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== See also ==
== See also ==
=== Torus knot reference ===
=== Torus knot reference ===
;Mathcureve.com <small>https://mathcurve.com/courbes3d.gb/solenoidtoric/solenoidtoric.shtml</small>
;Mathcurve.com <small>https://mathcurve.com/courbes3d.gb/solenoidtoric/solenoidtoric.shtml</small>

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The tororoidal coil patent by Corum

Us4622558 sheet 1 of 10 toroidal antenna.jpg Us4622558 sheet 2 of 10 toroidal antenna.jpg

FIG. 6 shows the measured feed point impedance as a function of frequency of a very high frequency antenna constructed according to the embodiment of the invention depicted in FIG. 3.
FIG. 7 shows the measured voltage standing wave ratio as a function of frequency measured in the vicinity of the primary resonance frequency of a high frequency antenna constructed according to the embodiment of the invention depicted in FIG. 2.



From the Vortex List maintained by Bill Beaty

In regards to transmitting from a toroidal coil

On Thu, 18 Mar 2021, Jürg Wyttenbach wrote:

> In the far field the toroidal field components can be
> (most of the time) neglected. Most of the literature about pure toroidal
> fields or scalar EM waves is classified. But just google some terms I gave.

The Corum bros wrote the following in 2008, caduceus toroid antennas: http://www.tuks.nl/pdf/Reference_Material/Corum/Toroidal%20helix%20antenna.pdf

George Hathaway had brief funding to work on toroid antenna experiments in 2011 (I don't know if this is paywalled PDF:) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/251709920_Electromagnetic_Radiation_Experiments_with_Transmitting_Contra-Wound_Toroidal_Coils

Also the infamous "missing" Corum rotary-fields paper from the 1994 proceedings of Tesla Symposium is found here: https://1lib.us/book/3499511/84d6bd?regionChanged=&redirect=236683546

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See also

Torus knot reference

Mathcurve.com https://mathcurve.com/courbes3d.gb/solenoidtoric/solenoidtoric.shtml