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Welcome! to groupKOS Developer Share a wiki in construction
Sci-Tech Project Imaginarium & Esoterica

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Pages: 729 —but only one page is The Button.

Extreme-scale 2-grid interference, a Moire pattern. One grid is stripes on a sphere, changing in scale. The scale unit is one image pixel. The second grid is the image pixel map. The frames differ in scale by about 0.00084 to one. Animation frames are created with POV-Ray clocked-sequences. Original work ©Don aght groupKOS doght cφm



Programming Related

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ding ding ding retroDEVELOPMENT ding ding ding
 Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Relics of the Dot-Com Bubble

 modPersistMetrics   °   frmLocateFile(w/vanilla controls)   °  

Python Code Port Streaming project

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This is a QATNAP support-project developing simple desktop PC code to listen on a PC COM port for streaming[1] Arduino A/D sensor-data.
This is a newbie level zero Python project. Among others, I've never coded a project in Python. This will begin with a Python 3 install. Send me positive energy!
This project is incentive-vector driven, like most. Presently the workshop garage addition is unfinished and in progress (March 2020). Report: Confidence is high.
Python project progress could happen any time as construction-therapy.
  1. COM port streaming — a sequence of data-sets sent on a COM port without regard as to whether anyone is even listening. An ID value is bundled in the data-set that identifies the data origin (from multiple sensor-conditioning algorithms 'encoding' onto the same COM port). Blind streaming on a hard wire.


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DIY Fabrication

For the closet alchemist

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Wormhole Generator Patent App   °   Faraday Resonance Experiments   °   Project Magnet (1950s)   °   Flux Capacitor   °   Iron-less Auto-XFormer (USAEC)   °   Vintage UFO Detector   °   Inertial Mass Reduction Device (Feb. 2020)  °   QATNAP   °   NMR Project   °   Resonant-X Experiment   °   Z-wave Experiments (step-phase magnetic vortex)   °   Intent magnifier(psiTech)