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Hexatron Ring Amplifier

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This is an early draft

Logic NAND gates are configured as a hexatronic proof-circuit. Each of three coil phases activated by logic outputs will step-phase the coils to logic ground. To be noted is that the NAND gate output serves to latch the gate with but a few milliamps, while pull-up resistors (not shown) would provide some expansion of the voltage and current that is step-phase grounded in ring-amp fashion. Note also that the inductive impulse harmonic period of the conductor is embedded in the feed-back that latches gates, and the impulse-period of the copper loops will set the operating frequency of the ring oscillation.

A complete design will be power-transistor totem outputs toggled from rail to rail by either of two inputs, connected similar to the gates.

The ring amplifier of the Hexatron project consists of three quantity of the same circuit as a power-totem rigged to reverse polarity to a hexatron phase coil, and signal the next phase's power-totem to reverse its direction of conduction. The copper conductor coils of the ring amp are alternately reversed in conduction direction very fastly.

Design goals are to switch the power-totem as fast as affordably possible, even much faster than the natural impulse resonance of the inductive elements. This affords injection of harmonics into the resonant envelope as a design feature of the power switching circuit.

The coil halves are sequentially energized

When coil-halves are connected in a hexatronic configuation, the first half of a coil energizes, followed by the 2nd half being energized by the activation of the first half. Each half is energized in sequence.

When both halves of one coil are fully activated, the 2nd half activation also is hard-wired to the next phase around the donut upon which all coils are wound upon together.

The signal-forward implements the circular ring oscillation that continues ad infinitum, or until the power is removed. This happens only when there is an odd number of phases (three in the Hexatron), such that the signal is continually inverted, and continues to invert ring amplifier sections forever. Even numbered phase groups will not oscillate, but latch up to a steady state with one circle around the ring.

Simplified components of hexatronic distribution of circuit elements of 2-input NAND gate ring oscillators

The hexatronic connection scheme taken in design to a dual-polarity oscillator (more than the NAND gate pull-down to ground) that activates sequentially across six-elements of 3-phases, simplifies to a power-transistor totem output that can source a connection to either rail, and a current-direction sense. The power-totem requires a high and low signal simultaneously, which is served by a direction-latch feeding a polarity-sense to the totem transistor gates. To drive the totem, a current sense detector monitors current on the conductor of the prior phase. The current sense sets the state of a direction-latch with high and low outputs (differential outputs).

The direction-latch of a prior phase conductor in the ring then sets the direction-latch of the subsequent phase-winding in the hexatronic activation sequence, six in all in sequence to start over in the opposite polarity ad infinitum while the power is on.

Operating frequency of the ring

A ring amp oscillates at a frequency that is the reciprocol of the sum of all the timing-delays of all components involved in a step-activation of the elements in a circular fashion, in one trip around the ring.

oscillation frequency = 1 / sum(all delays around the ring )

The major timing delay of the hexatronic configuration is the inductive harmonic impulse period of the conducting copper elements. The semiconductors will add a small contributing delay to the ring signal time, should such be needed to reach the operating mode needed.

Tweaking of the semiconductor timing contribution will inject variations in the ring signal toward tuning of the harmonic envelop during operation.

Amplification by recurrent durational similarity

As the ring is self-clocked by prior phases in a circle, all minor variations in oscillation timing become, over time (multiple oscillation cycles), a summation of all variations. Those minor variations that are periodic with the period of the ring frequency will be accumulated and amplified to the ring amplifier power-level. Other nonmutual periodic variations are averaged toward zero.

The randomized edge jitter inherent in the ring oscillator is akin to a running-average of those minor signals in the ring that are periodic with the ring frequency, and/or some integer harmonic of the ring frequency.

All signals within the near-field of the ring, such as the ambient background variations of Earth's magnetic field, are included in the small signals that can emerge at power-levels.

In the special circumstance where the ring frequency is harmonic with the mass-period of the Coulombic tension conjectured is that the quantum-realm timing will bridge (coherently) the quantum-noise of the superluminal quantum field of the zero-point energies (or vacuum energies, or what have you —think like aetheric energies containing the signal of cosmic mind).

To invoke a hexatronic resonance at the proper scale-resonance of the copper element forced into harmony (over-driven until at a bifurcation point), the scale of the copper resonators is fabricated to have a natural inductive impulse resonance placing the motional magnetic density wave orthogonal on the surface to the copper windings at a velocity to harmonize with the nucleosonic period of the conducting copper atoms.

PsīPhī —a knowing

Mind in proximity with the time-randomized pulse field of the Hexatron will enjoin to a homeostasis, or balance, when noisy drift frequencies of the ring amplifier pulse field are within the range of natural brain waves. Homeostatic entrainment, explained by Gerlator, occurs with electrical signals in his device. The Hexatron may also provide the same homeostasis with the quantum noise, which noise is also that signal one is already coupled into if one has a living mind (conjecture of test of the design by time dimple physics premise) in the randomized pulse field of the Hexatron device is a balance of mind with the lower registers of the drift-frequencies of the ring amplifier is suggested strongly by the work of Bruce Gerlator, who proved homeostasis occurs when a set of randomized frequencies near the natural frequencies of mind is applied via electrical current passed through the cranium (maximum of 450 microamperes; very slight), from earlobe to earlobe. Circa 2022 Bruce has totally disappeared from search engines, save his convention presentation at Exotic Technologies Conference 2000 posted by Tesla Tech in April 2022. Bruce's professional efforts established an experimental medical device that requires US Federal registration if experimentally used on humans... at least for any commercial setting by paid, liscensed professionals, or academic setting.

The Gerlator Neuro Focus device bathes a living mind in a randomized mix of frequencies, centered near natural brain wave frequencies, homeostasis occurs when mind enjoins with an artificial frequency profile generated electronically. The Hexatron device, conversely, does not bathe the living mind in an artifical algorithm of randomization, but rather, the Hexatron by design bathes the mind with an amplified version of ones own personal pulse-code of life... that amplified signal of source mind within the whiteness of quantum noise.

Behold! The signal of God is within —beneath the electron cloud!

Bear in mind, intrepid techno-shaman

Bruce Gerlator explained in the Exotic Conference 2000, that his Neuro Focus technology can form a homeostasis with areas of one's total neurological being which are uncomfortable and reminiscent of hurtful, even traumatic memories. Gerlator suggests that homeostatic-coupling into frequency domains of a living mind should avoid early exposure-sessions going into lower frequency domains, such as the theta range of brainwaves, until one's mind becomes more reconciled with an expanded perceptive envelope.  Take it slowly in the beginning. And try to avoid exposing any psychopathic or irrational friends to the experience.

As the Hexatronic randomized pulse field produces magnetic pulses, the exposure to neurons within a living brain occurs by the vehicle of magnetic excitement of individual neurons. This same excitement of neurons occurs with class 2 transcranial magnetic stimlulation (TMS) devices used by professionals for neurological reformation.

As Sir Dr. Roger Penrose speculates that brain does not compute mind, Occam's razor strongly suggests mind is sourced from outside a brain. Or more properly, in the alien-ish philosophy of time dimple physics, mind is sourced from within. Mind, as a pulse-code over time within the realm of the totality of quantum events. Source mind exists at the zero-point energy quantum field event level, within and a component of the quantum white noise, to extrapolate the obvious. Mind is a component of the quantum white noise.