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Welcome to my private wiki <I><b><big>{{SITENAME}}</big></b></i>
Welcome to my private wiki <I><b><big>{{SITENAME}}</big></b></i>
'''[https://groupKOS.com groupKOS.com] &mdash;Knowledge Open Sourced'''</sub>
'''[https://groupKOS.com groupKOS.com] &mdash;Knowledge Open Sourced'''</sub>

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Welcome to my private wiki groupKOS Developer Share

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groupKOS.com —Knowledge Open Sourced

GroupKOS Developer Share wiki is here to share my past and re-emergent project space with you, from feed and care for a MediaWiki, to re-creating spy-code algorithms in VB6.

This is useful stuff for the strange uncle.

Don aght groupKOS doght cφm —wiki owner/admin 4 January 2020

Support my sharing effort and taste for exotic integrated circuits.
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For Patreon sponsors-only: Be in the loop and advise/confab. Know workshop and dev-bench detail, through to data-collection videos on 1/f noise drift tracking in quantum noise, and such, etc.

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