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Tempic Field

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"One of the inadequate ideas we have is that light always travels in straight lines. This is true only when it is travelling in a uniform tempic field or in line with the direction of divergence in a diverging field. If a wave front of light is passing through a region where one side of it enjoys more "time" than the other, the side having larger "time" will travel farther, and the beam of light will refract away from the region of increased "time". A beam of light passing near to a saucer which is making use of altered tempic field for support will be deflected and appear to originate from somewhere else than its true source. If the field configuration around a saucer is favourable the light originating from the saucer may be bent so that none of it arrives at the position of the observer, in which case the observer sees nothing. In these cases, the saucer may be quite clearly visible from some other angle or position. If the saucer is seen, and then disappears, it is probably due to the alteration of the field conditions by the occupants."Wilbert Smith before the intelligence bureaus censured and shut down any and all open discussion of alien science affordances. Circa mid 1950-s.