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Wilbert Smith Quotes

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MP3 Audio: Vancouver Lecture 1958 Images: Wilbert Brockhouse Smith 1952 Defense meeting PDFs: Discussing saucers On dealing with saucers

Rescued from the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20090324235350/http://presidentialufo.com/quotes.htm

Wilbert Smith Quotes


“It is my opinion that the people from outside are so much like us that they could mingle with us and we would be none the wiser.” (Milne letter 1957)

“My own contacts as yet have been entirely indirect, and I would like to meet these people face to face. Even though I have had most convincing demonstrations of their advanced technology and I am quite sure of their reality, I would still feel much happier if I could meet them.” (Fry letter 1956)

“Certain officials in my government are aware of my contact with these people and are willing to let me play it my way.” (Keyhoe letter 1955)

“We have been in touch with one group of the space people. They know of Alan (Dan Fry’s alien) but they are not directly associated with him. Apparently, the time for us is very short and there are several groups who have an interest in the outcome. Most of them are friendly, but there is at least one group that is bent on exploitation. These later have a base near North Bay.” (Gesner letter 1955)

“I also have had experience with these folks ability to project mental pictures etc. I have been shown quite a few of their machine elements. Television, cloth etc, as well as some of their manufacturing methods. I must say that in general they are much simpler, more direct and ever so much more efficient than ours. It all stems from a better knowledge of physics, which we just kid ourselves that we have and don’t. I am naturally itching to make up some of the things, but I am told to have patience, that the time is not yet right.” (Gesner letter 1955)


“Some time ago we tried radio contact with the saucer people on 19,940 kc, but without much luck. Apparently, they could hear us sweeping by their receiver setting, and we could hear a powerful station sweeping erratically across 19,940 but we couldn’t tune it in . . .I haven’t yet been able to check on 10.8 mc. But expect to do shortly. I am in change of all the monitoring services in Canada so it shouldn’t be too hard to get some of the boys to have a listen.”(Letter to David 1955)

“With regard to direct communication, I can only comment that we on earth do not call the tune; we only dance when they call it. I know of no way in which direct communication can be established from this end. If they want to talk to you they will arrange it.” (Castator letter 1956)

“I am afraid that you are assuming that I have a great deal more drag with the space people than I actually have. While they are quite frank with me up to a point I find that I can not get them to alter their plans one tiny bit. I have tried to coax them into making a landing in my presence, but with no success. They tell me “All in due time.” Although I have talked to them and they have shown me diagrams and pictures, we have never met face to face. I know what several of them look like and I think I would recognize them if we met, but they steadfastly refuse to be pushed.” (Gesner letter 1955)

“I think you might be a bit hasty in dismissing ‘telepathic’ communication with these people from elsewhere, since I know that the system they use does resemble telepathy to some extent, but it is actually electrical, even though they have cut out most of the intervening equipment such as microphones, earphones, vocal cords etc. I have generated this energy in the lab, but I am not smart enough to do anything with it. I only know that it exists, and the boys from topside admit that is what they use.” ( Letter to Bill 1959)

“There are several groups of people who have managed contacts with extraterrestrials, and I am trying to piece together the identity and purposes of these various groups.” (Innes letter 1955)

“I have never met any of these people from elsewhere face to face, although several of my friends have, and I have confidence in their veracity. I have communicated them by radio and by “tensor beam”, and indirectly through contacts, and I can honestly say that I am well acquainted with some of these people from outside as I am with people with whom I work at my office.” (Trench letter 1959)

“I do NOT agree with NICAP policy on contact stories. I have spent too many hours conversing with people from elsewhere to have any doubts about their reality are that they are what they claim to be. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have contact with these people have learned a great deal, and profited greatly by this knowledge, in those things that count, that we can take with us.” (Letter to Keyhoe 1958)

“Yes, we are in contact with AFFA, and others in his group. I have had many long and interesting exchanges with him, and have found him entirely consistent and way beyond me in mental powers.” (Adamski letter 1955)

Crashed Flying Saucers

“You may recall a report 8 months ago about a saucer crash landing in Heligoland, and taken by the Norwegians. AFFA says that it is one of his ships and it is possible that the British may eventually have gotten their hands on it. I think there are several of them in earth people’s hands, but I am afraid that they won’t learn much about them from inspection; about as much as a Hotentot would learn about one of our aircraft. One must got to kindergarten before one goes to college.” (Letter to David 1955)

“I cannot comment on the True September 52 article as I just don’t know. I do have knowledge from excellent sources that saucers HAVE crashed and fallen into the hands of earth people. I have handled some “hardware,” but all this is deeply buried in classification and may as well be in the fourth dimension for all the good it is in establishing the reality of the craft or the people who manipulate them.” (Letter to Bill 1959)

Evaluation of Evidence

They are a hundred feet or more in diameter; they can travel at speeds of several thousand miles per hour; they can reach altitudes well above these, which would support conventional aircraft or balloons; and ample power and force seem to be available for all required maneuvers. Taking these factors into account, it is difficult to reconcile this performance with the capabilities of our technology, and unless the technology of some terrestrial nation is much more advanced than is generally known, we are forced to the conclusion that the vehicles are probably extra-terrestrial, in spite of our prejudices to the contrary"

"From the weight of the evidence, I think they come from outer space, but I can't prove it. The best I have is data on which you can put a probability figure...look at it this way, if a stock promoter told you that there was a 60 per cent probability that a certain stock would go up, I don't think you would invest with him. But if the weatherman told you there was a 60 per cent probability that a hurricane was going to hit your area, I think you'd hurry up and bring in the lawn furniture. It's a question of viewpoint. You have to make up your own mind how significant you think the matter is."

Flying Saucer Observatory

"The deflection in the line (drawn by an electronically operated pen) was greater and more pronounced than we have seen even when a large aircraft has passed overhead. I ran outside to see what might be in the sky. The overcast was down to a thousand feet, so that whatever it was that caused the sharp variation was concealed behind the clouds. We must now ask ourselves what it could have been." (Detection made August 1954 two days before Project Magnet closed)

Station.jpg (139536 bytes)“For your information we are placing in operation an observation post near the DRB establishment at Shirleys Bay, for the purpose of getting measurements on the various reported factors, should we be fortunate to have one of the ‘objects’ pass near. The equipment will detect and measure simultaneously gamma radiation, radio noise, magnetic variations, and gravity variations. It will also trigger the ionospheric recorder and get a trace of anything that happens to be overhead. According to the past statistics we should be pretty sure of a sighting here within a year.” (letter to military liaison in Washington 1953)

“We closed down the saucer station because it had served its purpose and was contributing nothing that we did not already know or could find out from other sources. Also, it was the focus of public attention which we feel is undesirable at the present time. The instruments are still intact and available if we get any bright ideas.” (Gesner letter 1954)

Government Cover-up

In 1950 I was attending a rather slow moving broadcasting conference in Washington D.C., and having some time on my hands, I circulated around asking a few questions about flying saucers, which stirred up a hornet's nest. I found that the U.S. government had a highly classified project set up to study them, so I reasoned that with so much smoke maybe I should look for the fire. (Interview CJOH radio 1961.)

“You ask why there is no official story about the reality of the saucers. I think it is a combination of circumstances, the most important one being that it is not in the present sequence that we should be told.” (Trench letter 1959)

“For your information EVERY nation on this planet has been officially informed of the existence of the space crafts and their occupants from elsewhere, and as nations they must accept responsibility for any lack of action or any official position which they may take. There is nothing more to be done along these lines, and effort in this direction is wasted.” (Caswell letter 1959)

“I am informed that all governments have been informed officially of the existence and reality of the people from elsewhere, but there is no pressure to get governments to accept them; this being the responsibility of everyone.” (Popowich letter 1958)

“Fact is when certain government people came face to face with the reality of the space people, and realized there wasn’t anything they could do about it, they promptly closed their eyes and hoped the whole thing would go away! (Fry letter 1956)

“As you must realize, the implications of gravity control are so great that once it is demonstrated there will be those who will want it sealed up promptly. There will no doubt be U.S. Military people present at the demonstration on the off-chance that it will work, and they will be armed with all the legal papers to impound the whole thing, not only what is at Oklahoma City, but throughout the entire O.T.C. Enterprises.’ (Letter to Bob 1959)

“The only reason that those in authority have said nothing about it is that they simply don’t know what to do about it.” (Interview with Sudbury Star)

“You enquire if the story about Canada building a space ship is true, and I can honestly say that I know nothing about it, and I doubt very much if it is true. You see, I know probably more about the behaviour of field and various angles of attack than anyone else in the country, so I just can’t see them doing anything that I wasn’t in on. However, I do hope to be able to do something myself with private capitol in the near future, but that is far from settled. Canada did some work on a circular airfoil ship at the AVRO plant near Toronto, but abandoned the project last fall.” (letter to Gesner 1955)


In posting your representative with questions please be sure the questions you ask exactly what you want to know. If you ask, “Does the Air force have any saucer hardware?” you will get “No”, truthfully. The hardware is not held by the Air Force.” (Popowitch letter 1958)

Fitch: You say that you had to return it (a piece of hardware) - did you return it to the Air Force, Mr. Smith?

Smith: Not the Air Force. Much higher than that.

Fitch: The Central Intelligence Agency?

Smith: (Chuckles) I'm sorry, gentlemen, but I don't care to go beyond that point. I can say that it went into the hands of a highly classified group. You will have to solve that problem - their identity - for yourselves.

“ Various items of ‘hardware’ are known to exist, but they are usually promptly clapped into security and therefore are not available to the general public. Substances such as ‘angel hair’ and molten tin, etc. have been observed to drop from these craft, and have been gathered and analyzed. Strong magnetic disturbances have been observed in the vicinity of these craft. In fact, I would say that many more people have more evidence supporting the reality of the flying saucers than for the reality of atom bombs. But atom bombs bear the stamp of official disclosure.” (Article Sputniks, Saucers, and Spacecraft)

“You seem to be most interested in UFO ‘hardware.’ There is a great deal of this around, most of it in US official hands (NOT USAF!) hands but there is quite a bit in private hands as well.”

Project Magnet

“Unfortunately, the Canadian program is classified at the moment and I am therefore not in position to pass along to you much of the information which comes to hand. I can assure you however, that sightings in Canada are subject to pretty rigorous investigation, and it is hoped that the results may someday be made public. (Letter to Civilian Saucer Investigation 1952)

“As you may have heard the Government decided to drop further official investigation of the flying saucer phenomena, but I am carrying on with the work as a purely private project. There were a number of reasons behind this decision which I can’t go into, but they did not include lack of results.” (Myer letter 1954)

The project was official in that files were set up, and procedures established within the Government to handle the sightings reports. There was practically no money spent on the project and when the official report was being recommended that more financial effort be made, the government felt that such could not be justified in the face of the publicity which the project had suffered from. It was therefore dropped officially and reverted to an entirely private effort, which is in its present status.


“They (the military) collected much data, classified it, and buried it so effectively that no one else could get at it, and those that might have been able to sort the matter out found themselves deprived of the basic data and had to content themselves with the bits that escaped the clutches of the military.”

“I am still of two minds as to whether or not this knowledge should be released into the world today. Once the step is taken there can be no return, and we have before us the horrible example of Atomic Energy.” (To Fry 1961)

“I am very amused at your attempts to get my Project Magnet report. You will recall that I remarked last march that I didn’t think you had the proverbial snowball of prying it loose. No minister in his right mind is going to release ANY report which in an way might prove embarrassing or give rise to questions which he or his colleagues might find difficult to answer.” (Letter to Bill 1959)

“If you consider preparing any further publication on the saucer problem I shall do all I can within security limits to assist.” (Letter to Keyhoe 1952)

“Further to our discussion in Washington in December, I have given the matter considerable thought and feel that it would not be wise to discuss our activities with American scientists until we have had an opportunity to have them discussed thoroughly within an entirely Canadian group . . . I shall, however, bring with me to Washington some of the data and my draft report so that you can see at first hand what we have been doing. I am sure that you will agree it would be premature to discuss these matters with nationals of another country before we have had them cleared by our own people.” (Letter to Aurauld Wright, military liaison at the Canadian Embassy in Washington 1952)

Topside Messages

“There is a great deal more that I would like to publish but the boys topside say no, not at present. Apparently, the need of the moment is to appreciate the great truth of the relationship of man to his Universe; technical details and design data on space ships can come later when we are more civilized.” (Letter to Mrs. Campbell 1958)

Cosmic Law requires that each race work out its own destiny, provided that it does not menace others. We are the menace, therefore we must be “dealt with,” but the dealings will be Acts of God” and our own fanaglings, or so they will seem to us. The saucer people stand ready to teach us as soon as we are ready.” (Mr. Stewart 1955)