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Trichel Pulse Stream Generator

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The Trichel Pulse Stream Generator is on the development bucket list. Any day could start or stop any project.

You are a wonderful person.


This project serves development as a background and warmer-upper project on pursuing the behavior of EVO generation with mainstream research available, with a post-Pais modern freedom toward exotic explanations involving electrons clustering seemingly impossibly in clusters of huge, huge numbers —somehow self-organized.

Blushing disclaimer

Please realize this development is exploiting a dual-camp membership. References into mainstream science (textbook and grad research found on the web) that does not endorse EVOs becomes a spring-board into research into the post-Pais school of thought —a small school. (circa 20:58, 14 March 2020 (UTC))

volts & sparks

In the esoteric strata of scientific advancement, the late Ken Shoulders (1927-2013) discovered an exotic cluster of electrons leading every spark discharge. Ken discovered that the exotic object, which he dubbed, Exotic Vacuum Object (EVO), literally transmutes.

Ken Shoulders went far and beyond what I've yet to find observed by institutional scientists, though I expect that to be confirmed.

EVOs have been promoted to a curious front-range of scientific anomalies now promoted by the U.S. Department of Defense as important —promoting the Salvador Pais antigravity to an important status for industrial class group-think to adopt.

The generator devise consists of an adjustable high-voltage D.C. power supply (0 to 2500 Volts D.C.), a conducting needle, and a conducting plate.

The needle is provided a continuous linear adjustment on a normal to the plate, to adjust the gap of the spark. Gap distance and the voltage level across the needle-plate gap also affect pulse frequency, along with gas mixtures and pressures.

A project illustrated below, the Corona Triode, uses a loop around the needle point as an adjustable bias that controls frequency.

Trichel pulse streams occur while D.C. ion current is attempting to set up continuous plasma flow. Adjustment of voltage, pressure, and spark gap separation affect the frequency of the Trichel pulse stream.

Enclosure within a pressure vessel provides adjustment of atmospheric pressure toward optimizing trends within the Trichel pulse memory dynamic to suite the application of the sensor.

A magnetic field B oriented with the line of travel of the toroidal plasma ejection (the Trichel Pulse) would induce clockwise or counter clockwise rotation of the ion plasma, relative to the magnetic axis, i.e., the toroidal ion group will rotate as a group around the magnetic axis, the line of travel.

Variations of intensity in the travel-axis magnetic field enable probing into the ion velocities of the toroidal travel by antenna coupling.

Corona triode1

1 Triode, as in an electronic vacuum tube. The corona triode operation is with electric discharge plasma through air, rather than electron flow through vacuum.

A variable-frequency DIY Trichel pulse Generator

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Trichel pulse in various gases and the key factor for its formation

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