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Semi-intelligent black nothingness

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There is nothing to fear but fear itself

Dear world, please contact me on any hunch, clue, conspiracy, reports, or, and especially, first hand knowledge.

Nixon said it...

...Let me be perfectly clear!
The black stuff is a hall-pass into the realm of tempic-mind.

That means, Wilbert Smith, government-sanctioned Canadian UFOlogist, who was tutored by humanoid alien engineers via mental-coupling through a 'tempic field' produced by Smith's mysterious (to modern physics) Tensor Coil, has provided a doorway to the grand hall of the sentient universe. The Living Universe.

"Not all stars are alive." —The beginning statement of the 2013 Disclosure, which only got more difficult to wrap ones head around over ten days that revealed within the disclosure a vision of my own self-made orb of lights — from 49 years prior, woven into the disclosure as the key of sentience enabling my human mind to wrap around alien physics delivered from the orbs of light.  And imagine my delight, awe, and wonder, as if you are, as if your mind is the sojourner of discovery of these cosmic secrets.  This wiki is here to afford such awe and wonder in your own life, exposed as a theme of your own life, perhaps not yet celebrated as a mission of your very soul.

Consider this before 'going to the other side'

Semi-intelligent black-stuff keeps the other-worldly experience of a human mind projecting (back feed) mental energy into the universal harmony of the living universe.

This black stuff manifests in energetic devices of sufficient energy/frequency to back-feed human pattern into the tempic-fabric of the universe.

Without said semi-intelligent black stuff in the mix when human mind is within a tempic resonance (amplified sentient signal of a living universe AND self same connection of our living soul.

I share this with all gravity and concern. Fear could keep humanity from crossing the threshold into an environment that can afford ascension above the animalisms of Earth existence.

"What's it like on the 'other side' [of normal when within the field influence of the giant artificial orb of light]?"

The remote viewer said, "Brilliant! Brilliant!"

Thank you for your open mind! Earth People and hybrids alike!

My curiosity and fool-hardiness has searched through my Earth stay for deep-minds, like savants, ephiphanic expansions of awareness, profound experiences, subtle clues accentuated by impossible to plan synchronicites, and other such cosmic events that make one pause with awe, pondering with an open mind. If you feel you may be a hybrid-mind, please do contact me via The Button.

I asked the hardware store manager a question that popped out without any premeditation.  He had befriended my inquisitive front into his military past in recent store visits.  Volunteering that he was retired military, and that he was an electrical engineer, that he managed the team that built the most extreme radar of the last millennium, which tracks incoming missiles as they appear on the horizon with a blinding flash of radar energy.

"Have you ever seen semi-intelligent black stuff in the radar equipment?"

The retired military engineer's head dropped.

"Oops!" was my first inward response. All I could do was nervously wait.

The manager stepped closer, head down, a hand up to his mouth, as if to whisper. His response shocked me. He quietly whispered...


This true story happened to your hybrid developer —Circa 2016 in Arizona, USA

Note to the passing hybrid bioquantum engineer

Please write!
Don aght groupKOS doght cφm

A special update by your hybrid Developer

Special** epigenesis —the ongoing sentience of the human specie

**'special' as in species

Q: How does a planet of humans 'reset' their special index, so to speak, to afford a more transcendent paradigm to proceed on nature's course aided by human minds in harmony with not so much each other? —but yet each in harmony with the same universal cosmic sentience of which we each and every one literally also are?

We are all star mind, biocosmically rooted into our neural corporeal biology, if I may, to avoid the precast of semantic connotation of things religious or mandated without reason. Our epigeneology farms-us-out in remaining continuation of a planetary mind-virus, as servants to a more evolved —but formerly present— evolved beings, the ancient gods in literal alien visitation. Our very mind-set as a specie, our special epigenetics, is our species responsibility.

Answer: We all tune to the same universe. For starts. Then again, nature is controlling the ascension of her precious human gene-pool. That IS why we are here, from a cosmic point of view.

The human specie needs to groom our epigenetic fur if ever we yearn realistically for fulfilment of a patched DNA set that harks to a missing evolved agent that also seeded the epigeneological society as we are, on a religions and on a concept of the actual hierarchy of group organizations.

Perhaps someday, ancient human DNA will be vitalized, and we are upgraded with a new, uniquely special human DNA that is what benefits our jungle-version DNA set contained, so to speak, by bringing our genetic engineering of augmented acuity of mind (Think ancient Persian sudden appearance of first advanced culture lasting an epoch.

Differently, we need to remove the virus of epigentic patterns that coalesce upon our human DNA patch-work. How? Lurk The Button

Xenophilosopher's definition of special epigenesis: those animalisms present that will not go away, perpetuating endlessly within the minds of individuals, passing through communications as a virus, mind to mind via our media, speech, and unavoidably, our propensity to organze socially toward structure built by an evolutionary psychology of hunter-gatherers with a manipulated DNA.  Such manipulation wss discovered by modern genetics as un-natural structures with human DNA (patched).  
     Usage: One might say that laws and religions precipitate from special epigenetics.
Were our gene-pool to have been genetically farmed out of the jungle, so to speak, by some other intelligent animal evolved way past humans, then our history portends that our present nature requires desire for a sub-dominant over-lord.