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Knot detangling to bifilar glue

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Tangential Magnetic Rotation of a Trefoil Dipole1 upon the surface of a Golden Orthogonal2 Electronic 3-Phase3 Geomagical4 13:8 Torus Knot Array5

Ring amp 3-phase orthogonal 13-8 torus knots 1024x768.png

An amateur concept development of reverse engineering a clandestine disclosure through life experiences.
1a   °   Continuous tangential trefoil dipolar magnetic vector rotation on a surface of a smooth 13:8 torus knot array
1b   °   Trans-diametric bifilar conduction of 3-phase current from six points —hexatronic
1c   °   13:8 3-Phase bifilar activation of pseudo-smooth magnetic trefoil array
2     °   Golden torus profile affording inner/outer knot winding orthogonality in Fibonacci knot ratios
3     °   Electronic 3-phase bi-segmented ring amplifier —the Hexatron
4a   °   Geomagical trefoil surface phase wave
4b   °   Geomagical 13:8 knot scalar length detanglement (electrical current age) affording flux density wave engineering

A message to the Vortex-L community (Vortex People)

Late August, 2021

Disclaimer: 'Vortex' as used here refers to an electromagnetic spinning thing that 'compels' a non-flatness of text-book definitions of EM reality.

Hello Vortex People!

Here's a bit of a brain-twister, about knot detanglement (my term).

Here are images of 3-qty 13:8 knots on a donut, where each knot is colored in two halves. One half is a left-hand helix, the other half a right-hand.

Here's the kicker... count the number of red and orange knot-loop groups (of four) through the torus hole. There are three orange, and three red = six groups of four?

But, but! These six color bands through the torus hole are built by equal separations (120 degrees apart) of 13:8 knots.

One 13:8 knot goes through the torus hole 8 times = four times as a red half, and four as an orange.

And here's the interesting cool factor...

[drum roll here]

Woodworker discovers even spacing of a 3-group of 13:8 knots 'detangle' into a 3-group of 3:2 knots!

Notice the image linked above has six color bands through a torus hole, three orange, and three red. That is a 3:2 torus knot pattern.

But the 3:2 knot pattern is four-loops wide.

But wait! the phase-order (knot a, b, and c) of the detangled 4X 3:2 knot is also reordered, with the phases across the torus surface lining up as abca bcab, cabc, abca, ...

Notice without the commas? This--> abca bcab, cabc, abca becomes -->abcabcabcabcabca<-- which is a completely ordered set of phases. Full reordering.

And below a still pic of the sequential ordering of the knot loops through the torus plane. This ordering maps the entire donut at a slope near the golden ratio, the knot ratio = 13:8 = 1.625.

3 qty 13:8 torus knots detangled to a 3:2 X 4 pattern. A 'detangled' and ordered pattern occurs when three quantity knots are evenly spaced on a donut.

Why two colors? Red and orange? The color represents a left- or a right-hand helix, from a point of reference on the outer periphery of a torus knot (on the torus plane).

These colors are the direction of electrical current travel when each knot loop is electrified between diametrically opposite sides. The knot is not cut, but contacted with power, and the current proceeds to flow both ways around the knot to get to the other side. Booth = two = bifilar conduction paths.

The two paths from one power contact to the other on the torus are a left-hand red helix, and an orange right-hand.

[Mysterious music starts]

Between the red and the orange is an invisible orange-red zone.

The orange-red zone is special in that when electrons pass near this region in the red and orange paths, to have their magnetic flux cancelled in part.

The invisible orange-red zone is a zone of magnetic flux cancellation.

Operating premise in EM Vortex orange-red zones: The cancellation of flux by the motion of electrons none the less decreases measured flux density, but leverages the cancellation by the vehicle of tension 'felt' by the positive Coulomb field of the nucleon protons.

The amateur woodworker's scalar compellor design theory: Stroke the stiffness of a Coulombic lattice at the stroking wavefront velocity to invoke a/an harmonic accumulation of strokes.

Q: Will the stroke velocity optimize scalar coupling at Znidarsic's velocity? As ZV is a Coulombic function.

Q: When the step-phase velocity of magnetic vector rotation on the invisible orange-red zone crosses ZV will there be a bump in the spectral mapping?

Q: Will the invisible orange-red velocity-match compellor eventually induce an aether vortex, per se? Green glow and all.

Q: Will it take 20 minutes to vorticulate reality?

Q: Will the the compellation of vorticulation in space-timing accumulate energy in a scalar energy structure during the time it takes to whoop up the vortex?

Q: Have the few reports of 'hyper-resonators' that would not shut off perhaps been yet spun-up with a long accumulation time of scalar-wave accumulation? I.e., were they a scalar-flywheel that wouldn't slow down when the power was turned off?

Q: Will accumulation of tensile-shear in an integer-function of helical loops on a torus physically over-stress the resonator structural rigidity?

Q: Will the level of stress upon the orange-red technology compellor levitating an object in a gravity well be proportional to the weight in the gravity field of the levitated mass?

Were I an electron within an urgent community of us electrons rotating as a torus (as in a Ken Shoulder EVO), then would I find the integer-regularity of a knot an only stable option quantum harmony? An EM wave-front and a torus walked into a harmonic relationship.

Q: Would the glue in this relationship be the invisible orange-red 3:2 torus?

A: Maybe, especially if the wavefront velocity put the peak amplitude when the toroidal wrapping was half-wrapped.

Qlast: And would the personal mathematics of shrewd electrons find the interwoven alternate polarity of their 13:8 knot slope a Fibonacci solution for the invisible orange-red as a zone of compressive-glue so the knot loops can map perfect center conservative solution in the quantum impulse. The 3-group of 13-8 knots may be held tight toward conservant center in Fluxville because they are also a self-attracting bilayer-structure of a 3:2 structure four times in place. At the bifilar 2nd-harmonic resonance, the glue is 3:2 beats of the 13:8 impulse. The flux needs to impulse about the torus four times to glue-up.

If you buy any of this, my opinions come with a money back guarantee through August.

Curious woodworkers need to know this stuff.

Thank you!

Happy Saturday!


This Vortex People List message is posted at the project wiki supporting step-phase electrification of copper knots: https://groupkos.com/dev/index.php?title=Knot_decomposition_to_bifilar_glue