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Welcome to my private wiki groupKOS Developer Share

This wiki log of pages is a personal theory in development. Some new thoughts obsolete earlier concepts toward lensing reality.  Do mind the date of the page last edits, which are more developed thoughts than some earlier thoughts, sometimes, not always.
New stuff in my toy box to help illustrate and develop the toy theory of a dimple in time: 

An object of rotation as a square, while spinning is rotated around an axis, to create an 'object of rotation.

Maxwellian Moebius knot cross-talk with space-time

If a square is rotated 3 times around an axis, while spinning 2 times around the center of the square plane, then as a group of four-corner-paths, a trefoil pattern is created.

Note: This object of square-rotation passes through itself when making two rotations around an axis.

The object created is an 8-sided Moebius tube. The cross-section is an eight-pointed star made with two squares offset by 45 degrees.

The path along the corners of the Moebius tube are a 13:8 torus knot (verified geometrically with POVRay code). This Moebius knot is not tight, or smooth (shortest length knot, symmetrically arranged helices).

The Moebius knot, so to speak, is not smooth, but varies in slope of the helical twists of the knot from the inner to the outer loops. A double-quadrature dynamic following 'rigid' qualities, like electromagnetic forces, attempting to resolve an integer resonance, would form a dissonance with itself —a self-heterodyne, if you please. Differently, the square corners of electromagnetics don't fit in a round hole —without forming a sinusoidal dissonance.

PsīPhī ON The Maxwellian heterodyne is quieted by bending space-time in a gradient toward the torus center point to maintain an electrodynamic fit, or energy-conservative space-time resonance —a dwell in space-time, or an anisotropy of entropy, to quip with W. B. Smith's speak. PsīPhī OFF


These patterns seem to suggest that the fractal regularity of a dynamical event many many orders of magnitude smaller in duration on a time-line may yet be isolated across time scales by using the emergent parameters of the dissonance. The dissonance emerges as timing-waves produced by Moire pattern acceleration.

Animating a sequence of changing scales between interfering patterns can reveal a movie of waves upon a fractal surface ——but only when the scale difference is giant (like a million to one).

Follow this adventure in programmed-reality using POVRay ray-tracing. Lurk The Button

xenonoospheric abstractions

  • Recent prose pressure: Representing the struggle to express alien concepts, encrypted by a disparate semantic depth into a secret of plain words. This is not complex, just different without many entry points to commonality of human concepts.
  • Buried in diverse articles in this developer wiki will be found a brain-child that has doggedly struggled through the birth canal of novelty.
  • The xeno-noospheric abstraction is one based on alien (xeno) noosphere (pronounced 'no-oh-sphere,' a mind space).
  • The alien physics abstracted from synchronistical mind-quakes through life experience explains reality as a dimple in time. Mind is a dimple in time, gravity is a time dimple. Einsteinian physics produces curved space-time! Curving space curves time. From there, every every academic tenet used commonly in physics continues to never ever ever modify time to realize formation of gravity... but it is right there, one concept-link away from a doorway introducing UAP style engineering, where 'impossible physics' is comprised of events on an engineered dimple in time.

Recent mind-tremors of OMG simplicity under the noses of academic quantum physics (a church of mathematical puzzles)

07:15, 17 June 2022 (UTC)
  • The newest of simplistics is the Zeno effect, which provides the causal-coupling with retardation of the progression of entropy by the frequent sampling of the quantum field of the atomic nucleus (the positive Coulomb field produced by protons).
  • Resonant coupling with the Coulomb field is exactly a 'frequent sampling of the quantum Coulombic response' as the vehicle of quantum exchange of mediated force fields.
  • Entropy is things changing. Time is entropy, per W. B. Smith, who was literally taught this by a humanoid alien tutor (mid 1950s), channeled to his mind while meditating within a tensor beam of design by the alien mind.
  • The emergence of a 'temporal resonance' via tuned-magnetic-coupling into the matter lattice of a ferrite tube wound with a copper Caduceus winding, powered by a kilowatt of RF electrical current, is fully aligned with the concepts of these xenospheric abstractions about retardation of the progression of entropy. Retardation of entropy is bending time along the gradient of retardation. Smith's magnetic coupling with the 'tempic fabric' is exactly the basis of UAP style engineering.

Dev's favorite people in alien pursuits

——The amazing and delightful Christine, my wife.
——Brian David Prater, the Discloser of 2013. A late autistic savant raised in a family owned radio & TV repair business.
——Michael Faraday illuminating the unknown on the Queen's budget,
——Wilbert Brockhouse Smith, who detected a UFO on my birthday at an ionospheric research station equipment.
——Eugene Podkletnov and Ning Li
——Frank Znidarsic —a man as naive as me, thrust forward to be ignored. May the (tempic) force be strong in you, Frank!
——Paul S. Prueitt, Ph.D, a triple-degreed genius of depth we'll never know. He taught me a Russian paradigm that will find "the unknown and unanticipated" in the quantum noise of reality. (DARPA funding competition collaboration, starting when DARPA was open-source, and ending(?) after DARPA went black.)
——Sir Roger Penrose, Ph.D, knighted by the Queen of England for contributions to mathematics, co-author with Stephen Hawking --but brave in his tenure to author theory that a biological brain could not support mind, therefore mind is out there somewhere, not within the cerebral cranium. Actually, 'mind' proper is a quantum coherence with the 'Source Mind' component within the quantum white noise.
——Stewart Hameroff, MD, an anesthesiologist empassioned with the study of the consciousness he chemically suppresses, realized the nanotubilin molecules numbering billions, within the neuron body, perhaps may be the bio-quantum oscillators modulated by the essense of mind 'out there somewhere' influencing when any one neuron may fire a synapse.
——Last and far from least, my friend in Toronto.

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groupKOS.com —Knowledge Open Sourced

GroupKOS Developer Share wiki is here to share my past and re-emergent project space with you, from feed and care for a MediaWiki, to re-creating spy-code algorithms in VB6.

The Hexatron initiative, PsīPhī, and more, is useful stuff for the strange uncle. Warning: One prone to seek understanding and get excited about connecting dots may find this wiki destabilizing to one's social reality.


The irrational thinking of superstitious motivations will find plenty wrong here at this development of a sphereical dimple in quantum space-timing at desktop scale, while some may appreciate this mind-set.

Be my judge and promote me either way.

I'm sharing because I get huge thrills when imagining a receptive audience! You imaginary people are wonderful to me!

I'm an intellectual exhibitionist. Yeah! That's it! This wiki is my uninhibited exhibition.

The way we are

We humans are all coded by life with humans to believe something as our core belief. Nearly the entire western planet (the European hemisphere) is encoded with deep fear of religion. That fear manifests when people speak to each other. The fear shapes language to talk the talk of religion. We are nearly all afraid God will punish us because we really are not good enough. And such rubbish. BTW: I'm not atheistic, but humanity is non-perceptive of the Source within. That Source is repelled by 'god in a box' human doctrine. The letter 'killeth' but the Source Mind IS life.

The way we are as a social creature is to accept information as believable against a learned index of social acceptability. Largely, our social acceptance of concepts is limited among those concepts that don't get laughed at, or used to shame people. As a specie, we are domesticated to serve an ancient religious subdominant death. There is no life there, and serves to blanket the cosmic wonder of celestial being within us.

The developer's wiki by a hybrid Kentuckian (half Hoosier) is a barrel of laughs to the academic that can relax with the concept flow, rather than read with a red marker for non-textbook physics. Excuse my typos and flawed terms, and enjoy what dot-connecting may occur! 2021.08.16