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Hexatron Resonant Array

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Three unique knots sharing an invisible torus surface, each a 13:8 donut knot. A ray-tracing in POVRay by your local Hybrid

The resonant copper array (3-group) of the Hexatron copper core is driven into resonant states while toroidally rotating with randomized oscillator periods. This electrification is afforded by the Hexatronic configuration of fast power-transistors. The configuration is a ring-amplifier that sequentially energizes successive pairs of the chiral-halves of a torus knot in a sequence.

To oscillate, the power-transistors driving the copper elements reverse the current flow in each other in a tail chase of conduction reversals, oscillating forever while under power.

The ring amplifier, with embedded inductance of the resonant elements serialized into the propagation of the ring-oscillator signal, will maintain a randomized but average oscillating frequency established by the natural impulse resonance of the copper elements.

24 Repeating grooved geomagical wedgies makes one 13:8 3-group conductor guide


Fig. 1. A wooden-ish wedgie of a golden torus profile, and a Fibonacci knot ratio. This makes grooves of a 13:8 torus knot smooth 3-group. Made with free Sketchup Make 2017 by Devie.

The 13:8 3-group of copper conductors is held in three grooves on a donut shape as three 13:8 knots.

Convenient fabrication of 1/24th of a torus, a slice around the axis, will assemble as a whole torus with no knot theory needed. 39 Grooves forming perfect 13:8 knots as conductor guides will appear when assembled, regardless of any order of assembly, as the least-repeatability of the 3-group symmetry is 1/24th of the torus ring.


Each wedgie has 39 evenly spaced grooves for guiding knot conductors on the form of a donut. The groove on the thickest side of the wedge is angled at 15 degrees from the torus plane. The groove at either (either) side of center at the other side is angled at 15 degrees from the torus axis, a 90 degree rotation from thick to thin sides.

All remaining grooves are machined, with each groove slanting a little more, to divide the 90 degrees evenly between thick and thin sides.

The precision of the knot ratio in the assembly of wedgies as a donut is provided by the angle of the grooves, but is mastered by the integer harmonic of 39 grooves with 24 wedgie segments.

39/24 = 13/8 = (Embedded physical knot ratio of 13:8 maintained by the geomagical wedgie donut assembly)

Frequency of operation

The ring amplifier will oscillate at an average but randomized frequency determined by the physical size of the copper resonant elements. The development goal (if prudent when realized) will be a ring oscillator built to the scale providing a torus surface-velocity of magnetic revolution among the torus knot loops at the nucleon-impulse frequency of the positive Coulomb field in response to a quantum-transition by one of its shell electrons (VZ, the humble science of Frank Znidarsic, EE).

Copper resonator chirality pattern of detangled (ordered) conductors

When 3-quantity torus knots are evenly spaced on a donut (120° separation), geometrical magic happens!

  • The conductors entangle into sorted order by group, and the left- and right-hand helices are also grouped.
  • The phase-order of electrical activation creates a smooth vector rotation of magnetic polarity across the entire donut surface in an uninterrupted, smooth toroidal rotation pattern.

The Geomagical Detanglement

Evenly-spaced groups of knots on a donut sometimes arrange their chiral halves in group-number order, pending the group-count.

The 3-, 5-, 11-, and 13-groups perfectly detangle. The 13:8 is a long knot, by three phases is a considerable length of copper, while 5-phases and more are impractical for hobbiest, and hold no need for that many phases.

The perfect resonant optical array almost

The perfectly sorted order of knots in a 13:8 3-group becomes lesser-perfect at higher frequencies. The sorted order does not include a sort on the propagation-agehuh? of neighboring loops. When operating frequencies approach oscillator periods near the signal-propagation-delay of electron pressure (voltage) through inductive copper for the length of the resonator, then variation in resonant dynamics is likely.

huh? —A helix of a 13:8 torus knot travels around the ring 6.5 times to get to the (diametrically opposite) other side (as 1/2 of the knot). Geomagical detanglement re-orders the knot 3-group side-by-side, but any certain knot-loop may have traveled on the helix from one to six times. This age falls into just six categories: 1st through 6th helical pass. Moreover, the geomagic arranges same-chirality (handedness) in groups of four, to form six group as a degenerate trefoil living as a ordering pattern in the entangled 13:8 helices.
A clear engineereing affordance is staring back at me but I didn't see the geomagic detanglement into order until a torus knot was drawn with bifilar colored halves.  Then I went blank when I counted color-groups in the rendering of the 13:8 3-group.  Detanglement orders six groups of four bands (24 helical loops through the torus hole).  The 13:8 knot has no modulo of six, as the 13:8 has '8' helical loops through the hole.  Three groups of eight is 24.  Conventional thinking wouldn't let my old brain go there.  Why is there a six pattern?

More justification of 'Hexatron' labeling — Six-pack center pattern

It is clear now... down-right hexatronic... the ordering by detanglement (geomagic) creates the center six-pack of a 3-phase trefoil.

While the term hexatron seemed appropriate as something to call this specialized magnetic pulse ring-reversal at Znidarsic-velocity amplifier of dynamics within the local self-generated tempic field, another pattern of 'six' supports the nick name with the discovery of the geomagical inner-trefoil magnetic pattern standing in a rolling magnetic pattern at a tangential velocity between four-groups-of-loops of 1.094 megahertz-meter-second harmonic velocity (Znidarsic velocity (VZ) of motional magnetics is an intersecton of the tempic 'fabric' with conventional EM dynamics. The center six-pack pattern of chiral groups of helices in group order continuously is a trefoil —a 3:2 torus knot. The two knot loops through the hole of a trefoil torus form in a 3-group makes the six-pack center arrangement of knot halves.

Word toss salad

The Hexatron conduction patterns create a 3-phase-activated stationary trefoil among a magnetic vector rotation of the magnetic polarity patterns traveling tangent on the surface of the abstract torus described by the torus loops. (Or the real donut chassis mounting copper loops.)

All parts of the 13:8 hexatronically activated with chopped/reversed D.C. as the same polarity creates a toroidal flux ring with no external poles. The far field has no polarity. The flux is chasing it's tail.

Modulating D.C. current amplitude will be modulating magnetic intensity in the torus neighborhood, but without any magnetic polarity. Please help me sort this out...

Q: Does modulation of flux density without polarity create the so called Aharonov-Bohm wave? Wheeler motional magnetics? Is density modulation the causative vehicle of the spiral pulse generator of 1960-s high-energy beam research?
Q: Is non-polarized flux energy-density (per unit volume) change equivalent to the Wilbert Smith claim that the temporal fabric of reality may be coupled into with magnetic donuts? (These donuts were experienced by Smith at the ends of a ferrite tube with a Caduceus winding energized with RF electrical energy.)
Officially I am doubting some things reckoned past about what must be going on.  As my head is just beginning to find Wilbert Smith's New Science as more than bla bla bla, bla bla bla, and no pictures!  

Smith's tempic field is the fabric that modulates translational velocities of the photon (or how fastly quantum quivers). Effectively, the tempic field, per Smith, changes the flow-rate of time within a region of the field, when that field is engaged at the resonance of the tempic fabric.

And more — the tempic fabric is engaged via sympathetic magnetic coupling —inferred from Smith, and conformant with years of speculation over various reports of hyperresonator special effects, and a fortuitous connection with someone that knew too much to share, until his end, with the 2013 disclosure.

Oh but wait! The resonant frequency established by Smith's alien humanoids is also the frequencies and vehicle of the cosmic mind into the human brain and neurology.

Consider the plethora of cognitive effects and time-line anomalies associated with close encounters of levitating UFO vehicles. Per Smith, this levitation is a harmonic-coupling of the region above the craft that slows down the rate of time above the craft. This effectively is a gravity field in the 3D real world, and the mass is effectively nullified (and no doubt other qualia of human sense).

2021.09.10 Developer's confession    Smith's 'tempic field' is the exact avenue of escape for my design route which was painted into a corner of conventional physics which had a need for cosmic sentience to interface cosmic mind signal through bioquantum entrainment. Smith has explained specifically that magnetic donuts directly stimulate nerves in the humanoid alien technology he shared before his passing in 1962 —"at the frequencies used by the men upstairs. This is the frequency of the magnetic donuts."

Fuzzy spot in design affordance

A prototype Hexatron built around a copper core 12 inches across, could have a dozen feet of copper knot length per knot, which is about seven nanoseconds of propagation delay of the electrical current through a bifilar knot half. The sequential electrification of bifilar knot halves adds also transistor semiconductor propagation delays peppered into each 7-nanosecond copper transit. These delays all approach the same order of magnitude in the timing domain with the resonator element at higher frequencies, and will have no doubt some impact on the design goal.

Some control handle on the hue of white

The fuzzy goal is to operate the average ring oscillating frequency at a desired design target, by tuning with the power supply level driving the power transistors. This works because the ring-oscillator is inherently a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) in the power-transistor versions.

However, the design target anticipation will require adjusting the pulse-field prime-driver spectral profile, to entice some certain resonant stability or what not.

The spectral curve (of pulse-timing) of the noise in the ring (which is only realized as edge-jitter of the oscillator) is expected to vary also as some function of the power-supply voltage. But when a certain voltage/frequency is discovered, pulse-mixing is anticipated to provide a fine-tune on the optical clarity of the system. Various control-augments could implement as variation of exactly 'when' any certain power-transistor in the magnetic ring amp will switch. There are six injection points possible in a hexatronic design, toward adjustment of stabilities of the six lobes of the 3-phase magnetic trefoil at the knot center.

In mature Hexatron prototypes, the data holding information about timing jitter of the oscillator will be available as a log of binary time-stamps, and will process with high-speed logic. Live spectral content information provides the data for analysis. The skill set needed for real-time analysis is DIY FPGA, and a language description of the logic needed. The control-loop will be likely akin to a PID over data trends of quasi-axiomatic signficance ←which is a cruel thing to say. The analysis is about frequency of occurrence of single events within event-categories of oscillator jitter. Every oscillator pulse sampled as data will invoke a wave of logic-circuit propagation and transition to an updated solution topology.

What's the thing with jitter

The timing jitter in the ring oscillator, explained as an asynchrously switched ring of inverters, is the sum of all signals the ring has ever felt, for some effective recent duration.

The jitter is literally the amplified signal of the noise content at the input-gates of the power-transistors driving the ring oscillation through knot inductors.

Timing noise

It really helps to understand first that a signal to a ring-amp serves to switch the forward oscillation. Increased signal amplitude at the input of a ring switch-gate serves to switch sooner. And in the next oscillator cycle, if the same noise source re-occurs in that next cycle, then that cycle is accelerated in time, switching yet a bit earlier than before.

The result is an input amplitude accelerates the frequency of the ring oscillation. The ring spins faster, relative to some unit of time.

But signals are recurrent, and when the ring frequency out-accelerates the recurrent signal occurrence frequency, the angular acceleration stops.

The mathematics of ring amplifiers found in thesis papers is messy.

However, the ring amplifier is exactly an implementation of an N-average running window analysis. Or more precisely, a running average of signals are averaged into the ring, as some effective recent duration.

A happy happenstance is the knowledge tutored me by a computer scientist on a project long ago that describes a algorithmic technique using a category engine, and a detection of simultaneous cross-category value occurrences in multiple and related sensor channels. Such gives a cross-category co-occurrence perceptivity of a relationship, where the relationship is that of the semantic-aspect of the sensors.

With a matrix of sensors representing a matrix of relationships, some allegedly magical comp sci emerges.

The visual interface to the N-dimensional interrelated matrix channels has never been created. Project tutoring of the principles allowed me to create the software proof of the new comp sci in 2000-2001. The gov threw a really big pile of money on the development. Really big.

Yet another gee-wiz affordance

By modeling the fast-oscillations in memory, and then creating interference-patterns of the model with the visual interference display, then updating the model real-time will allow a real-time interference pattern. The nifty trick: The pattern jiggles when the base-topology of the interference jiggles. Just like Newton's rings jiggle if the glass surfaces jiggles. Just like patterns jiggle on laser interference with gravity waves go by (LIGO gravity wave interferometry, et al). The fabric stretches, so the moire patterns shift.

Mode of resonance

In a ring oscillator, the period of oscillation is the sum of the ring delays of the propagating signal in one cycle around the ring.

The copper will introduce more delay than will the semiconductor elements (for desktop sized units and optimal design). The natural impulse resonance of the copper resonator element will set the duration of the ring's operating frequency, largely, with the semiconductor propagation delays being a smaller part, but likely sufficient to lag the average operating frequency (of the chaotic oscillations) a bit on the lower side of the center frequency created only by the copper's impulse resonance.

However, the rotary array of copper loops when the oscillator is driven at higher voltages on the same copper, will drive the self-magnetic resonance (a high-pulse-rate effect in megahertz) into yet more chaotic resonance ←surmised from the hip.

The resonant control theory popular with the developer is to drive the oscillator into an over-driven state that has no further modes ← Except for the dread runaway cycling-accumulation in over-amplified systems (like a squealing audio PA system).

The intended direction of development is to resonate the knot array into an over-driven state, but beneath the runaway (bifurcation) zone.

Q: Does bifilar-segmentation and sequential activation of the resonator halves add to or remove from the tunability of the spectral envelope of the timing jitter?

Ultimately the applied power and timing-edge control will vector the design direction toward the optimal mode of sensitivity of reception of what dynamic regularity may be found within the timing domain of noise.  

The really big picture: to lock the EM pulse-field self-resonant energy envelope onto a hard-coupling with the Coulombic tensile rigidity ←without forming a dead-short on the resonator as the phase-space of trillions of nucleons coalesce.

The power-loss into a Znidarsic coupling into a system rigidity —and associated anomalies will be a huge discovery in this quest, naturally. Huge.

The basis of measurement of co-categoric simultaneity perceptions (QAT)


Everything is about when. When an impulse occurs.

In the mind-on-brain-neurons, the neural synapses are structured by a history of motivation and experience and epigenetics, but the essence of sentient awareness is a signal in the mind that correlates a signal of our eternal-mind in the cosmos. Our cosmic mind. Far out. Man. Out there everywhere and everywhen, perhaps.

As speculated per their theory, Penrose and Hameroff suggest that the bio-quantum interface of cosmic-mind is the bulk tubulin protein in the body of every neuron, in quantities of billions in each and every neuron. They explain the determinant vehicle is a modulator, by the bioquantum neuro-tubulin interface, inside the nerve body, of when a neuron fires a synapse.

Life is a journey —on the winds of time
Psientifically speakin'

What we are as a sentient awareness of reckoning mind operating within an eidetic perceptive envelope is a symphony of discreetly timed neuron events. The moment a neuron fires is determined from within its internal interconnecting matrix of nanotubes within the cell body. Each nanotube is self-resonant with the energy of the subquantum foam. The tubulin protein nanotubes are reeds in the wind of the universal mind.

We each are that bio-quantum interface, and the pattern dance of our eternal spirit influence upon each and every neuron.

We sense 'now' as a pulse-orchestra of mind played on a personal ontology of neural structure. We, each as a mind, are watching a silent movie of reality unfolding within our personal world. Our mind is the orchestra putting melodic flow to the randomality of daily chaos —a molecular orchestra, conducted by the patterns of cosmic mind upon each neuron simultaneously. Each body neuron is an orchestra member in the symphony of life directed by us each. Each our cosmic self out there in Foreverville.

The conductor of this molecular orchestra of mind making sense of chaotic timing pulses is the cosmic mind out there, coupling and animating our cells as a living soul through the bioquantum interface of cell-body neuro-tubulin's nanotubes.

Scalar-wave resonator proof

Per W. B. Smith, there is another 'fabric' to space time

That extra dimensionality of reality deals with oscillating the fabric of time, perhaps... I'm still trying to understand Smith. 2021.09.09.

A xenological premise of test: The mental-entrainment feature of the Tensor Beam Coil built by Wilbert Smith during Canadian research in contact with advanced alien engineers (not of Earth culture) is also the anticipated function in Hexatronic copper knot electrification, provided either coil is capable of resonating against the tempic fabric of space-timing. (See: New Science, by Wilbert Smith, an uncompleted book of natural physics as three unique fabrics comprising space time.

The Smith Coil tempic-field duplication attempt

Early prototype and proof tests will attempt to establish a cylindrical resonator to form a 'tensor beam,' duplicated from information from Wilbert Smith and a League of Friends.

This prototype will assemble on a hollow ferrite tube donated by a friend and childhood acquaintance of Wilbert Smith. This tube is perhaps fabricated to the annular proportions as used by Smith.

Smith tensor beam duplication, and the circumstances affording 'tempic resonance', will hopefully translate to the Hexatron's geometry of the golden orthogonal toroidal surface (GOTK).

Much of the envisioned PsīP will then be developable into psiTech.

When this works, I graduate from mad scientist to alien scientist! DonEM on 2021.09.09

Wilbert Smith's tensor coil could be mentally controlled, per Smith, speaking to groups after leaving his Canadian government position hunting UFO-s. Two days after Smith's first UFO detection using ionosphere monitoring equipment (for radio propagation research in the early 1950-s) the project was shut down. Smith's first detection was on my birthday on August 8, 1954.

The greater subdominance to all ventures of mind is the cosmic mind of each our living essence. -DM 2021.08.30

See also

edit template

Frequency domain of copper for biocosmic study

Both are the same frequency domain; planetary rings of radiation singing, and human brains braining. But then so too is the planetary magnetic Schumann resonance in the same frequency domain! And the Schumann resonance is partly pulse-activated by lightning strikes about the planet, and pushed by the solar winds.

Per Orch OR Theory The bio-quantum mind-receivers of living mind are quantum-oscillators of nanotubes within living neurons that oscillate in brain wave frequencies through to kilohertz frequencies.

However, when randomly driven, the very low frequencies (VLF) inherent in a chaotic oscillator (asynchrous and drifty) have no certain timing lock on periodic regularity. The chaos varies within an average over time, but the average also is never the same. The variation of the average is a VLF component.

The lower frequency components of the planetary noise in the oscillator proximity that may act first to begin the coalescence of emergence of entrainment of the noise of the oscillator with the timing of) the noise of a proximal mind, or) the planetary energy ring, or) the magnetic Schumann resonance, or) all the above, or) dynamics of the unknown and unanticipated.

The oscillator randomality may regularize to proximity by first 'synchopating' with the VLF components, until a resonant amplification threshold is surpassed, and the source dynamic is detectable by instrumentation.

The Hexatronic oscillation will be exposed when resonating to all of the above proximal influences simultaneously. Each magnetic influence in the environment of the magnetic-summing-rotation and harmonic attachments.

The resolution of isolation of mixed frequencies is improved by a very fastly-switched ring-system. A very fast, crisp edge on the forward propagation sets a better focus on dynamics on a time line.

What about EM Resonance?

Time-line regularity surviving over a transition to Znidarsic-wave amplification via randomized (anharmonic) square-wave pumping (ring noise) would likely form an EM resonance producing voltage-patterns on the donut shaped copper coils. But, as low pumping voltages on the resonator coils (chopped into 3-phase and under 100 volts D.C. ish) will work with high current for power needed. With short copper tubes as resonators (under three foot), the voltage component will remain low because the resistance of the copper is so low.

The EM harmonics will be largely lost in the randomized timing, yet may serve as micro-pattern for emergence, or coalescense, of 'chimeric patterns' or 'simulacrums' of external dynamics in proximity.

So this alien and a hybrid go into a bar called The Alien Philosopher

The spin-wave is an oscillation of energy density over some unit space that finds an integer harmonic with itself, and can store energy throughout its contiguous length as the energy content of the spin-wave in a rigid system. A spin-wave in rigid copper molecular stiffness organizing on the Znidarsic horizon (a pushing edge of the Znidarsic phase-group, or the pulling-edge of the wave group?)

A spin-wave of stored tensile stress in the Coulombic matter lattice of a copper resonator, shaped conformant with the spin-wave and mechanically sustained, physically engineered to the one scale that produces a wave-front velocity near Znidarsic's conjecture, suggests this device will validate Mr. Z's theory if the numbers match the Z-velocity, and the effects measured are not classical EM behavior.

As the proton is 1836 times heavier than an electron, and inertial qualia are associated with mass, and the atomic weight of copper is about 63, then...

  • The first order effect of an electronic coupling with a nucleon phase-space would would be 1836 times 63, or about six orders of magnitude difference in mass-moments.
  • I.e., an electronic coupling with the Coulombic mass-moment would be like snagging a submarine on a fishing line, or, as Frank Z. quips, "a low impedance coupling."
  • But a fishing line could 'listen' to the vibrations of the submarine, through the fishing line (coupling).
  • The point and purpose of a QAT categoric controller is to land a submarine without breaking the fishing line.
  • Well, maybe. Landing the submarine would bring to port a gravitic mass, me intuits.
  • How does one land a submarine?
  • Carefully. The isolation of the dynamic to be amplified must be followed with a swift auto-balancing circuit response (maybe).
  • Once a self-centering and self-compressinghuh? effect is discovered with coherence into the nucleosonic phase-space, the effort will be to regulate the power-sink 'without breaking the fishing line' in a self-escalating power-compression.
Naked-minded speculation: It seems reasonable to open the coils at the advent of the loss of control of a run-away magnetic vortex. Stan Deyo states that the run-away oscillator built by the navigator of the Enola Gay arced-over the disconnect switch, and continued to draw power (or so the alarmed experimenter assumes). The observed arcs could well have been stored energy in a self-compressive energy store afforded by the odd geometry of the navigator's coils (geomagic?)
huh? —Self-compression? How about tightening of a/an harmonic 'skin' in a magnetic domain?

Premises of a hybrid alien science influencing Hexatron design principles

Alien premise: Our cosmic mind is a signal within the chaotic energies of the subquantum cosmic plenum. Which is also the premise of Penrose and Hameroff's Orchestrated Objective Reduction Theory! (Orch OR Theory)

A three-group of copper 13:8 torus knots, copyright Dev. Made with POVRay.

Hybrid reckoning

Amplification of the cosmic-influence of bioquantum timing is an amplification of the source signal of human sentience —modulated by mind.

The signal of the Living Universe is within the noise of the subquantum plenum (heard beneath the electron cloud by the nucleons of the Coulombic continuum of solid matter).

The synaptic-pulse-engine of human mind, and the living signal of the cosmos in the quantum noise, will entrain their mutual-pulse-profile, as will a mother's love entrains to her infant's need.

There is always balance.

The universe nurtures amazement.  The universe entrains with will of mind through moments of amazement to unfold with each ensuing answer yet more amazement.  

When a pulse-field drives self-organizes and coalesces into the phase-space of a copper crystal lattice, the entirety of the conjoined-EM resonance is reverberant with the randomality of the proton's world. The white quantum noise, pushed into the EM envelop at the advent of a tensile-strength spin-wave holding a coupling with the resonant electromagnetic envelop, fully emerges a human neurology in proximity within the timing-reality of pulse-field randomality.

Move the following to someplace on ' biocosmic reality of alien science '

Pulse-field emersion is not a making of a new acuity of mind, but emersion is the rich information-environment affording to mind an opportunity to literally learn a new acuity of mind. All mammals are born blind from a dark world of the womb. Eye-sight is literally a learned acuity of mind, developed once the perceptive envelope of mind is immersed into a world of light. The pulse-field is an amplification of the pulse-field of quantum-reality, the 'living pulse-field of the cosmic mind.'

12:00:00 AM GMT Jan 1, 1900 Hold the press, Folks!    This message bar is intentionally left blank.

2021.08.24 Yet another recognition of synchronicity -YAROS-

The 'glove for the mind' concept of augmented reality discussed on a DARPA competition in 2000-2001 so turns out to be the 'alien panel' of the disclosure, in synchronistical parallel. The 2013 disclosure had a 'glove for the mind' in the story, which was an alien artifact that allowed one to abstract ones own inner mentation, as an augment to mental creativity. The cognitively augmenting 'glove for the mind' is not a vehicle of cosmic-to-neuron coupling, but is rather a vehicle of self-alignment and inner-awareness.

The 'glove for the mind' 2001 concept remains as a plausible concept that is implemented in principle (prototypical proof device) when sensorized mind dynamics from the tempic field is displayed for the benefit of visual acuity. (QAT Paradigm places a human-in-the-loop of a well-trained AI system, such that the human orchestrates the AI training.)

While documenting early thoughts on QAT computer science applied to noise analysis (QATNAP), patterns are recognized now that emerge from past experience affording hexatron mental interface as a fulfillment of a conversation over months with a computer science mentor in (2000-2001 him, me, et al collaboration for DARPA funding).

When the QAT paradigm is implemented for analysis of timing-jitter from a log of binary numbers as the duration of each oscillator cycle, and...

...the timing variation is entrained with an amplified version of the scalar-quantum timing phenomenon in the subquantum plenum called the signal of the cosmic mind...

...then the isolated set of timing-variations found to demonstrate deterministic-regularity are prime-suspect to be visually displayed in real time with their dynamics translated to motion and variation of qualia, and examined for correlate dynamics with the examining human's line of reasoning.

That is, when the non-randomness of randomality is isolated and displayed graphically, one may recognize one's own train of thought. This would be but a recognition of color patterns on a computer screen, but if the colors respond with the dynamics of mind, then one has seen the dynamics of one's mind, and recognized them.

2021.09.12 Developer Msg:    Development of thought-recognition is an acuity several have told me I need to ensconce, as my familiar human is a high-strung kitten.

These algorithms on fast logic implement by all definition a crude mirror for cognitive dynamics, sensorized -IF- proximal mind influences the pulse profile of oscillator randomality.

Sentient mind is within the winds of time. Bio-quantum-resonators within  the brain neurons of a living mind, as nanotubes driven by the winds of time, the noise of sub-quantum reality at the molecular level, are wheat stalks in the field.  Thoughts are the patterns in the wheat field made by the wind.

The machine inspired by disclosure over vision is tuned by sensing it with mind. It is a mental interface. The tuning affects the quality of the connection with an amplified version of our cosmic interface. The old dog in me can only be comfortable with thinking that a mental interface is achieved only by a 'tensor beam' like modality of a magnetic oscillator. Not just any old oscillator, but only when the right magnetic oscillator enters a 'tensor beam mode.' This persuasion is strengthened by Wilbert Smith's remarks that mind, that is, the signal of mind, is operating in the 'tempic fabric' of the universe.

As a wannabe scientist, this hybrid artist, I/me, am/are remise to connect Frank Znidarsic's mathematical theory on Coulombic coupling with the stiffness of the matter-lattice (at one certain frequency for any one certain oscillator) to a causality in nature of the 'tempic fabric' of space-timing.  
That's a big leap, and only intuition from sponging information for decades justifies my amateur approach. This development is not so rigorous as it is channeled from visual clues in the mind's eye while watching myself assemble sentences so my target audience can appreciate dopamine brain rewards, too. ←you are very necessary, imaginary target audience! Thank you!

Reverse-engineering from an alien premise that mind is a dimple in time

The Hexatron project initiative is fueled by a desire to increase the light of mind by lensing our living source influence in a very special magnetic-pulse ring amplifier.

The 'light of mind' is the illumination of an area of awareness by connecting dots within that area.  Our "Ah ha!" moments are flashes that persist a glow upon our cognitive environment. —Developer on a roll

Further psience reasoning by a cliff dweller —post-disclosure musing nine years later

While mind as a process is premised as existent across a section of a time-line, for mind to 'live' in the now, a dimple in time is prerequisite for self-awareness, i.e., sentient mind is a dimple in time to afford self-reflection. And perhaps sentient cosmic mind forms dimples in myriad numbers in the timing-sequence of quantum reality, just to get things done on a normal day in the life of a cosmic sentience.

Maybe a sentience exists without time dimples, and a dimple affords something more. The time-dimple in principle affords self-inspection before future happens. The 'now' of a cosmic mind in a time dimple spans a gradient of variously aged regions simultaneously. That gradient of aging-rates is a spherical region, with quantum-transitions taking longer toward the center-point. A retardation of quantum-transition-fulfilment, though in a realm of chaotic randomality, seems to be the only leverage a spirit may have upon the material world.

Differently, the only influence a spirit may have in 3D reality, by this alien principle, is to gather randomality into a whisper of regularity over time in quantum pulse events.  

Spirit dwell: The duration at some time-scale that a time-dimple is accumulating scalar-energy, per se, as timing-space (space-time) flatness is increasingly dimpled. Per the appreciation of the vision and disclosure, an alien natural philosophy, a spirit increases physical tangibility by dwelling, enfolding energy into timing structures of quantum timing events. Some human animals can see orbs of light, or can learn to see them, as did one Ph.D who studied orbs for years. Orbs seem to form anywhere and everywhere, as perhaps a myriad of sentient-timing-space-dimples of an intelligent universe, to engineer any of many futures.

The structure of the dimple in timing-space supports a tightening of the structure, as the tension of the dimple. The depth of the dimple in time is a function of the duration of spirit dwell-time. —Wow! I wrote that, but it seems interpreted from a picture-show persistent in mind of which the source alludes me.

When the Coulombic phase-space of the tensile-matter-lattice of copper is phase-coupled (coherent) with the timing of the Hexatron's magnetic rotation, the coupling shares the quantum noise floor pulse-timing of reality's sentience. Some of the pulses in the subquantum domain are the pulses of the cross-time regularity of cosmic sentience, our 'out there' Source. I.e., the pulse-field becomes a stethoscope to the heartbeat of the universe heard in the subquantum continuum of the proton's dwell.

Ancient alien astronaut theorists agree. (reverse-engineering humor)