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More simpler temporal optics

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Vortex People and normal people, too,

Time exists as change per atom, per photon, per location.  Everywhere changing.  Time changes things.

The rate of time is fixed, most agree. Axiomatic by simian consensus.  Time appears as a certain viscosity of the evolution of entropy.  Time is 'fixed' at a change-event duration per atom, per photon, per location.

If every quantum-transition takes longer to occur in a region of space, than another, does time then flow more slowly within that region, than the other?

Temporal differential creates an effect like acceleration or gravity, per one:  (PBS Space Time, YouTube)

    Does Time Cause Gravity? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKxQTvqcpSg&t=67s

Quasi temporal.  Elastic time.  Quantum transitions in a harmonic coupling with electronic timing.  Computers making patterns in reality of temporal topologies affording control of the natural forces would offer navigation only seen in tic tac surreality.  The Pentagon needs tic tac tech. Raise your hands to join a hyper-simian consensus -- quasi axiomatic r us!   Gene pool description:  The apes that transcended entropy.

Temporal optics, as a control of the natural forces, was hidden in the late 50s by a cooperative between military and intelligence communities.  Alien science amateurs agree. 

If Engineer Z explains with alacrity how to cohere onto that thing measured about the nucleon that is the metronome of time, then where else might we reckon we'd rather be in a quest to control the natural forces than investigating this thing humans fear?

Who is the first heretic lemming among us besides Frank?

Happy Tuesday!

Channeling simian reckoning today from a more picaresque sensuality of mind,


be the sentience

Xenophilosophers do it


the electron shells


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