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Parallelogram Lift Table Project

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A vintage industrial parallelogram lift table. Image from Loft & Concept.
a four-sided plane rectilinear figure with opposite sides parallel.
A parallelogram lift table differs from a more common scissor lift table.
  1. A compression screw operates at mid-height to horizontally
  2. As the middle levers compress/lengthen, the top raises/lowers while the top and bottom corner attachments remain fixed.
Workshop uses
  1. Outfeed/infeed table for machining and woodworking
  2. Moving deliveries from curb side to workbench
  3. Work-side layout-surface at an adjustable ergonomic height on wheels

Watch for developments any year now.

Handy math needed for parametric modeling a Parallelogram Lift Table Project

The intersection points of lift table levers of fixed length are calculated for drawing parameters to specify table height (etc) and animate lift table movements.


  • adjustable iron apothecary table
  • Medium adjustable iron apothecary table
URL: http://www.papacad.com/