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What's it like to loose neurons?

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Do I have a memory issue?

What makes memories disappear from recollectability?

Do I have a memory issue or a recall issue?

As a young man bearing children, I had a compassion for finding and exploring wild caves in the local limestone bedrock.

Deep, deep into a cave I walked, and ducked under, and kept going. I recognized places, having explored this cave prior. Past those places I waded in the spring water flowing out the cave, little more than ankle deep, and crystal clear. Optically crystal clear.

Increasing determination was required. I struggled with the notion to stop going deeper, it was more difficult than I remembered, yet this exploration I had determined was to press to the limit this cave offered.

Walking on hands and knees in cold water by flashlight piercing utter blackness in only one direction where pointing is a character challenge. What seems like miles is likely a few hundred yards. Determination against common sense invested against cold and discomfort was transforming anxiety into a sense of adventure. I was aglow with assuredness, internally, that I have pressed deeply into cave narrows certainly virgin to human presence.

On the right I come to a mud formation beneath a limestone ledge, like a lump of clay, yet textured like a swollen stalagmite. Interesting. Coming closer to this first-ever human-discovery, the glow of the moment flickered when I saw writing in the mud. A name, and a date. 1977. Closer, crawling, and the name...

A moment of discovery was defeated flatly, but most surprisingly. Jarringly. The evidence I'm not the first shifted personal fulfillment into mild emotional shock when I read the dated signature. It was my name, dated about a decade prior.

"Don Mitchell 1977'