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Notes on gravity

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US Patent 020190088375 Application

Local: File:USPTO APP US020190088375A.pdf

Physics Discussion Forum

See also: THE NUCLEAR ELECTROMAGNETIC SHAPING ACCELERATOR REACTOR (NESAR) Samuel Pierre Moss II https://www.fusionandgravity.com/

Physics Discussion Forum 

Newly Patented Device Currently Being Studied by DARPA May be Capable of Simultaneously Perpetuating Fusion and Gravity
Posted: 5:41 PM - Sep 14, 2020
DARPA has been researching my patented invention, the Nuclear Electromagnetic Shaping Accelerator Reactor (NESAR), for at least a year and is considering to fund the research to my fusion reactor that has the possible capability to create Simulated Enhanced Gravity (SEG). 

If you would like to take a look at the general concept of this new theory please visit the website https://www.fusionandgravity.com/. The home page has three separate files that are a general review of my device and theory: 

1) The fusion capability
2) The gravity capability
3) My patent application

Please feel free to let me know what you think, and if you think that the concept is interesting please share it with your friends.
Posted: 9:20 AM - Sep 15, 2020

Here's my 2-cents, or whatever fraction of that you feel it's worth. I've had a quick look, admittedly not thorough. From what I can see, you've made some interesting suggestions on underlying principles, but it's not clear to me whether you have any (preliminary?) demonstration of those principles. Even some reinterpretation of established results (with citations) in the context of those proposed principles might be especially helpful. And for the purposes of that website, I'd also suggest refraining from speculating on 'misguided motivations' of established physicists (that might be better suited for a forum such as this one). Good luck!