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Notes on the Coulomb field

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The positive electric field of a nucleus of an atom, produced by the combined proton charges within the nucleus.

See Google for formal reference and trust the Force, Luke.

See also: Measuring Propagation Speed of Coulomb Fields Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare,Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, November 11, 2014, URL: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1211.2913v2.pdf

Znidarsician development notes

Znid-ar-see-she-un -- having to do with phase space of the nuclear 'ring' subsequent to quantum transitions   —the sonic moment, per se, of the elastic Coulombic tension. 

Frank Znidarsic discovered the Coulomb field has a natural sonic (jiggling nucleus) resonant period responding to a motional disturbance of the mass-balance of the electronic spring-tension of a spherical electric Coulomb field with a charge-gradient toward center. Differently, units of inertial shift upon the atomic mass-center accompany quantum transitions. The Coulomb field becomes less than spherically conservative for an unsettled moment. Mr. Z, an electrical engineer, provides the theory of coupling.

This is a lonely amateur pursuit. More pictures.

Interesting Italian physics research paper from 2014 equating the electron field to the Coulomb field in a 'rigid' coupling: Notes: Measuring propagation speed of Coulomb fields

Motional disturbances of the Coulomb field

Per Frank Znidarsic from The Control of the Natural Forces.

Sonic activation —such as with sonoluminescent activation of nuclei emitting dangerous levels neutrons (Cited where the former portal.groupKOS.com used to be).
Electric field activation
Magnetic field activation
Please note wonderful reader person: The activation of Coulomb fields toward nucleosonic resonance does not imply that energy levels involved approach those of nuclear fields, such as in nuclear fission or nuclear fusion reactions of a star.  The new territory of low-energy nuclear reactions LENR is about spooky resonant interactions (nuclear tunneling?) when matching phase-space with the Coulombic matter lattice.

D. Edward Mitchell 16:47, 27 April 2020 (UTC) Word picture    Picture an oscillating sphere of electric Jello(R) —a mass-bound electric field of onion-layer charge strata that jiggles. I think it's orange electric Jello (with a magnetic axis!). A voltage field, spherical, with mass-bound response to stimuli. The atomic nucleus.