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Hexatron Suspension

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MP4 Video file: File:Hexahedron suspension.mp4, made with free Sketchup by Developer.

Mechanical suspension

The suspension for the resonant coils on a donut of the hexatronic configuration is a hexahedron (cube) electrically insulating framework, hung by a corner.

Copper 3-phase torus knot array winding form (torus)

The illustration is a wooden 'wedgie' with 39 grooves that span a range of angles nearly ninety degrees. The wedgie is 1/8th of a whole donut, and is the smallest repeating unit to make a whole donut.
8-Qty wedgies combine to make one winding form for a 3-phase group of 13:8 smooth torus knots.

Smooth copper 3-phase torus knot group

Illustrating the copper coil geometry of the 3-phase torus knot array that fills the 39 grooves of the wedgie donut. Any windings around the perimeter among the 39 loops of the 3-phase array of copper can serve as electrical contact points for the six-wire 3-phase hexatronic connection scheme.