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Project Talk —Smith Tensor Beam

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Wilbert Brockhouse Smith Background Tensor Beam Binding Force Meter Alien communication Quotes The New Science

Recreation Projects Talk: —Smith Tensor Beam —Smith Binding Force Meter

MP3 Audio: Vancouver Lecture 1958 Images: Wilbert Brockhouse Smith 1952 Defense meeting PDFs: Discussing saucers On dealing with saucers

The Wilbert Brockhouse Smith Tensor Beam Talking-Project

The Developer wants your mind in a development project, soon.

Your mind will be involved in the nitty-gritty of making a concept work.

Your mind may be volunteered by your human animal (you) to experience communication directly-to-your-mind via directed tensor beam communication.

You see yourself in the near future in a directed tensor beam grid that provides effective telepathic privilege to those properly trained individuals occupying a physical position within the directed beam grid.

This project is unreal

To become real, time and human effort toward development with a clue or two is a bet on the good horse.

The success of real world development is a function of the integrity of the clue or two, and effectivity of applied thoughts in compliance with the real world.

Where do I go to jump right in there with the development details?

Go first to a quiet corner and meditate about your work-up-front that contributes to recreating Smith's mind-coupling tensor beam.

Work pioneered and developed by Wilbert Smith, a radio engineer for the Canadian government in the 1950s, and largely forgotten save for perhaps a couple dozen living humans, is investigated by the developer on groupKOS.com.

Domesticating your inner quest

The captivating new future is yours, but yours is not a real world new future, save for a world of work to make it real.

Your sense of your future is important to your co-development with others working in compliance to form a new future among themselves. Doing past talking.

Where do I go, really?

Hackaday.io is the project-hosting-platform of choice for those things openly disclosed. My account there, me, the developer here, is ReverseAmateurEngineer there at hackaday.io]].

You have not missed a group start. Stay right here on this page and hit the refresh key for many moons. Any Hackaday.io projects launched will be linked from here with all our best wishes.

If you must talk right away, talk to my developer persona via email... Don aght groupKOS doght cφm Formally the topic would be, "Requesting Review of Compliance" with motivational issues explained. Or just say in email, "Hey Don! Pic me to make circuit boards!" Perhaps you could say, "Dear Don, I talk with aliens, and want to devote time and effort to help make what they want me to build. Do you think I'm crazy?" <-- And my answer would be, "Yes!" Aliens seem to only work with crazy people. Call it a relative term.

Is there a private, inner project?

Of course. Everyone has one. We recognize each the other's project mojo, too. Our project naturally coheres in a discussion, among diverse project owners. Always respect anyone and every ones motivational organization —their private important stuff. The 'stuff' may go deeply into some one's soul after a life of curious searching.

Projects begin when there is affording conversation without effort of learning curve to get through to each other. So there is that limiting factor among the few dozen of us that wish we could work up group magic in strange times in the real world.

Consider you, and anyone enjoying the human energy of collaborative development, have and exercise an ability to keep each our inner, private projects in proper perspective.

When you consider personal gain from a group for less effort prior to making personal effort of some worth to others, then simply dream on elsewhere. I'm trying to say what Kennedy said,

"Ask not what the Tensor Beam Project can do for you, but what you can do for the Tensor Beam Project" to be blunt... 

"...because it's the hard thing to do."

A collaborative project coheres from the real world as real people on real missions that —at times may happenstantially— quantum leap into the now, the world outside imagination —for real.

Project Host —RAE

Well what can I do right now?

You can send a link to this wiki page into your social space of choice.

More exposure into technical audience and/or an audience of inner-world explorers will expose this project to more opportunity for a spontaneous group-launch of the first two mind-linked players.

Don's notes of hacker treasure about the Smith 'tensor coil'

In video at location 37:50 --> https://youtu.be/0kDC3aj4WzM?t=2267 Quick notes...

1" x 8" ferrite core and trick winding

killowatt of RF energy applied for two hours (KW communications type transmitter) which disappeared.

Placed inside of a 2" brass tube.

Plates welded one end, transmission line on the other for incoming RF.

No detectable radiation outside.

Making 'tensor energy' a 6th(?) dimensional radio wave, per the 'boys upstairs.'

Elsewhere Smith describes the winding technique, which is specifically a Caduceus winding. "Winding symmetry is important." This site guy is still looking for the number of turns, or coil separation.

And for the mildly curious, Smith communicated with the boys upstairs by putting his body in line with the beam (1st-person account to site guy of Wilbert's words, circa 2010).