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Hexatronic Resonant-X Configuration

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What is the Resonant-X Configuration?

A 'Resonant-X Configuration' is project jargon that refers to the cross-over 'X' in the line-drawings of an electronic schematic for a common flip-flop circuit using logic chips when that X-configuration is also loaded with inductive elements. See Fig. 1.

The 'X' configuration is used to create a ring oscillation, with inductive elements added in the crossover-X.

File:SR Flip-flop Diagram.svg
Fig. 1. A schematic of a flip-flop logic diagram. The Q-NOT output is always opposite in logic state to the Q output. The outputs are toggled to high or low states by pulling the S (set) input or the R (reset) input alternatively low.
Image from wikimedia.org commons.

Fig. 2 depicts a resonant-X 'ring' configuration that oscillates at a frequency of the inverse of the signal propagation delay in one cycle around the ring. It's conjectured, but more a hunch, that the ring-frequency will center mostly at the natural resonant frequency of the inductive elements added in the flip-flop X-feedback.

Fig. 2. When connected as a ring of odd numbered flip-flops, a differential or dual-ended ring oscillator is produced. But not so intuitively, the NAND gates of each flip-flop section are separated physically to opposite sides of circular resonators.

The randomization and/or randomizeability of six components of a circular energy cycle is unknown without some level of time-domain study. While QAT analysis is being dreamed-up, simpler means of tracking changes in timing-variance categories will hopefully get themselves realized. A network analyzer is beyond budget let alone the missing skills/knowledge needed. My design antenna are fully extended listening for neat tricks.

An obvious design feature is the split-resonator, where one resonant loop is depicted as two half-loops. The TTL versions of Res-X experiments with logic chips will reflect loop inductance in the ring frequency, but may not achieve some certain resonant threshold. Later versions with power transistor ring amps will drive significant magnetic pulses that will invoke the dynamic stabilities on the array of resonant elements that this study is all about.

Lurk this project and/or support in link or deed

This logic circuit project is posted at hackaday.io (Project status: researching)

Lapse into a PsīP trance

Future Hexatron

'Hexatron' is a fanciful name for a resonant-X ring-oscillator configuration, where the inductive load is a balanced 3-phase set of copper coils formed as 13:8 torus knots to promote wide-band rotary harmonics1.

1. Wideband rotary harmonics refers to system-emergent harmonics upon the rotary system. The rotations are all simply step-phase relationships on three coils at resonance each. Each is rotated in phase by 1/3 of a cycle on average. The average phase timing is randomized by accumulated timing errors that are amplified into the output frequency as is the nature of ring oscillators. The chaotic edge-jitter of the ring oscillator, harmonically locked into a magnetic environment, is where the secret search begins.

Secret bucket-list mission

The Hexatron's secret mission is to sniff out signals in the noise of a local aether environment. A scalar tricorder, if you please. That will require engineering within a QAT paradigm. This is the QATNAP project, a plow-share beaten from a sword (peacetime application of DARPA algorithms written in 2000).

Caveats of research into the dark

All the great leaps of plausibility toward golden harmonics operating cross-time in a simultaneous wave-front transposed from the time-line of human thought into a dimple-in-time are vain jingles in my amateur reckoning if the randomality of the ring-system does not increase when power levels are increased by oscillating rings at yet higher voltages, current densities, and rise-times. Ironically, this investigation has every hallmark of a cargo cult. The personal effort is toward 'why' I feel such compulsion. Who needs satisfied?

Plausibly blinding light

Strangely, astoundingly, wonderfully, the alien physics of a golden oscillator that amplifies the aetheric signature of proximal mind lends a magnificent feature. The OMG affordance of a field that entrains with the quantum-pulse engine of mind: The amplified portion of ones own living soul in proximity to an amplified aetheric signature of ones own bioquantum cosmic sentience is that part of us which is eternal; external of brain and neurology, implicit in every moment of intent of mind.

Basically, plausibly --if the device "lights up" it will 'light up' ones perceptive envelope of inner mind. As if the light of mind becomes "Brilliant! Brilliant!" (The Discloser, early millennium)

Again, to explain perhaps my compulsory incentive: The amplified portion of the perceptive envelope of mind within a pulse field designed as a coop with the orbs of light (delivered by the remote viewer, and in parallel with a vision of the same by myself 49 years prior to the disclosure) is that portion that is in harmony with the eternal universe. Our Source. The pulse field amplifies our angel-side. Or differently, our eternal side of mind.

How many of us know our inner-angel?

No fear

The only thing to fear is our own tail we chase. When the lights come on, that much will be evident.

Humans come with baggage. Our baggage causes a rift in space-timing when a 3D lens of the rate of aging is nearby the signature of said rifter-mind. Those rifts do no harm. Only fear will mess up ones day. The rifts are there to maintain a balance of human tech amplifying natural mind of the universe --and entraining human thought patterns into the dimple in time. Those rifts are 2-dimensional with no thickness, and seem to have sentient awareness, and are pure black. My homeopath "studied them on acid with a friend for 45 minutes," as he surprised me by blurting that out when I told him of this Hexatron project you are reading about, with disclaimer given of the 'black stuff' opportunity in proximity to the coils.

It was only after an appreciation for the black stuff was realized that the closure of design principles arrived. Last September, 2020. Perhaps it's important not to phreaque during bioquantum entrainment of thought-regularity —not to phreaque in the pulse-field... like the first rule of scuba diving. Don't phreaque.

The Discloser never got past phreaque-ing about black stuff. He would still phreaque (lapse into neural trauma) in 2013 at the mention of the black stuff associated with the 30 kilowatt version of the machine that melded human mind with the universe; as he disclosed. This likely happened with him in the early 1990-s. Imagine. When the military turned on their machine, their whole reality may have gone to 2D flat just to keep a balance in a living universe, when amplifying the intent of war masters. That is just my hunch. You heard it here first.