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<b><big>[[:category:project|You are in a Sci-Tech Project Imaginarium ]] </big></b><br/>
<b><big>[[:category:project|You are in a Sci-Tech Project Imaginarium ]] </big></b><br/>
<b><big>The hub of plans, builds, and community embracing [[:category:hexatron| the Hextron]] is found only at groupKOS.</big></b>

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Welcome! to groupKOS Developer Share

You are in a Sci-Tech Project Imaginarium

Extreme-scale 2-grid interference, a Moire pattern. One grid is stripes on a sphere, changing in scale. The scale unit is one image pixel. The second grid is the image pixel map. The frames differ in scale by about 0.00084 to one. Animation frames are created with POV-Ray clocked-sequences. ©Don aght groupKOS doght cφm

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1 Maker/builder plans and techniques, 2 From techno-geek to historicql alien science, 3 Free code (Misc. code))

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