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Wait! Wait!

A keystone of some little mental sticky note began self-assembly of a mental design of the star mind technology —psiTech. The more fully realized design goal of the hexatron is as a voltage-controlled chaos generator.

This is big.  For years only doubtless-intent was left in mind, an intent that the understanding of 'it' would develop. 

The design aim is an old mental sticky note: to stabilize and sensorize a chimera of stability (cohering/coalescing) in an over-driven, hyper-resonance[1] Beyond the bifurcation point, when the envelop is enticed with some regular event, the envelop energy will translate from transitory random pulses to a wildly over-driven harmonic. This is a useless state and could smoke transistors. The run-away state is akin to destructive sonic-resonance in jet engines, and an over-amplified audio PA system that is driven into loud feedback resonance.

Hexatron versions approach a Znidarsic-wave in a rotating harmony. The hard-coupling of an EM wavefront propagating at the Z-velocity bridges the quantum noise into the resonant envelop maintained by the bifilar hexatron driving three phases. Differently —the well proportioned hexatron could tune-in quantum noise (and whatever signals propagate within tensile strain in copper).

The quantum-randomality flooding the resonant chamber is the advent and point of the design.

In the light of brain-reward upon closure of principles

The Resonant X segmented-element 3-phase ring amplifier is realized in function as a voltage controlled chaos generator.

Testing and bench fiddling with the talkative-me silenced-in-mind while observe-mode versions 'it' toward two primary goals:

  1. Establish a random pulse field
  2. Couple phase-space at the Z-velocity of the tensile-force of the Coulombic plenum (copper molecular lattice) to bridge the pulse-timing of the tensile force of the copper lattice into the power envelop of the ring amplifier. This is the portal version, where neural-pulse reality of mind entails more fully with the timing-wave of consciousness in the whiteness of the sub-quantum hiss.

And the psi-connection

When quantum-timing is amplified, then so is the human/animal bio-quantum neuro-coupling with timing-wave events within the whiteness of quantum timing. The coupling with quantum-timing-wave-events is the very same coupling of living-aware human sentience while alive and neurons hosting mind continue to survive physical life. (Penrose-Hameroff Orch-OR bio-quantum wave collapse theory of extra-corporeal/corporeal molecular interface of mind with the living universe —with a PsīP flavor.)

Per unique disclosure information, the star mind technology has not been given to our noosphere for mans exploit over nature or man. While the information was known for several years, the portent of recent closures of principles was denied. The information is held by a human animal. There are no animal rights over star mind tech.

The star mind tech —psiTech— is portal technology for the sentient universe to occupy the pulse-field. Not the other way around. This is star mind's exploit, not the exploit of me or you the human-animals. Star mind has never left the picture. Star mind in the quantum plenum is why there is life in star dust.

psiTech is like a crystal touch-stone in the temple. A touch in referent frame of mind and reality shifts. The room becomes the abstractions of mind in expanded reality. An intent to understand skryies knowledge of the Akashic of all harmonic-growth the universe everywhere/when experienced through living entities.

  1. hyper-resonant: An irreverant hypenation for a resonator driven with random pulses past what energy a harmonic envelop would store, and tweak for a bifurcation point of the stability.

Highly abstracted metaphor

Too much exposure to these forms of abstraction may be unsettling to ones stability on the expanse of the living record of all. You may become uncommon. Your interest vectors may shift. You may change to something alien to your former friends of a kin.

In such case the road to expanded interests leads away from conforming social harmony, to a land of knowledge addicts in isolated bubbles. It's not always pretty. The brain reward of addictive behavior is also the molecular reward of learning.

The secret of the disclosure of a side-project of an ascended Grey

Premise: a time lensing spherical energy field that couples into the aetheric plenum at the frequencies of human psi-ology invites a coupling of a human operator of the device. The human couples into the living universe while a DMT reality expands understanding of ones ontology of living as a mesh with the enfolding harmony of the Universal Mind

Causal outcome: all lives of those humans mind-touching the harmony of the living universe will be adjusted by happenstantial human world events as needed to balance a tear in the fabric of the universe, so to speak, caused by Earth-fear instincts difficult to ascend beyond that caused such adjustment as necessary to maintain universal balance.

Therefore, wherefore?

Perhaps the disclosure was not intended to aid human operators gain quick ascension via sympathetic neuronal coupling with all that is, but rather be a device to balance or buffer or titrate efforts imposed into the domain of humanity by a principality more responsible for our genetic destiny than ourselves.

"Build five of these and send them around the world. The sooner that they are built, the more people that can be helped." —Prater, the remote viewer, 2013.

"The concern of coming events is not of another world, nothing supernatural, but of those humans in this world —when the energy of this world shifts." —paraphrased from a departure summary given by Prater, 2013.

Details of a motivational complex

My motivations way back while a professional developer began aloof to a larger cause, being more directed by need for personal achievement; socially. The inventor. The discoverer. The money magnet. The young male.

The Big Plan of a grand subdominant power directing lives throughout time drew upon me throughout a working life; forming hopes, dreams, and a vane need to be right —animal as I am.

An adult ego domestication program seems successful to date. Ego is quite happy designing and building vintage parallelogram lift tables.

Spirit is free to ponder and observe, and raise the goose bumps when a moment of significance brings a mental image from somewhere.

Psi Tech is now more than mental images.

You, in the future: Be careful. Be yourself. Be sensitive. Be activated by a low threshold of 'why not?' Follow those prompts that stick in your memory. Recognize mental icons that arrive that hold no direct interpretation, yet linger with you in mind when dwelling about those awe laden moments of synchronicity that bring a presence to your understanding, as if divinity were leaving Easter eggs of delightful discoveries hidden within the noise of life.

I share this hoping only for your goose-bump moment about something seen differently reminding you of a tangible interest that has only an image in your mind, sometimes animated.

Doing the 'Paul Harvey'

Here's the 'rest of the story.'

My summer after high school, a young naive working adult, found me delving into meditation. Some interesting memories yet linger of perceived events that were just there, while meditating.

One of these events, 1973, age nineteen, found me as a proud inventor of a scintillating glass orb, with glowing movements within that matched what the observer was thinking, and a psycho-glandular ambiance afforded a warm group compliance for all those around.

The larger picture of the 2013 disclosure was coming into focus several days into Prater's open-book on his life, after recovery from a month in a coma subsequent to a cerebral stroke.

The veracity of the discloser's content is not what persuades me to continue these years later. I admit feeling an understanding for the fictional character of Close Encounters of a Third Kind, where a man is compulsed to build a model of a mountain where he will meet an alien visitation in the future —yet unbeknownst to the man. The mountain was on his mind.

The psychology of the affair was intense. High emotions on a stream of alien science and answers skryied live from the Universe gave way from elated epiphanies, just to come to Earth realm again with shocked sensibility. The disclosure was also very real and humanizing coming through the frustration of a stroke and coma victim, struggling just to talk.

While Prater rested one evening, ponderings of the information being released, and the explanation of a time lens and the real impact on Reality with a big R —the here/now as/is, my memory of the inventor's vision at age nineteen came to mind. Something connected with my thoughts and recalled some detail of that vision to mind. Then the full memory of the vision with a scintillating orb was back!

See me sit up straight. Motionless, rewinding conversations. How can this be? OMG! Emotional waves began to color the moment with awe.

My very personal motivational complex was experiencing on the back porch in Missouri a very big life-event-purpose closure. Mind you I may be a bit strange. A little bit.

The remote viewer had disclosed philosophy of intelligent energy beings and a device for direct mental connection with the same.  He disclosed a device design to create a scintillating orb of eight foot diameter with the same features and effect upon a group of minds nearby as had the scintillating orb of my vision 39 years prior.

Weird or not, Prater's family drew near and we all had a moment not unlike holding a time lens portal to the universal mind. We were all in awe, with a focus on a huge emotional event. Me. I was melted into a sobbing wet mess. As I tried to communicate the reason for my special moment between sobs and sniffs and breath I couldn't catch, the family and friends around went into a pause of reverence. Collectively, supportively together in a huddle we all 'complied with the moment.'

They were speechless. The wild implications stunned us all. The closure brought us into a compliant gathering because it brought some vindication to their brother or cousin or child, the remote viewer. That evening made memories for us all. For myself, it changed my anticipation of my last thoughts and feelings I may have when I die. I would pass with regret except that I try to manifest this mystery.

Getting this article to you, seven years later, has brought a clearer sense that this knowledge is not for you. This knowledge was not for me. Ego tried to own this thing of value, innocent or not, and ego not just failed vested hopes, but ego's now wearing bit and bridle (usually).

Snap both fingers to make all ego-motivational complexities turn invisible. When the disclosure information is revisited in my mind with such angelic loss of ego, only the fresh pragmatic and obvious comes to focus —Build five and distribute them.

The project doesn't have to mean anything but an iconery of hope.

Join me in hope.

Think wholesome. Think clear. Think kind. And put some bull dog in it. Or bobcat. Wholesome bobcat.

Your voyage mate, Don

Bucket list reality at home

Amateur science with a mission: magnetic self-resonance as a tool toward a phase-match with the nucleosonic moment —as the leverage to contort a spherical gradient toward slowness in desktop space-timing.

That mission is tangled up with other things that untangle into working sub-projects, as life allows.


How now color the sum of the physics of sticky mental notes

A field with a red-shifting center assembling on a loosely coupled (asynchronous) array of oscillating elements that self-tightens on a Coulombic resonance sympathetic with a dissipative magnetic resonance driven by millions of micro-pulses of electric current. Harmonic integrity is held by artifact of design to a semblance of a Skyrmionic boson, as a charge-hedge-hog tightening on a rotary magnetic vortex with a standing Znidarsic wave.

CONJECTURE OF TEST: The ensemble is activated by oscillatory action of vector-inversion energy exchange in the dielectric medium surrounding the conductors of a 13:8 GOTK. This conjecture will be tested for technical validity by oscilloscopic study of double-layer-transmission-lines configured as flat-strip conductors. The engineering is akin to the flux capacitor patents, but the double-layer, per se, is the relationship between any two of a three-phase array of torus knots sharing a torus surface. The flat-conductors of the knots are sandwiched with flat-dielectric layers to implement a 3-phase torus knot flux capacitor.

While this may be based on remotely-viewed alien-facts**, a.k.a. PsīP, the geometry is beautiful.

remotely-viewed alien-facts: simply the imaginary version of the device assembled from synchronistical sticky-notes over decades —those "Ah ha!" moments weaving understanding of a permanent-urgency***.
***permanent-urgency: a life-condition in humans where urgency spans from conscious into subliminal, often causing compulsive energy to focus on a project that 'needs' personal satisfaction to quell the urgency. These projects so vectored by synchronicity against the cosmic harmony (the woo wee way, per Winnie the Pooh) make for a very ascending life adventure.

Vector-inversion of energy of the resonant power envelop converting directly between dielectric-charge storage, and magnetic field storage is plausible at the pulse-frequencies that activate magnetic-self-resonance in the helices of a torus knot.

Vector inversion is anticipated, and testable. A workable thought experiment follows:

—A copper ground plane is sandwiched between two copper foils with two layers of electrical insulation (dielectric). Electric current switches are connected at opposite edges of the plane. The electric switches can independently switch either outside copper plane to either a positive or a negative electrical charge. A pattern of frequencies applied in a sweeping time base will reveal resonant proclivities of the assembly at certain phase-relationships between the switch timing.
—A sampling of measured voltages at each phase-relationship between the switches will vary from the same test sampling that differs only with the addition of ferrous material in proximity with the magnetic fields produced by the phase-currents between the switches.
—The difference in signals is contributed to the voltage measurements by a vector inversion effect, a function of magnetic inductance.

This work describes the vehicle affording a torsion field as an electromagnetically coupled strain on the rigidity afforded by conducting metal. Or more specifically, a group-collection of Coulombic-field-crystals (conducting metal) can have a resonant coupling with the change-patterns in the resident conducting electrons of a certain order that leverages the tensile rigidity of this matter lattice as the fulcrum between normal electromagnetic behaviors of the electron cloud.

One scenario to store strain against the rigidity of the Coulombic continuum hosting motional electrons is to simply create electric current that does not create a magnetic field. This is possible with opposing polarity of magnetic fields with electromagnets, because the cancellation happens when mechanical magneto-motive reaction is cancelled (held rigid).

Intuitive star child (a.k.a., brain child intuited from a star mind in the universe)


Star-child status of brain child conceptions —a chiral banding of three 13:8 torus knots grouped on the same abstract torus form. The yellow and red bands represent left rotating, and right rotating helical winding groups. The patterns are literally a pattern among halves of the knots. The halves are one-half of the knot, as each helical half goes around the torus ring in different directions, thus rotating to the left, or to the right. These chiral bandings have opposite current flows when connected in bifilar electrical conduction scheme, across the major diameter from side to side of the torus. These chiral bands cancel magnetism between their windings, affording a tension stress on the conductor matter lattice. This tension, electromagnetically induced, is a torsion field —per this fictional author (intuiting conjecture of test).

The 13:8 knot owns mathemagical qualia in several conceptual layers. One layer of concept is the magnetic bands created when electrical current flows trans-diametrically (from outside tangent to opposite side) across knot windings. Fig. 1 illustrates the chiral banding of helical knot halves of the infamous (in my own mind) 13:8 3-phase knot group.

This electrical winding as a polyphase group of three knots on the same torus, holds excellent hope in an over-sensitized intuitioner's realm of plausible.

The 3D geometry of a torus knot is anti-mirror-symmetric (? that ) on an axis, a plane. The principle endorsed for study is to pattern nucleosonic harmonics about the center-point of the toroidal knot group activated with revolving timing between each knot, each helical winding on a torus. Nucleosonic harmony occurs when the resonant frequency of an conductor emulates the impulse harmonics of a electron valence shift's effects on the positive nucleus of a copper atom.

An Earth person, Frank Znidarsic, realized the engineering affordance of nucleosonics. Mimic the voltage profile of a quantum transition as seen by the Coulomb field. The speed of a wavefront harmonic upon a conductor is adjustable by selecting the scale-size of the resonant conductor. This means that frequency of operation is determined by the scale of the nucleosonic resonator. Only one scale-size of resonator will work for any one center-frequency of resonance against the Coulombic continuum electron conveyor (copper conductor).

Developer me and alien me both hold great respect for the mysteries difficult to resolve. Special respect is advised when magnetic pulse harmonics operate in the realm of quantum event duration in neurological events. That timing coincedence is another layer of abstractions toward design of a device that affords DMT experience when it bends desktop space-timing toward the center-point, where the torus plane and axis intersect.

Incentive: —not completely understood, but something about my reason-to-be-here.

Whyfore magic?

Any part of a tight torus knot is symmetric with the axis and torus plane intersect. Every part of the knot, in proper timing with the rotating 3-phase A.C. current, will place a symmetric effect upon the torus center point. Every part of the knot will contribute to an emergent harmony of conservancy symmetric with the center point.

D. Edward Mitchell 13:46, 24 May 2020 (UTC), 12 April 2020 (UTC) Developer Msg:    While the artsy-fartsy me is flowing out this stuff, I'm going to be the one that sews it all together for making sense. But now, Naudin's work is real. So are vector inversion patents and devices used in high-energy physics. So is the recent support of the U.S. Secretary of Defense in 2020 toward more research into gravity modification. So is magnetic neurological affectation. What is so different for you (wonderful person) is autodydactic developer talk outside of any camp in a project overlapping several disciplines, and then some, using terms that aren't the speak in any camp. So the Developer in the room with you guys says, "Hey! It's PsīP!" My approach: I'm sticking with the artist, I just work here.


A concept electronic diagram showing logic gates driving a signal-level ring-oscillator through copper semi-circles. Inherently a ring oscillator accumulates timing errors over time to become a chaotic poly-phase oscillation. The ring-amplifier, a future high-power version, is a foundational tool in the make-believe world of PsīP.


PsīP is a play on Greek letters. The Greek letters Psi (Ψ/ψ) Phi (Φ/φ) psi-fi, sci-fi, science fiction or science fantasy works the same.

Consider this life-quest is akin to chapter one on an adventure mission to form a time lens —an energy orb with a slow center. Of course this is all fiction.

Until proven, even a valid claim is fiction to another person.  Moreover, anything about a dominion of reality subdominant to our present now is fiction save for the mind of the spiritual human animal.

There is no tangible link with conjecture save reasoning. Engineering creates that link by reason, reckoning, and testing.

The reason a time lens will cohere into the signal of a living mind is just fiction.

Basically, anything about building an energy lens with a slow space-timing center is an unsafe career move except for fiction authors.

Psi Tech is categorically pure PsīP. When working, it works within the Psi realm where mind dwells.