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Nonconcentric Magnetic Rings Experiment

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From the era of RexResearch.com, Padrak.com, and amsai.com

From the esoteric corners (wayback machine, dusty archives) of the internet

Resurrected source material: Mystified by Results And the results were replicated by non-specialists

[wow image]

Excerpt from Mystified by Results



  1. Driven ferrous wheel rimmed on the outer perimeter with magnets —same poles out (say north)
    • Driven wheel has an axis of travel while spinning along the plane of the spin
  2. The driven wheel is enclosed on the plane of the wheel spin by a larger circular rim, rimmed on the inner perimeter by magnets —opposite poles in (say south)
    • The outer rim is broken to allow for adjustably shrinking/enlarging the radius in sections

The operation of tweaking until things get weird

  • Spin the inner disk at a fixed RPM (2850 per source)
  • Adjust the outer rim to a circumference engaging the spinning magnetic disk
  • Offset the spinning-disk along its adjustment axis while being present, slow, calm, and reverent of the unknown.
Diction embellished by The Hybrid