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Pseudo-trefoil bifilar pattern in 13:8 3-group torus knots

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Images above illustrate a 13:8 torus knot 3-group in red and green chiral halves, with an overlaid blue trefoil (3:2 knot) showing the 'phase drift' of the respective knot ratios.

Below are shown a 13:8 torus knot 3-group, which displays the curious detanglement, or ordering of chirality and (red-handed helix, or green-handed helix) group-order.

The phase-drift begins centered between chiral hands at the outer periphery of the abstract torus. The drift ends centered at the opposite side again.
The drift wanders from between chiral groupings, at the hexatronic connection points (small spheres) to the center of a chiral-four-group in the center of the abstract torus.