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MOT Pinch Welder Project

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While MOT spot welders videos and DIY projects abound, this welder is made to weld together small wires.

The 'pinch' is the jaws of two conducting copper contact electrodes. The two pinch contacts are electrically insulated from each the other, but spring loaded to hold the two components for welding.

The jaws are seen as prehensile to any holding position, and delicate enough to pinch and hold two wires in place without mechanical stress on the wires being spot-welded.

Many fixture jigs may serve various purposes in welding an assembly of circuit sculptures like Mohit Bhoite's in Fig.1 and Fig.2.

Fig. 1. A circuit sculpture by Mohit Bhoite as VU meter.
Fig. 2. A circuit sculpture by Mohit Bhoite as flashing LEDs with a 555 timer chip.

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