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Attention future developer self! I'm talking to you, Don. Remember this needs redaction and words of credible credence. Unjumbled and illustrated.

A jumble of notes:

Nucleosonic is a made-up term by an amateur skientist.

Picture in your mind the nuclear positive Coulomb field as suspended sphere of Jello(R) with increasing dielectric charge toward center. Electric Jello. A change in the continuity over time of the electric-balance 'felt' by the electric Jello makes the Jello jiggle. Jello jiggle jargon just gels Jill.

Original inspiration

This interest basin is supported wholly by developer interest. Me be a Znidarsic groupie/junkie.

Mr. Z's theory paper, The Control of the Natural Forces, jumped out in front of my discovery journey by happenstance. AlienScientist, as a YouTube account name, was already taken. "That's not fair! I'm the real alien!" my envious inner child alien-walk-in quipped. Who is this guy?

It is AlienScientist on YouTube that put Znidarsic in my face with a clarity of understanding that speaks very well of his physics education. I can only suggest caution when watching AlienScientist presenting Frank Znidarsic's theory paper. The video may change your outlook. Frank's theory through AlienScientist's video happened to be for me that random event that locked together a long study of what's missing in modern know-how. Thank you both, Gentlemen.

Principled mental cartoons

The Coulomb field is mass at the center of charge units (proton electric fields combined).

The response from the atom's center nuclear cluster, with slanted vernacular, is as-if the atomic center had mass.

Mass is a quality gauged by response to a force over time. If time literal is compressed, does mass measure the same? Is time literal the myriad number of discreet atoms behaving?

Compressed spherical charge is not pushed into shape (?) as much as the spherocity is pulled into shape from the center. Or both. Holonomy at harmony.

The development approach toward Znidarsic velocity tuning is a traveling magnetic wave (step phase magnetic vector motion) that forms a standing Znidarsic wave, per se.

This intuitive safari of the right way to make a standing Z-wave in a revolving magnetic vector may be totally futile way to form a rigid coupling with the Coulombic matter lattice.

Amateur skience benefits greatly from falsification of intuitive investigation funded on a household budget. Through skience, the conservatist's view of What's wrong with this understanding?" Why won't the concept work? is capable of sculpting working-designs from intuitional foundations.

Amateur skience requires personal commitment to abandon group-think axioms —because using one's intuitive foundation as 1st design, and evolving design as intuitions emerge as viable solutions, or fall apart under scrutiny. Skience requires personal commitment to concepts and inklings-of-mind that are proven wrong. Incorrectly realized.

So there, now...

The big question is whether the quanta of coupling remains coherent at room temperature, where thermal energy in the Coulombic lattice may prevent any coherency of the Coulomb fields with external magnetic/electric influence, even though the phase spaces are coincident (a peak-to-peak match ongoing).

Is this an attempt to say the Znidarsic phase-match may be yet lost in the noise of ballistic motion of the nucleon oscillating with black body (thermal) energy?  Superconductors are more viable in this approach as there are no moving parts, and mechanical integrity of spinning superconductor is not needed, as in Eugene Podkletnov's approach.
But wait, harmonic amplification of an event at the scale of the noise floor is viable.  Every cell phone works literally in the noise floor, ask a support tech.

Should thermal energy stored in the Coulombic tension prevent Znidarsic wave emergence, then experimental designs toward engineering a simulacrum of the resultant topology, and artificially providing correct frequencies per Z-velocity, and over-driving the system with white noise toward a forced-emergence of energy-energy stabilities (chimera) —then the intuitive understanding of choas and emergence may provide yet a method of tweaking toward a boson simulacrum structuralized upon center of the resonant elements --non-temporally as a self-structured time-base selecting what frequencies may into a coherent structure —but floating asynchronously within the prime driving white-noise.

These mental images may be encouraged to realize that if the air around a resonant magnetic pattern is rarified (lowered in pressure) in a vacuum chamber, then at some level of applied power the rare air will begin to glow. The magentic field stands in place when self-resonant on a resonanting element. Voltage patterns correspond and alternate with the magnetic harmony. These voltage patterns ionize surrounding gas. The type of gas and the pressure and the voltage parameters of the ionization threshold.

The factors learned are: To afford an accumulative basin of resonance that does not have deterministic factors involved which will become an escape basin for uncoupled noise energy, leaky tank, an unwanted strange attractor, per se. An attractor inherent within the physical system, such as an iron screw 'discovered' by the magnetic energy, that leads emergence toward an artificial stability, rather than toward a convergence and escape of energy into a stability seeded by the quantum-proclivities of a nucleosonic time base inherent within a Coulombic matter lattice rigidity.

The handle-of-control, or vehicle of the principle, of resonating against a matter lattice is the magnetic vector of unpaired nucleons in a non-ferrous conductor. Copper is believed to be appropriate.

Testing of various metallic resonator elements that are non-ferrous may falsify or vindicate this intuitive sense left over from six decades of sponging science minutia.

Group nucleosymphony

Analogy of a group-wave

Humans can recognize a determinant event that is coherent with itself even though it is produced by apparent chaos.

Consider the stadium-wave of sports-enthusiasts that raise their arms in unison, which signals neighboring folk to ride the wave.

Before the stadium-wave, the motions of human appendages was chaotic, with no certain pattern detectable. From the chaotic motions in the stadium, a group-timing can emerge that acts as an escape basin, per se. As the stadium-wave travels across the topology of spectators the energy of the crowd does not go away, but rather than remain individually timed, each human adopts a unified time base and coheres with the wave-front as it approaches.

Humans also time the approach of a giant wave of water while they sit waiting on a surf board. Bird murmurs form what seems to be a liquid drop of motion within their vast numbers —adopted as some working-group-unity somehow by the members of a flock.


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