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ubi est ignus

Hello, and welcome to new archives

that are shared of an old (ish) developer.

Enjoy what I can share, leak, or inspire

Well, about inspire.  Uhmmm TechnoShamanic, without the nomad part.  OK, try, "Twisted interest in magnetic stuff and finding my alien father."

I am a Boomer. This wiki keeps me off the streets.

Since moving with my Sweetie to Colorado, this wiki also begins a new chapter in groupKOS history.

And this chapter of the new wiki is not even public yet.  Welcome to a construction site.  

GroupKOS Developer Share wiki is here to share my past with you, from feed and care for a MediaWiki, to re-creating a computer science project spy-code project in Microsoft VB 6.0[1]

Follow shared adventures trying to retire with a developer's crispy mind, uhmm burnt a bit on the edges.

Developer references &dsot; These are quick-notes to put your head where my head was/is while ramping-up (the sudden learning curve) on a needed development. Developer references is a big mixed bag of common to odd interest links, plans/hopes, drawings/designs/circuits; chaos filters. Useful stuff for the strange uncle. This is mind-candy on home-grown engineering and stuff.

Don aght groupKOS doght cφm wiki administrator (ish)

Support my sharing effort and taste for exotic integrated circuits. Sponsor me at patreon.com/someday/b4/long. Sponsors-only: From shop work detail to data-collection videos on 1/f tracking quantum noise, and such, etc. Follow groupKOS/dev on twitty ditty patreon.com

  1. MS VB 6.0 is a dinosaur. VB 6.0 lived long ago in the steamy jungles of rapid-application-development during the dot-com bubble period before web commerce. VB was sold as a high-level programming language with a graphical designer-interface (easy). See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_Basic