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Wilbert Smith's linear magnetic compression wave science in the Discloser's portfolio of weird

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Based on a communication to the Vortex People List

Maintained by William Beatty


A story from the paranoid future-discloser from 2006

Fig. 1. The magnetic-iron-oscillator hollow pyramidal capacitor-stack for inducing a Smith-like 'tensor beam.
This was created from a fellow troubled of mind with paranoia about sharing information. He was able to describe, though, this image.

My friend of a few years needed for me to understand a brain child of his. His understanding sourced from someplace mysterious, and didn't make a lot of sense in the big picture until years later.

The image of Fig. 1 resulted from our collaboration. This was an early and successful cooperation between myself and my autistic friend with a bent for high-weirdness in the natural physics of reality. Later in life my friend disclosed his mysterious life as a telepathic in June of 2013. It was his near-death disclosure. He's gone now.

Each component of Fig. 1 has significance in the creation of a scalar-wave, per se, on the axis of the conically hollow iron pyramids that function as magnetic plates and also as capacitor plates at resonant oscillation --simultaneously.  As explained by the savant, a quadrature pattern of corner-magnetization --and the reversal of radial-magnetization around the inside rim of the inner hole, would ripple the length of the pyramid, and repeat with each reverse-charging cycle of the pyramidal iron capacitor plates.  The small bismuth octagons are suspended in an iron sphere, and as a diamagnetic, the bismuth interacted in some fashion with the beam.  It seems as if the bismuth is a node in the sequence of resonance, by appearance.

Beam alignment of the bismuth is critical.

A logarithmic function of capacitance sets the variation of capacitance between each pyramidal iron plate.

The iron hemisphere encapsulating the dielectrically suspended bismuth octagon are also plates within the capacitive stack.

Do any within this singularly significant Vortex People List --what for the depth of the mind-pool here-- see a parallel of 1) Wilbert Smith's copper Caduceus winding on hollow ferrite sealed inside a brass tube with 2) a re-magnetization ripple suggested (using visual imagination) in the illustration of the pyramidal iron capacitor plate linked at the link above?

I'm collecting information and documenting as my bandwidth allows, about Wilbert Smith's tensor beam tech.

Anyone with information beyond what's available through Google on Smith and his devices and his explanations, I would be blushingly appreciative should you share. I will beg!


Warm regards Vortex People,