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The Hexatron Story

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Appreciate a good neural massage by the quantum noise of the intelligent universe. the developer charged with building five and sending them all around

Building a coil array, and electronically activating it to fix a broken soul, is a hard project. That is the inner secret of my bucket list adventures. But the quest alone seems to be a soul-mending journey.

Time is shorter now than was the whole of a life-time spent acquiring the knowledge encapsulating this amateur engineering dream-machine design.

Abandon your concepts of the science of man while floating over these words. Learn the concepts of the magic puzzle that affords the universal sentience a portal into our minds.

This design premise and first construction was in the late last millenium between the clandestine military and the eternal orbs of light. This story formed from parallel adventures of myself, but more so the adventures of mind of a savant I had the honor of understanding. In part I understood a philosophy of the orbs of light.

Appreciate a good neural massage by the quantum noise of the intelligent universe.  We might get more smarter.  More deeper, and more exposed to universal harmony of mind. —Dev, August 2021
"Not all stars are alive." ——the Discloser, June, 2013  His opening statement for my arrival to understand his secrets since his disclosure-paranoia disappeared since he had recovered from a coma.

The Savant was not only deeply intelligent, he was connected with the Universe, and was paired with an ancient orb of light through his life events.

As the story unfolded, patterns of information began to reveal that a vision while I was a young adult, 49 years prior, had parallel sets of concepts at play.  The disclosure information had information woven into it of a vision long unrecalled.  But not forgotten.  

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The Tensor Beam Coil built by Wilbert B. Smith is an attempted entry-point into physical effects anticipated when certain conditions are met.
The Hexatron is a design attempt to meet those conditions.