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Vector Inversion Autotransformer

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A vector inversion autotransformer is detailed in Appendix C of Streamer Chamber Development, 1967 SLAC Report No. 74., Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford Uni., Standford, California.

This device was built in a study to condition the pulse discharge of a Marx spark-gap generator, which was then feed to a plasma chamber to ignite a two-meter plasma streamer.

This device is ironless. It consists of copper foil (2-5 thousandths), with polyethylene or mylar, also rolled with toilet paper vacuum-impregnated with CuSO4 solution. The layers are wound on a Lucite(R) cylinder.


"The copper sulfate* has the important function of distributing the field smoothly at the edges of the copper winding so that breakdown through the insulating sheets does not occur. [...] * The resistivity of the copper sulfate solution should be of the order 104 ohm-cm."

Blumlein is also mentioned in Appendix C as sometimes the load of the autotransformer output.

Source SLAC Report:

F. Bulos, A. Odian, F. Villa, and D. Yount
June 1976
DOI: 10.2172/4271590
PDF: https://www.osti.gov/servlets/purl/4271590

Local copy

Streamer chamber development SLAC report no. 74, June 1976 4271590.pdf

An excerpt of three pages of Appendix C detailing construction