanding of a randomized pulse field, it's affinity to enjoin proximal mind, the experience and design of a category engine for live analysis of the randomality of the homeostatic pulse field of the Hexatron.

Conjecture of test: Timing variance patterns over time will expose dynamical motions of Source Mind, while linked to a living mind given life by Source Mind, while in proximity and entrained homeostatically in the randomized, well tuned Hexatronic pulse field, and it's drift frequencies of timing patterns.

Welcome to the alien world of nucleosonics

I AM eager to attempt confabulating for some good purpose (logic development), minding my status of amateur and informal computer science. Don aght groupKOS doght cφm

The joy of binary

The time-based analysis of categories of timing-jitter, and simultaneity of category occurrence in related channels of measurement is based on a comparison of binary numbers. Each data sample is a binary count of pulses from a quartz time base square wave. This count represents the on or off time of a power-transistor in the 3-transistor ring amplifier.

The fun part: To count occurrences of values per category of binary value, an occurrence count is simply kept at a binary address pointed to by the binary value.

This means, the categorization of values of binary numbers will happen as fast as a computer can address and increment the address value. This makes a software solution fast, and a custom logic-chip solution faster yet, easily operating into the RF range of sampling rates.

Standby for a while. Lurk The Button

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