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Hexatron Wedgies

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The smallest repeating symmetry of a radial-slice of a donut hosting a 13:8 3-group of donut knots is 1/24th of the donut ring. (donut = torus)

When grooves to hold resonant conductors are machined into the 15 degree wedge, a precision 3-group of 13:8 torus knot-grooves are formed by the physical ratio of 39/24, which is 13/8.

There is no wrong way to assemble these 'golden geomagic wedgies.' The groove pattern simply repeats as a smooth (segmented) knot group when put together as a donut.

As the donut hole size is proportionately small to the overall donut size when the donut profile is golden, a substantial volume of the donut will be solid material. The solid interior region of the dielectric material of the wedgie can be removed if left with sufficient structural strength remaining. No mechanical stress is applied to the Hexatron coils when resonant. They just sit there in their hexagonal nest of power conductors, supporting their own weight.