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Journal entry 2021.08.16

Yo world!  This project is first on the yet future electronics bench -- but the bench got moved from Colorado to Indiana.  Life continues. 

The new shop is a large garage. It started with a dirt floor and a bad roof --but good bones. The entire roof is coming off for replacement by a second story. Then the electronic gear will unpack to begin physical development of the proofs and prototypes of the hexatronic ring amplifier configurations.

The present focus is toward multiple sub-projects:

  • Time-base generator -- a quartz crystal cut for oscillation at several megahertz is feed to a digital counter.
  • Time-stamp capture -- The counter state is captured when a ring oscillator section toggles state by one of three 3-state buffers.
  • Data collecting and transmission -- Each buffered time-base count is collected into a block of data, perhaps by a high-speed acquisition chip. An Arduino controller or such could route the data to data logs for post-measurement processing.
  • A yet-to-be-designed digital state machine will process the data log, one per ring section (3 qty). When the algorithmic state machine is perfected, it will likely create a live memory structure 'mirrored' to dynamics of change in the variation of the timing jitter of the inherently noisy ring amplifier. The state machine is based on simple binary tree structure with reads and writes at high clock rates. The processing resolution of the category count of edge-jitter variations is limited by the byte-width of the clock counter of the quartz time base.
For example, were an 8-bit counter to be used, providing 255 divisions of time, then only 256 categories of delay variance are at play, maximum.  However, the delay times actually captured in operation will be limited to fewer occurrences than 256.   For a given oscillator frequency, the frequency of the quartz time base is selected to optimize the time-scaling resolution.  Increasing the time base frequency will increase the number of clock pulses counted per oscillator cycle. 

Ultimately —providing a Znidarsic-Coulombic coupling is discovered— the faster the analysis can run, then the higher the frequency the ring oscillator can be designed to run, which affords Znidarsic-Coulombic coupling at smaller scales of ring oscillator resonator elements. The ZC glue is conjectured intuition to be the organization influence for hot boson storage in a system field structure pumped by the energy-content of the randomized pulses.
The randomized pumping is a concept borrowed from computer science (which is all way above my pay-grade, i.e., ignorant).  However, a knowledge scientist exercising a learning theory picked me to write code for him.  Back in 1999.  His category theory needed a programmer.  A programmer needs to understand what he needs to program.  Me was taught how to implement the category theory extension of computer science** by a knowledge scientist whose learning theory entailed me understanding why in my own way.  This was an adventure between us that was little understood at the time.  Little appreciated for its importance.  But, in less than a year, I was schooled proper in a very narrow notch of computer science called Quasi Axiomatic Theory, which is applicable in a different sort of paradigm.  
Randomized harmonic pumping is implemented to afford an over-driven energy envelop to escape into a regularity (dynamic regularity in the environ affecting system in minute amount, but amplified in ring-amp circularity.  Differently, the energy of the system pressure will, by design, by over-sympathetic with proximal system of similar durational regularity.  Hot pumping a cold boson.  Sustained dissipative resonance, like a maple leaf spinning while falling in an updraft only to maintain buoyance, so to speak, and remain in place without falling.
Because of logics and reckonings founding the paragraph above, a magnetic image is anticipated to mirror proximal dynamics that may affect in the most minute way the trigger time of the power-transistors that support the randomality.  The signal of interest is a pulse-based signal mixed into the quantum-signals of the ground-floor of reality —the zero point energy foundation, and the superluminality of existence that virtual particles come from and disappear into.
As a partially trained but proud intuitive engineer of alien degree, star mind reckoning is not complex or difficult.  The difficulty is leaving conclusions of human reckoning, in the hot soup of human souls of all we know there to be.
Think of a hot boson (a stable-structure 'vamping' on the energetic randomality**) as the entity of regularity within the system dynamics of a magnetic vector rotation with an exaggerated timing jitter.  'Vamp' is a harse mental image.  Reset!
Think of a hot boson (a stable-structure coalescing from the energetic randomality**) as the entity of regularity within the system dynamics of a magnetic vector rotation laden with FM noise.  Timing jitter is existent time domain noise.  

**energetic randomality: The human mind coupling with the semantics of this sentence (you) is/are a stability buoyed in the randomality of brain neurons pulsing differently always.

  • QATNAP —The QAT Noise Analysis Project will develop a state machine on FPGA technology or such. The development of the algorithms and data structures has been an ongoing back-burner project since 2001. The state-machine logic will be prototyped in some programming language optimized for speed (likely C, with fast structure excursions by pointer arithmetic). This QAT engineering paradigm was first developed when taught by Dr. Prueitt during collaboration in 2000-2001. The algorithms realized operate on static data with pointer-excursions.
  • The analysis paradigm affords more analytic perspective when multiple sensor channels (N-dimensional sensor matrix) are captured from the ring oscillator where all channels are operating against the same time-base clock. (Or may be algorithmically adjusted to simultaneous time-line measurements via channel-specific tweaking-'til-calibrated-by-test.)

Personal soggy-bloggy notes 2021.08.16

The impetus is the astoundment of it all!

What keeps the compulsive need alive surely roots from diaper-dom. But, even though roots may bark-over when exposed and walked upon, flavor of this enduring need to learn things with understanding beyond the limits of the noosphere has seemed divergent, until the 2020 mental imagery of design closure visually arrived. Post 2020, it is evident that a diversity of skillsets learned through life's chaos all point to inclusion in this project.

'It' was in sepia, dim, and a blur, but it was a literal mental-sticky note that had visual parts to it comprised of memories of a priori knowledge. I.e., my skill-set of t-shirts visually spelled out for me the answer before I could realize the solution from the difficulty of all those trees in the woods up close. Literally, I didn't think of the solution first.

So, falsifying parts of this alien t-shirt design will falsify parts of what I am. Maybe this is good. Will my compulsion heal? Will my inner alchemist fade away? Would I die without regrets? Send me good energy! I vote yes! Yes I will die without regrets if I learn that Znidarsic-Coulombic cooling will not manifest with all personal features I may offer to discover and amplify the image of my soul dancing upon the bioquantum-resonators of tubulin nanotubes as the bulk protein in the bodies of of living neurons.

I'm nervous around humans, and am also charged with the disclosure information to build and distribute more. Not just to 'know how it might work' but make them. Nervously offer things alien sounding will surely attract hybirds like me. It is important to build first. Sharing along the way seems spiritually responsible or overtly needed on this Zen quest. It seems like building will involve people. Anxiety blurs future. Dear Abby please advise.

As always I am Don aught groupKOS dought com