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Stan Deyo Anti-gravity Technology-SCRIPT

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Script from Stan Deyo Anti-gravity Technology

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0:11 and second spaniel you gotta okay we're live

2:45 thank you folks this is the first time I've given a lecture here in the United States and probably nine years a lot of

2:55 what you're going to see here today is a first-time release worldwide of technologies and secrets it is time and

3:04 so I am going to teach you some things here on this this board about the

3:11 cover-up that has been mentioned before is on the lectures about the alien cover-up and about some of our own human

3:18 based programs to make anti-gravity and various other technologies I don't want this to be a dull and boring lecture and

3:24 the opening montage you saw covers scenes from everything we're going to

3:30 try to squeeze into an hour if it goes over your head or you forget things don't worry they're recording it on a

3:36 DVD and I planned on this what we're presenting here is going to go far and wide not just here in Roswell it's the

3:43 beginning of an unveiling you saw the blue and red satin magicians cape we're

3:48 pulling the lid off of a number of things today I didn't even tell guy organizing this what exactly we were

3:56 going to do because I didn't want it to leak out anywhere in this country in the

4:04 early sorry the late parts of World War two about 1943 there were a number of

4:10 programs other than the Manhattan Project that were started to develop weapons to defeat Germany we knew at

4:17 that time that Germany was going to try to get an atomic bomb and certainly the

4:23 effort was thwarted but there were other projects dr. Edward Teller the kind of

4:29 alleged father of the hydrogen bomb project recruited myself and a number of

4:35 other people from the mid-50s forward until 1971 I was recruited in 71

4:41 a late comer to the program but back in those early days there was a real

4:47 problem with removing the blinders off of scientists to develop new weapons and

4:53 new defensive mechanisms as well so in 1943 the the men developing this project

5:02 tried to figure out a way to convince scientists at certain things like anti-gravity new types of weapons were

5:09 possible to remove the blinders so by 1952 they had already started but I'm

5:16 going to show you here but yeah this is

5:22 where whoops this is where it happened can you hear me okay it's just a mic on

5:29 here only for the video sorry folks all right I will project without popping my

5:36 Peas thank you all right

5:43 in 1947 Jesse Marcel was heavily ridiculed over the release of the

5:49 information that we had a flying saucer down I must tell you that they were Air

5:55 Force officers they were officers of the five-o ninth Bomb Wing and they these the guys that did the atomic bomb

6:01 testing they weren't stupid they knew the difference between a kite and pieces of metal and bodies and things that were

6:07 real it wasn't crash dummies it wasn't alfoil and scotch tape and balsa wood he

6:13 was duped into setting up for that photo there in Fort Worth now he took a lot of

6:19 flack his son defending today but this is where it started here at Roswell Army Airfield 1947 this has been found and is

6:29 now in the possession of the army army officers say that it's all found sometime last week has been infected at

6:35 Laos well New Mexico and sent the right field Ohio for further infection little

6:42 time warp sound effects there now you've all heard of Jesse Marcel but

6:48 you would not have heard of OOP sorry of Colonel Harrison there see if I can get

6:53 back to him Yeah right all right I've got a twitchy finger on this thing

7:00 here let me just get in there okay

7:07 Colonel Harrison died Lester well in 2003 now he lived in Fort Worth he was

7:14 an extra neighbor of an acquaintance of Holly mine and who works for Lockheed

7:19 Colonel Harrison was a co-pilot on the first atomic bomb test dropped in bikini

7:25 at Hall he received the Distinguished Flying Cross he was a lifelong friend as you

7:31 can see here of the from the wartime days till till he died of the McCain family Senator McCain and Admiral McCain

7:38 he also served as a special assistant to Admiral McCain at a very top level security position he's one of the guys

7:46 that was truly a secret keeper and he did it even from his son until the day

7:51 that he died as it turns out Colonel Harrison was outside the back of his

7:57 apartment slipped and fell and hurt his head to the point that it was a cerebral

8:03 hemorrhage they took him to the hospital and he lingered for a while and his son was in there with him just before his

8:09 dad died and he said dad I've got to know were the aliens real because this

8:15 guy was here at Roswell and a number of paper trails led to his plane his plane

8:21 ID for having ferried parts back to Fort Worth and over to write Pat and he

8:27 turned to his son he said all I will say is that they were real and he died a few

8:32 minutes later so you have another witness hearsay but one of the kind that

8:40 really counts because he was a very special fellow he flew the b-47s the

8:46 early Strategic Air Command and he also commanded to b-52 air wing under Curtis

8:52 LeMay in the SAC program after that Bible night there

8:57 the start of that and there's his Distinguished Flying Cross now this is

9:05 Raymond F Jones who's Raymond F Jones this island earth one of the two

9:12 probably classic Hollywood productions about alien invasions of Earth in the 50s the other being that Forbidden

9:19 Planet Raymond Jones wrote this in 74 other stories Raymond was a Mormon and

9:27 happy an avid imagination but he also ran in some very interesting circles and so after he had started and finished

9:36 this particular book which became the movie he wrote a short story called no

9:42 noise level for this magazine 1952 I came across the story in 1977 in this

9:52 reprint done in England I'm going to tell you a short precis of this story

9:58 because it's going to probably answer a number of things for you eventually in the story that Raymond wrote noise level

10:05 there's a meeting called in the Pentagon Chiefs of Staff Hall come to the meeting

10:10 and there's a president's representative there and there's this big table in the middle of the table Erza's plastic-wrapped

10:15 bunch of burned junk and it was sealed up airtight tight off anyway and the

10:23 president's aide tells the assembled scientists professors have been called in from all United States and the in the generals he said look I know you're not

10:30 going to believe what we're about to tell you but something extraordinary happened last week and we need your help to solve the mystery he said we have

10:38 some of it on film we were testing this young fellas device he's kind of a smart

10:44 aleck but we were testing it last week with him and here's the film we took and so they opened up the curtain the film

10:50 starts and you see this young kind of red haired freckled face scientists

10:56 looking smart alike you know really a bright genius type and he's got this little chest pack in a backpack a little

11:02 belt and he's standing in front of some of the generals they're in a football stadium he reached down he pushes the button and

11:07 he lifts up off the deck two or three feet just stands there in the air nobody says a word in the officer in the

11:13 Pentagon they're thanking Wow okay so he's been lifted up a bit then he pushes another button and he rotates sideways

11:20 and lifts up about 40 feet and takes off flies around the football field and comes back around for a low pass over

11:27 the generals everybody ducks and there's a puff of smoke quick explosion nose

11:32 dives into the deck and eyes a ball of flame the package on the table holds the

11:38 remains of the guys instrument what's left after the fire melted everything together he's a gentleman he died before

11:46 he told us how he did it this guy doesn't work for any government he's just an individual he doesn't have

11:52 any new university grants he's just an individual and he did this now you got to figure out how he did it we've got his apartment we've got his

11:59 library we've got his lab we've got everything you go and take his notes apart figure out how he did this Wow Wow

12:06 everybody runs over if you have big gaggle to this guy's apartment they look through his library he's got chemistry

12:11 here physics here philosophy ancient mysticism everything and he's got a

12:17 lathe robe and downstairs in the second floor area here and then he's got over here he's got biochemistry and all kinds

12:24 of stuff they said could one guy have read all of this they start looking through some of the volumes and there's

12:29 notes annotations in the margin where his other notes couldn't find him weeks

12:36 and months past as they puzzled over how he did it and groups all over the United States

12:41 for like Martin Marietta and some of the other larger corporations had scientists gather together trying to figure how did he do it one guy was out fishing one of

12:49 the scientists and he's throwing his line into the water and as it hit ripples went out and there was a

12:55 swirling vortex next to a rock and he saw how the splashing water moved some twigs that came together pulled in by

13:02 the vortex and stuck together he says I've got it I understand gravity now they went

13:09 running back and a month later they rang the guys to the Pentagon said we've done it it's 30 feet in diameter and it's

13:16 about a foot thick and it weighs 15 tons and it only moves off the floor an inch but we've got anti-gravity well the

13:24 Pentagon said get your notes get over it quick everybody is reassembled into the Pentagon to the same room they show the

13:31 film the tested all the other guys who weren't there and he Wow fantastic the guy that called the meeting said

13:36 gentlemen I want you to meet someone very special curtain opens and out comes

13:42 the redheaded scientist the dead one a nice of what is this they said well he's an actor he never existed as we told it

13:50 to you we had to remove the noise level from your mind to say that it is possible to get you to work on it now I

13:58 tell you this for a reason two streams of events have been following the UFO

14:06 circumstance the real alien or fallen ones strain Jane and the one where the

14:13 noise all has been removed in certain scientists minds to get them to develop this we have developed anti-gravity I

14:20 was recruited way after they got it to the first time because I came up with a method of powering a saucer craft using

14:27 an ionized air plasma which I'll explain to you later in that program under dr.

14:34 teller I was sent down to Australia and so I have been privy to things you would never see you would never ever see and

14:41 I'm going to show you some of those things as best I could today so that you'll understand that

14:47 mankind has on his own accord done some of this now before the alien card was

14:54 played or begun in 1947 it was kicked around in Washington that in addition to

15:04 removing the noise level after world war ii was over there was going to have to be some sort of a plan devised to stop

15:11 warfare we could not afford the human race could not afford another warfare with technology of the stage it was any

15:19 of you have brothers and sisters as children you can remember when you were in your room fighting at night probably

15:26 and your dad said stop or I'm coming in with the belt that he meant business

15:35 yeah probably until you heard the knock at the door and when the door ripped open and there was the eight-foot-wide

15:40 belt with meat cleavers on it and said I'm going to kill you you knew you were friends again you and your brother or

15:46 sister were friends hey Dad no problem we're that way Russian

15:52 Chinese American Canadian we are the fighting siblings All Humans majority of

15:59 us anyway to get us together long enough to try peace to get along in harmony it

16:06 was reasoned that they could not coerce us from any philosophical or political point they could not force us with a

16:13 dictatorship so they were going to fool us into thinking we were being invaded

16:19 without knowing that we had aliens at the time the best laid plans go astray

16:26 in 1947 there was a crash and there were alien beings on that crash even though I

16:31 wasn't there I'm convinced what I was shown inside the organization certainly

16:36 there were some technologies and probably still are some remaining that we were not able to back engineer but

16:43 some very interesting things did surface noise level I'm yeah we don't want that

16:59 now to help you understand gravity I'm doing

17:04 this for a reason they've been people that have talked about anti-gravity some magic thing in this kind of stuff and it's a very

17:11 simple thing in concept but I'm going to use graphics and some animations and some films of some of the tests we've

17:17 done to explain gravity to you so you understand then how anti-gravity can be

17:23 made and was made and will not be surprised when you see this upon you shortly out in the open

17:29 there is a real severe deception in the works not entirely mankind's doing

17:36 remember you tell you about noise level guy out fishing and seeing the vortex and the little spin and stuff what we

17:42 see here are just a simple water drop but I've put this up to show you how when the water drops it splashes out

17:49 makes a large radius first ring then smaller when smaller ones out like that and then the reflection of it splash

17:55 pops up a ball in the air like that okay big deal you've seen that now what

18:02 happens next is you will see if you take one splash it sets equally of almost

18:10 equally spaced crowns out like this these are inertial things formed by

18:15 water pressing on itself to make little bead 'lets out here like one single drop

18:20 would do this happens using a flat surface instead of a deep amount of water now for the astronomers in the

18:30 crowd what we see here is a splash which can represent the Sun then there's the

18:37 first orbit of some planet the second and third but if you're an astronomer you notice that those rings the radii of

18:43 them do not match our planets you think well this couldn't be explaining gravity and orbits of planets but it does

18:51 because in space you don't have an infinite pond where the ripples just go

18:57 out and don't come back space has mass and resistance it's like a very fine fluid that's so fine that atoms are made

19:04 up of a lot of it it's called ether space and James clerk Maxwell's day left or century before last and we have

19:11 return to that understanding of the way the world works when you take a bucket of paint thick

19:17 paint and you put your paint stirrer on your drill and you stick it down in and spin it around it will make circular

19:24 waves go out and hit the edge of the paint bucket and then come back to your spinning paint stirrer to little rod if

19:32 you spin it at the right speed for that can the way you will go out reflect back

19:37 in just in time to be in phase with the next spin wave coming out from your spinning rod this is called standing

19:43 waves or harmonics when that happens then the spacing of the Rings changes

19:53 and when it does you can have a planet

19:59 and a moon like the earth and the moon right there following this particular

20:06 orbit notice how there are bands of orbits we have those in our own solar system of the Jovian lighter density

20:11 planets like Jupiter and Saturn where they have a large mass hump like this

20:18 that would be out in this area here here down in our zone is a different set of

20:23 rings but they all follow what's called in a hyperbolic or an exponential curve

20:29 as far as their distance from the Sun like this it's a very nice curve but

20:34 it's the sum of two things two waves the Sun is spinning at high speed and it

20:39 spins out a bunch of rings they reflect from space itself because it's spinning so fast the Sun is and the

20:47 waves reflect back and where they cross and add together forms in orbit and a

20:53 planet has to orbit in one of those or it breaks up like the asteroid belt used to be a planet but now it's broken up

21:00 and pieces of it are on the surface of Mars a lot of red dust and a six hundred mile diameter chunk of that to either a

21:06 moon or the planet itself in that orbit is broken up on the surface of Mars near the cydonia area where people think

21:12 there's a face and that's a forest gravity can be determined with a

21:19 telescope looking at distant star systems how can you see gravity because

21:24 scientists astronomers have found that as a star spins its originally spherical

21:30 but as it spins it starts to flatten at the poles this is called oblate inist it's not

21:36 totally around its oblate flattening when that happens they measure the number of degrees of off true circle

21:42 that is they say ah its gravitational constant is such-and-such because it is

21:47 so flattened the more it flattens the higher the gravitational constant what they're telling you is is gravity has to

21:55 have spin around some center or you don't have gravity so you say well why is that it's because gravity is not a

22:02 one-way force it's the result of two forces acting you spin out diverging

22:10 waves they reflect back converging and where they cross partially or entirely

22:17 the directions either cancel entirely or more in favor of this way or that way

22:24 in essence gravity will reverse in orbits and not all be pointed at the Sun

22:30 in between orbits there are null zones there are zones where the the force is net more that way out away from the

22:37 solar system then toward the center on the earth if you were to drill a hole all the way down to the center and drop

22:42 a rock you wouldn't go to the center of the earth it would go down a fixed distance and bounce back up up to the

22:51 surface but probably a hundred fifty 200 miles below and find its equilibrium

22:56 point there are layers or shells of inertia that form gravity spin I lost

23:05 everybody now I don't have stock in coca-cola but I sure use them a lot this is this is

23:13 the top you'll see this in action a minute this is a top of a 2-liter bottle

23:18 of coca-cola I've developed a process of generating planets and stars with sound

23:24 waves on the surface of coca-cola bottle with coconut of course Dr Pepper works

23:30 as well so you're listening Dr Pepper what you'll notice there is a depression

23:36 that was a strong hint woman what you'll notice here is a depression on the

23:42 surface of this liquid now in school you're taught this is a surface tension that holds that little beat up if you've

23:49 watched rain fall down in a puddle closely you'll see that splashes will hit a puddle and little tiny bubbles or

23:56 spheres will dart around very quickly on the surface and then be absorbed and disappear they tell you well that's

24:02 because momentarily the surface tension of the puddle kept that raindrop from

24:08 actually falling through the surface that's not exactly correct as I showed you earlier with the drops splashes when

24:16 a drop is formed up like that and spins like that in the air it is spinning it

24:22 is convecting like a mushroom cloud around an atom bomb you don't see it

24:28 here but that that little drop of coca-cola there is spinning like that at high speed but if you do nothing except

24:35 generate that I've been stand back from the coke bottle about 15 20 seconds

24:41 later it will just reabsorb into the surface pop and disappear but if you add

24:46 sound to it which we'll show you in a minute you can keep reinforcing that spin and have it there indefinitely as a planet

24:53 or a star or just a bubble on the coke bottle whatever you want to call it but this is showing the same effect

24:58 Einstein's equations predicted about the warping of the time-space fabric that's

25:04 the best way they could describe it but you are seeing here you're actually seeing instead of an equation you're seeing it what I'm saying all right now

25:14 I'll pause on this for about 10 seconds

25:19 okay this this equation here is the one I use to generate what you're going to see in a minute there's a yellow a green

25:26 and a red equation and these are the constants I plugged into those to show

25:32 you how the divergent wave and the convergent wave add together to give you the yellow thing now put this up

25:38 primarily for the people going to see this DVD elsewhere who are of that bent to show that this is the first

25:43 approximation of the equation definitely not the equation for our solar system but close okay all right

25:58 now this is something that I will play

26:03 again for you here is one waveform that big hump that we saw at the beginning

26:09 and another one just like it moving in in our solar system like all stellar

26:14 systems the center of the Sun is not one place they're separated by a number of

26:20 miles it's called an elliptical orbit near two centers to the orbit and so the Sun actually rotates around two points

26:28 like a parabola when you get them real close together like the are these waves start to add together

26:33 I got a cheat here for a minute where is

26:40 my okay let's try this and see what happens here okay you see how they added

26:48 together and form that big hump I'll do that one more time the two waves add to

26:54 form a taller hump than the first one okay this is wave addition now here are

27:01 those equations in moving form the bottom ones are the two reference ones

27:07 of the divergent convergent and the one in the middle are the one of the top the other one is the resulting orbits which

27:12 can be vastly different than a normal series progression or exponent or

27:18 hyperbolic curve let me just do this again look at this see these ring these

27:26 ripples here now here is one that's only about nine tenths separated from that by

27:35 its it's frequency and this would be the Sun in the center and these would be orbits of planets well now here you see

27:41 two humps they're not quite aligned and two more they're not quite aligned but when you add them together an orbit

27:47 almost disappears and why is this important as our star starts to slow

27:54 down which all stars do as they die the rings around them where planets can

28:00 orbit change and orbits get canceled and it's like hey you can't park there anymore and that's why we think Venus

28:06 only one of our planets that doesn't have what's called a magnetosphere of plasma sphere and it rotates backwards

28:11 to everybody else we think Venus either came in from an outer orbit or out of

28:17 the solar system and as an interloper in a temporary orbit okay

28:33 okay this is going to annoy you for a minute this is sound waves around 110

28:39 cycles somewhere in that range all varies as I'm doing what I'm doing I'm going to show you how we have the bubble

28:47 formed and then at the very end that there's going to be a very quick flash you will see two large spheres on the

28:52 coke surface and a little tiny one coming in and then suddenly bouncing away like crazy this doesn't happen

28:57 because of surface tension this happens because their spins are opposite the little guy has got a spin

29:02 that goes out like this the big guy has when it becomes the other direction and so when they get close to each other

29:09 they bounce off not magic not electrostatics but just pure movement

29:26 notice in this that would be the Sun and this would be a planet what is happening is the speaker I've gotten the table

29:32 you'll see that in a second is it moves down the shot the speaker is generating a wave in the side of the bottle that is

29:38 reinforcing this one here and keeping it alive it is feeding it inertia waves

29:44 like planets get fed

30:00 and this is generating one of those balls it will pop up here in the lower right corner

30:14 okay there's no magic to gravity it is

30:20 motion in a fluid space it is spin around the center or two centers as a case may be if you apply that to a

30:32 saucer craft you're going to see the

30:39 following things first of all a single anti-gravity craft I'll get to the details of how that works in a minute

30:45 but the craft itself has to have spin in its field even a plasma craft which is

30:51 charged air at high temperature which moves through a magnetic field forms a spinning tornado with the center of it

30:56 right down the middle of the craft that was the early days and up and out over the surface wing and back into form a

31:02 convecting smoke ring when it does that it's just like when you run your hand through the tub like this or down a

31:08 stream as you move this way in opposition to the movement of your hand there's an T curl going the opposite

31:14 direction to conserve momentum the energy you're putting in the water spins behind you turbulent wake and a boat or whatever

31:21 now the little green circles are going to see here are an example of a craft generating secondary spin vortices

31:29 around it in air space water wherever its operating craft in the middle light

31:39 thing the counter spin vortices outside they won't touch each other because they're going in opposite directions between them look at that again notice

31:48 that these arrows are opposite directions if they were to get too close they push themselves apart like those two drops you saw on the surface that

31:55 coca-cola boy codes can hold me a favor okay now if they got too close to each

32:03 other even as a craft for other than secondary Eddie's watch what happens oops both of those circles were spinning

32:10 in the same direction but they'll bounce apart look at that again

32:16 both spinning in the same direction but in between them no however there's a trick to this the

32:26 gap theory nothing to do with Genesis but anyway okay if you space them correctly they

32:34 will actually lock together with a common shared vortex in between them like that watch that again now it's

32:44 fairly unstable with just two of them like this is a pin to kind of orbit okay

32:54 now if I let them freewheel in space two ships we're using that this is what

33:01 they'll do they'll spin around and you have a hard time controlling them so we

33:08 go to a stable form which is three and more in triangular additions okay they

33:21 will lock together they won't go any closer like a flock of birds they will lock together like that in those formations now you've seen reports or

33:34 films or you know movies even showing UFOs gathering like this and locking the

33:40 other like a flock of birds even in the 50s over the White House this is why they did that because it is efficient

33:47 and as they get together in triangular pieces and make bigger and bigger formations it is easier of them conserve

33:54 energy to communicate with each other because the fields between them the vibrating fields are mechanical and you

34:00 can talk between the ships without going to radio just by using the vibration in the field you can actually shout if you

34:05 wanted to it wouldn't be as efficient but it's modulating with just voice level audio when these craft get

34:14 together like that if you wanted to you could you could stretch up well a blimp

34:20 fake flying saucer of any shape you want over the top of it under the bottom of it and snap the edges shut and the guy

34:27 on the ground is going to say wow look at that 450 footlong UFO but if you take

34:32 the cover off it's you know 10 12 15 of these guys all hooked together now modern physicist when approached

34:40 with the problem of supporting a craft in the air for 10 minutes or more in one spot why here I've debated some of the heads

34:47 of theoretical physics and universities and I've managed to frustrate every one of them they say what got 10 minutes the

34:54 amount of fuel you need I mean look at the Space Shuttle for cranly you you couldn't sit right there for 10 minutes you couldn't carry enough fuel on board

35:00 I'll say well hmm you got a blackboard see this little

35:05 basket here and these little wires and stuff and this is hot-air balloon over the top of it here you see where I'm going with this thing see this guy's

35:10 been here three hours sitting here with a hot-air balloon well that's different that's different that's a specific gravity it has nothing to do with this

35:18 as well now why does that balloon float because the hydrogen gas in it is less dense but more energetic field per

35:24 particle yeah okay so in other words if I could magically generate a field in

35:30 and around a craft using normal air or something else that was just like

35:37 hydrogen but contained then I could float that thing there because it's not the Energy's not going where it's contained in the field I had one guy get

35:45 some many big G's chalk off his s and threw it at me and stomped out the door but but it's there that's the truth now

35:53 so when you see a large ship if you do I mean a large ship like half a mile

36:00 diameter or something and you have an engineer tell you it can't be real if it

36:06 is it's not from around here because you know half a mile long lever arm on a

36:11 wing or a Porsche but if that thing moved up and down like that it a rip thing apart just from you know the lever

36:17 action on the joints what they haven't considered a very simple point what I

36:23 showed you there with those the the saucer is gathering together to make a bigger crap each one of them still has

36:29 its own local gravity and the stretch would only be 30 40 50 feet and we do

36:35 more than that on a standard of airliner wing so when you have gravitational

36:40 posts all through this immense structure and it's all linked together and the command pilots link them all together

36:47 and firing the system everything accelerates uniformly there's no big drama there's no heavy torque on the

36:53 joints it is possible and within the realm of modern physics it's just that you didn't see how Houdini did it and

37:00 that's what we're playing with some will be real and some will be a Trojan horse I'm sure and this is what you would

37:07 probably see

37:24 that was neat god I have won his Will Smith's head I think was it in fourth of

37:30 July I've got to get me one of these yeah in Batman did he okay

37:43 in 19 well in the late 50s in Strategic Air Command there was a friend of mine

37:50 who was a colonel he became a friend of mine later colonel in the Air Force and

37:55 he was a commander of a sac aircraft bomber aircraft and current ice had a

38:00 navigator on board that he knew quite well younger fellow obviously captain I think and one day the captain came to me

38:07 says I currently says look I'm going to give you a sealed envelope here and I want you to hold it for me I've got a duplicate that I have at home and I

38:14 filed another one that's in the mail that's coming to me certified mail but I want you to keep a copy until I tell you otherwise and George said well what's in it and he

38:22 said well I did something at home the other night and experiment I've been playing with it is absolutely astounding

38:29 I'm going to tell you this and the drawings and the plans for it are in this envelope and it's real and he said

38:35 I I went into the garage I was setting this up and I had some chipboard

38:40 compressed board recall it here you know particle board yeah look I was in

38:45 Astraeus alone I get my terms confused I do apologize so you'll have to give me credit for that anyway and he said I put

38:52 three levels like a cake of particle board together and I put some washers

38:58 and coils on it and some rods which we're going to look at here and he said I hooked it up to the the signal

39:05 generator it said here the frequency and I fired it up and nothing happened I

39:10 thought surely I would see some magnetic effects from it and he said all of a sudden it started to lift up off the

39:17 workbench yes slowly lifting up and he said I was amazed and I Wow what if I

39:23 got here you know and start to lift up a little bit further Wow look at the air is kind of mottled gray and kind of yeah

39:30 Wow oh let's take my hand and I want to feel hurt hmm I'll grab this broomstick

39:35 it's not conductive it feels like jello you're going through wow it's a field well I'll just turn it

39:42 off we'll do that again he reaches over here to these knife clips he's got for the power supply and pulls it back like

39:47 this and it goes there big art double arc jumps over and gaps the air and

39:53 keeps on running the spark in the air without this thing he says oh dear can't can't shut it off and he said hmm well

40:02 and he take this broom handle back like that and hits this gray area under the the floating thing well then it all

40:09 stopped but it was a huge electrical discharge down the pole up into the

40:15 mains blew the power transform on the block and well power company came out the next day

40:20 darndest thing he said I don't know what has happened sitting out here watching TV and it just you know but he had

40:30 anti-gravity so he gave this to George and George told me about it years later said George where is that envelope this

40:36 is before I left to work with tellers group so my mom and dad moved to Florida I think it's in my boxes err I said

40:43 won't you ever open it he's not so what happened to the navigator soon oh yeah

40:48 come to think of it a few weeks after that he was transferred out I never saw him again I thought small wonder alright so I

40:56 follow that away then few Oh probably a few months later I was recruited by tellers group and I got to see why what

41:05 the Navigator did worked now

41:11 up there at the top left is how he found one set of washer and rod

41:20 and then he put them into this on particle board 15 degree spacing as we

41:31 twisted the various layers apart

41:38 and when I was later into the real guys this is the application of one of his

41:46 coils and rods and that's the inside of a 30 foot diameter human made

41:52 anti-gravity craft it's as simple as that what I don't have here are some things that I will probably not show

42:00 publicly for safety reasons but I'll explain that in the real craft this coil

42:10 here and this one come up over an archway here so it's not the block the what's called the breather of the washer

42:16 this is a hollow square section move metal inductor core this is like one of

42:23 those washers he had on his particle board see how wraps around one washer there's a little gap in it now for the

42:29 coil going up the rod in the center we have this one here and this one here what he did was he used pulsed direct

42:38 current to generate a spinning vortex right here in the fabric of space if you

42:44 wish into the ether space I'm going to show you how that works in the next animation but this I promise you is a 30

42:52 foot diameter craft drive coil it produces a number of very interesting effects on the crew and the surrounding

42:58 area by altering time it's not a time machine it just simply means that for

43:03 people inside the field at various positions from the center and out time passes at a different rate while I'm on

43:10 that subject very quickly if you watch a hummingbird watch a bee you will see

43:17 that they move a lot quicker than you can predict where they're going or try to catch one or a fly these things

43:23 operate at a higher operative neural rate than you and I do yet they do function they are simply looking at us

43:29 as slow sluggish moving things and they are just living five to ten times faster

43:35 than us with these crafts when the energy is pumped into this and into the

43:43 superstructure and into the crew all their atoms all their molecules get

43:48 extra energy and they become like the hydrogen in a higher or hydrogen balloon type

43:54 thing they become inertially lighter but yet they are moving faster so when they

44:00 go to do one of these miraculous right-angle turns at ten thousand miles an hour that are impossible they have

44:05 not violated the rules of physics at all what they have done is they've said attention crow we're going to turn a

44:12 corner about ten thousand miles an hour here prepare and somebody in the crew says okay you got the card gee okay oh

44:18 good something to drink get up a table and they're now going to turn the corner and it takes them five minutes let's say

44:24 to turn that corner but you own the outside see that's impossible it would rip apart but it's not because

44:31 everything in here is at a different energy density like that hummingbird and they are being uniformly accelerated and

44:37 as they go around that corner they're looking out the window we will sometimes under saying look everybody's in slow

44:43 motion and they lose ten minutes of their life relative to you nor the game

44:50 sorry the game that no words say the age at ten minutes while you were only aging a fraction of a second it's like when

44:56 you were at the fairgrounds the show grounds it's a kid they used to have this big cylinder that you'd stand on

45:02 and have floor and it starts to spin then all of a sudden a floor dropout and somebody across you you know you'd all stick to the edge of it and spin

45:08 sideways stuck on the side of and somebody usually you know wet their pants or something get really excited because there's no floor under them but

45:16 what it is is the centrifuge effect is holding you up now if you extrapolate

45:21 that to a ball instead of a cylinder and you have a ball with oil in it and another ball inside that and you're

45:28 inside that ball and somebody push off a 50-story building I wouldn't try it but

45:33 anyway hypothetically what would happen is your double spheres with oil would hit the ground bounce you being inside

45:41 that ball and lopsided because you're not your weights not uniformly distribute would cause the inner ball to

45:46 spin and what would happen is the big ball and outside would come to arrest and somebody's parking out or something

45:52 down there and people would listen a deer going on inside and after a few

45:58 minutes you in the inside spinning ball like at the fairground would come to a

46:04 stop and what you have done is you've stretched out the period of time that

46:09 you normally would take the crash into the dirt and kill yourself over several minutes and that doesn't cause

46:15 structural fatigue when I was at the academy here at the Air Force Academy we used to describe a crash of an aircraft

46:22 as a landing which the vertical component was reduced to zero in such a short period of time is to cause

46:27 structural fatigue that wouldn't happen in this kind of a situation these things

46:37 are not only possible they're being done they've been done behind your back for very good reasons which will certainly

46:45 address before we get through here today

46:55 now do any of you ever recall in the late 50s early 60s it wasn't you know

47:04 crass but on it wasn't on a science fiction writer not a science picture a UFO investigator back then mentioning

47:10 the the guy that knew the secret the military guy named Lorenzo that knew the secret about the flying saucers do you remember that probably not well anyway

47:19 it was a rumor in the UFO community back then that there was some guy that had the secret to antigravity that knew it

47:25 and he was in control of all this for the military and his name was Lorenzo probably a captain or something they

47:31 weren't sure it wasn't a mr. Lorenzo it

47:37 was what is called a Lorentz hell orient easy Oh what you just saw up here makes

47:45 what is called a Lorentz oh the secret

47:50 to the antigravity problem our situation is the Lorentz Oh named after mathematician Lorentz it tells what

47:59 happens when you have electricity going this way in a conductor at the same time

48:04 you have electricity going around it to make like this in a different direction

48:11 in between them a force appears where there in air water whatever is called

48:16 the Lorentz force and it tries to get these two conductors to line up if you

48:22 don't let them then the stress has to be transferred to the medium you're in

48:27 anti-gravity now this device here I am built to show people we're going to see

48:34 that little thing over here on the Left animate and I'm going to show you a long

48:40 quartz tube and inside it will be a copper pipe a thin pipe of copper lining

48:47 the inside of this tube and then I'm going to put a nail and a cork right down the middle of it I'm going to take

48:52 electricity from a electric arc welder 1200 watts at about 60 volts and I'm

48:59 going to shove that down through that nail through some salt water which is

49:05 just tap water with a bit of salt couple tablespoons of salt and some hydrochloric acid to make it conductive it's going to go

49:11 through that water into this copper sheath which is then connected to the other end of the copper tube back to the

49:18 electric arc welder you'll see all this I'm telling you beforehand so that you can just contemplate what you're seeing

49:25 what you're going to see at the end of all this is that scene right there where I have a copper tube with all this and

49:33 the glass tube with all this water in it sitting right down inside a two speaker magnets you know the back of your

49:38 speakers around donut magnets they have a north-south field running like this which is the same as one of those washer

49:45 coils that I was showing you before and when I do that and I just do nothing but

49:50 hit the power switch and electricity starts to flow down from that nail you see there the top down to the copper

49:56 you're going to see spin and that's the beginning of the vortex tornado the

50:02 lorentz oh and you can use that to make plasma craft and anti-gravity craft you

50:07 can also use it in water at lower temperatures to make very fast boats

50:18 that's when I was a little bit younger well maybe a lot there's your um well

50:27 that might be brass I can't tell from the color was brass or copper just a conductor quartz too because this gets

50:32 very hot very quickly glove obviously to keep from burning myself again

50:38 there's your ring magnets there's the jar of water from the tap still wires better than you put a couple

50:44 of tablespoons of salt and about a half an ounce of hydrochloric or something in it that's the company that made the

50:52 electric arc welder that's a hundred amp diode down there which turns the alternating current into one direction

50:59 direct current there's the magic nail that goes down through the cork I forget

51:05 what we made that out of but it was something that didn't melt easing and here you go

51:15 no moving parts except the bubbles that form from the heat showing where the ions are traveling following the the

51:22 vortex field setup and this occurs down the center of any of those craft

51:37 the next time you're sitting next to somebody blowing smoke rings witness a

51:42 miracle the smoke ring can do some marvelous things if you stand here in

51:50 this room and put up say an elephant ear plant back there you know those big green ears floating like that or a

51:56 candle a lit candle any went as hard as you could huff and puff you could not

52:01 blow out the candle or move the big elephant here back here the plant yet if

52:07 you take a device it makes a smoke ring and you use the same amount of it as you probably less and you aim it back there

52:13 you go like that that little ring of energy the same amount that you would have blown out and lost into oblivion

52:20 out here save them out in a tight little package goes right over there and blows out a candle or moves that target

52:26 elephant ear like that now in this test here I've used slow speed some of it

52:32 I've done some time-lapse some slo-mo camera stuff but watch as you see there

52:38 there's a smoke ring on the right and but behind it from the inside is a long cylinder of smoke these craft that we're

52:45 talking about this technology and a number of other technologies that they use including plasma beams all rely on

52:52 what you're going to see here this is a wrinkled smoke ring is not a series of

52:59 spinning you know things around this point here it is a wrinkled like you were put in a carpet by doing that

53:06 making a wave go through the carpet except it's in three dimensions and wrapped around so as a result when a smoke removes through the clear air it

53:13 absorbs clear air on the periphery of it in a layer that goes in in into the

53:18 inside and then does a reversal like yin and yang and comes out pushing smoke

53:24 ahead of it and so a shell of smoke a shell of smoke a pipe comes out the back

53:29 these things here are a rough approximation of what makes an atom or

53:35 an electron they are not particles they are waves in a medium all right

53:51 I have made them bounce off each other like particles shooting them rapidly so that they hit and bounce bounce off of

53:57 tables and still keep their shape these are why scientists think that light acts

54:03 like a particle like a wave and so physicists said well let's call it a way vehicle it's because it has periodic

54:09 motion yet it defines a very tight field like a particle would this is a device

54:16 that I used to do the rest of what you're going to see here it's a plastic

54:21 pipe plexiglass pipe and I've just made it so it'll make smoke rings with a

54:26 piece of shower cap stuck on the back is a rubber membrane and I pull it and pop

54:32 it loose and I get 70 to 90 miles an hour out of the little doughnut same thing you can do you're going to see

54:38 here in a bright section where I have a smoke cloud an oil an oil vapor cloud

54:45 and I shoot a clear air toroid through it and you will see a perfect black subtle perfect circle go through it this

54:54 is why when ufos go through clouds or various other things you see nothing they open it up like a the mitral valve

55:00 and a heart i go like that and they just cut a hole and close it right behind them they don't make any

55:05 swish any wake nothing no sound wave no sound barrier that's because of what

55:11 you're seeing here

55:19 now watch closely it's subtle you see it didn't see my hand move did you right in

55:26 the center down the bottom here you go you see see now I've slowed it up so you

55:31 can see how I've reversed it back and forth watch how it acts like a valve okay a couple more just to show you it

55:40 doesn't really do a lot of damage in fact when I fired these things across a room like that I've had candles 30 feet

55:46 away over in this side here because candle flame is very sensitive you know to motion and I'll have the candle flame

55:51 over there and shoot that way and as the donut passes like this the candle flame goes and bowels toward the doughnut

55:59 passing the shockwave is there but the energy stays in the center a very very efficient thing I hear is that mitral

56:05 valve thing I was talking about clear when going through like that see how it

56:11 cuts a perfect hole if you have a ship like that it does that what gravity does it with clouds it does it with water

56:22 fascinating in them so what do we do in the evenings at home

56:28 tell you what my wife is going to kill me if I keep playing with that coke bottle because sometimes they're on the computer I'll take a ruler I'll snap it

56:35 like that make these little beads for my thumb thumb if you do it another time I'm going to shoot you true in Natali

56:44 all right now I took some notes at one of the meetings because we weren't allowed to film record anything and one

56:51 of my briefings all right in one of my

56:56 briefings in the project here and what you're going to see is a page of my notes here which show what I was I was

57:04 drawing what I was being shown with the top off of the 30 foot diameter craft

57:09 and with one of the sections removed so I could see inside the inductor and this is a what I put down on paper that day

57:19 you can see the the our chugs Tony bud is there it's exaggerated bits a little

57:25 thinner of the core section here with the the main ring toroid this one here

57:32 with the like a Faraday cage what exactly that but that's what it's for this also held the superstructure onto

57:38 the top of the craft and there you can see some more of it there

57:46 I had correspondence and talked with a man named Townsend Brown and also got

57:53 ahold of his lab film from the bouncing corporation 1958 I have one of the only two copies in existence and I discussed

58:01 the Philadelphia Experiment a number of other things with dr. Brown when he was in Catalina Island California for he

58:07 died Townsend filmed here was at the

58:13 bouncing corporation in Salem and at that time he was trying to generate

58:19 antigravity using the biofuel Brown defect he had failed to understand that

58:25 you have to recirculate your wake like a smoke ring so he was trying to do brute force as many of them are still trying

58:31 to do but with a smoke ring and with charged particles if I push out this way

58:37 and wake if my pushing comes around behind me into my intakes and adds to my

58:42 energy I use a lot less energy to go forward in fact it's like going I reckon

58:49 it's like going into a saloon bar in the Wild West break your boots and your guns

58:54 you come up to the saloon door it's packed I'm here and you shove the door up you're going to get a little resistance but if you come up to the

59:02 thing and you open the door respect this way oh excuse me fellows could I just move in here no resistance in essence

59:08 and you get in so what you do should make a place for yourself in the air or in a gravitational field before you get

59:14 there you scoop out a hole you put yourself in it and it closes behind you and there's no pushing wait there's no

59:20 sound barrier there's no light barrier in fact we can go many times the speed of light using this concept in space

59:32 Brown tried a toroid coil in his I've got his lab notes his books as well lat

59:38 books over here was called the the beta machine this was generating his high voltage hundred thousands of all charges

59:44 that were generating these arcs on this this saucer here I've held it was about three feet in diameter this coil he

59:50 would slip on top of that and they would put high charge to it but it was only half of the solution if he had done the

59:57 other coil had known to do it where he wrapped another coil like this and put those in phase he would have had

1:00:03 anti-gravity a big way he was that close that close I have a great deal of respect for the work that dr. Brown did

1:00:10 and as I say I'm privileged to have access to all of that stuff this is some of his note work on the board for the

1:00:17 design of the craft some of these vacuum testing on the lower left and some of the high voltage testing before they put

1:00:23 the coils on the top and that is a real

1:00:28 deal that's not an animation and that was just finished last week in California but one of our associates we

1:00:35 are making working models of these things to show you so it is real you can

1:00:41 do it criss-cross did that the government per

1:00:52 se has little saying and this was a supranational operation my control agent

1:00:58 in Australia was Sir John Williams a Welshman captain Sir John Williams he's now deceased and he was under the the

1:01:07 advice or counsel of dr. Edward Teller in Russia tellers counterpart was dr. Andrei

1:01:13 Sakharov I forget who the guy West Germany was or in England Norway Canada

1:01:19 but there were a few guys around anyway these sat above elected governments because elected 1:01:26 governments come and go and they leak like a sieve so well they do and these gentlemen that I worked for were the

1:01:36 invisible government you speak of the Illuminati and we parted ways after don't have been in the program for a

1:01:41 short while but and they also tried to put me at the bottom of a mineshaft about 5,000 feet deep now I did manage

1:01:48 to get away obviously but they did manage to keep me out of the United States and telling you any of this for 30 years they just gave me my

1:01:55 citizenship and passport back in 2001 it's been 30 years in Australia waiting for the time to come back there's a lot

1:02:03 more to the story obviously in one hour I can't do that so I'm hitting the highlights of this and I'm going to go very quickly too and

1:02:11 what's my time like I can't read this watch how much time I got left well five

1:02:16 or ten minutes all right

1:02:21 all right let's we'll skip one section here and we'll go to free energy there a

1:02:32 couple of things and a gravity the alien card and free energy that people have been banding around want to know how you

1:02:37 do it where it is and there's all kinds of stuff about zero-point energy and magic this and overunity that and

1:02:43 nobody's come up with a working product for you well they've had working product since the mid 50s there are two main

1:02:50 sources of this quote-unquote free energy it's cheap but it's not free the Sun is one of them the Sun hits on

1:02:59 what's called the plasma sphere or magnetic field of the earth and magnetosphere every plant except

1:03:06 Venus has one dr. Tesla over here in 1903 five or so patented a

1:03:16 flat plate with an antenna pole underneath a going down to a couple of little things to a battery and a little motor to capture direct energy from the

1:03:24 Sun and turn into electricity now his device did work but it took you know several hours to charge up a

1:03:30 battery and it wasn't really efficient to run your home with so after that there was a young fellow following Tesla

1:03:38 and his work Wow let me just go back on

1:03:43 that one here oh don't do that to me

1:03:53 okay all right here we go Tesla okay as

1:04:04 I said developed a thing in 1935 and painted sometime around then patented whatever I Nina steps came a guy named T

1:04:12 Henry Moray who was a doctor in his own right but a doctor of something else not related to free energy but he knew that

1:04:19 Tesla's work had merit and so as a 19 year old at the turn of the century he'd been following Tesla he started playing

1:04:25 with antennas insulated wires on the farm where he lived he was a Mormon fella a kid and he found out that he

1:04:31 could get the larks off of this antenna that was insulated from the rest of the house through a little coil and his speaker and it was novel years past he

1:04:38 remembered it and eventually you through time and circumstance he spent some time in Sweden guests or some of his

1:04:44 relatives there and there was a trading card came by with or and some of the ore

1:04:49 would drop off when they'd stop at the signal there at the tracks and so as a kid he would a young man now he would

1:04:55 pick it up and take it home and collected he kept it with him when he went back to the States went back home and when he started playing with his

1:05:03 peculiar electric discharge his antenna whatever he used some of this sweetie stone he called it there's a

1:05:09 semiconductive type material which we've now dubbed the tribal luminescent material which is just a strange term

1:05:15 for saying you'll turn certain frequencies of light or heat into electricity directly and he managed to

1:05:23 build a device with about an 80 foot 85 foot long antenna insulated behind his

1:05:28 house on two poles and a little wire coming off of it insulated again down to two boxes about the size of this trolley

1:05:34 here in his home he could extract from the ambient medium the air he could

1:05:42 extract about five to seven thousand watts of power continuously run his home run a heater and do it two witnesses let

1:05:50 him take his boxes apart all except one of the cigar boxing about that big which held the magic device which made it all

1:05:58 work and basically all he had in his box was a tuned Tesla coil system a high

1:06:04 voltage call a step-down oil and a couple of little feedback coils and a radial circuit a

1:06:10 heterodyning circuit no one would help him in the early 70s he finally died in

1:06:17 his last words to his family why didn't they help me in fact they tried to assassinate somebody shot at him through

1:06:22 his home window one time there are so many documented cases on record this man with sheriff's judges everybody

1:06:29 reputable and as I say he was part of the Mormon community and he was reputable showing him proving that this

1:06:36 work helped me he says that we can develop you know free energy for the world and then it died with him a son

1:06:42 John I talked to him John didn't pay much attention to it he was too young at the time and does remember how dad did

1:06:49 it just remembers conversations and something about germanium cells in this net that's not the issue the issue is

1:06:55 where was he getting the energy from we'll use modern technology in it well this did happen in the mid 50s as I said

1:07:02 the Sun throws out particles at around

1:07:08 400 to 1200 kilometers per second pretty fast million or two million miles an

1:07:15 hour or something like that everywhere the exact figure is but it's it's huge and that hits us all the time sprayed off from the Sun we get hit all the time

1:07:21 from particles that are called barians and leptons high-speed cosmic energy from other galaxies and other star

1:07:27 systems all the time hitting us they're hitting everything but we're getting our fair share of it because we're in the neighborhood all these things strike a

1:07:35 magnetic bubble around the earth as I said every planet and some of the moons of Jupiter has a bubble like this except

1:07:42 for perviness and it might have one once it settles down and spins the right direction this guy here Morey tapped into a way to

1:07:50 sit on the ground here with some insulated wires and reach out

1:07:56 electronically if you wish and feel the pressure of that solar wind as it

1:08:02 vibrated at sometimes 30 million times of a second when a particle hit have an impulse of a 30 millionth of a second

1:08:08 bang like that so much energy in it that some of those parties were straight on through the earth they're huge and he

1:08:14 said you know I noticed that my energy drops off from this coil about 20% at night time it still

1:08:19 night moon no direct sunlight it's because of this magnetopause that we

1:08:24 will look at here this the little brown thing in the middle ear with echoes dark

1:08:30 blue circles right here that's earth and this is the field the magnetic field of the earth as it moves through that solar

1:08:37 wind it gets bent around like a coma around a comment and if you can imagine

1:08:43 this being like a charged balloon full of charged air and there's things

1:08:49 beating on it like that all the time at any one point in time saying a thirty million of a second roughly speaking

1:08:54 there's going to be a number of particles that are hitting and there's going to be a number of rebounds from

1:09:00 just being hit and the net of those two is some energy for you so if you can

1:09:06 rake off that that energy for that fraction of a second then you've got that energy trapped down in your little device and the system doesn't know

1:09:12 anything about it it fills a hole with some more energy from more particles from the Sun now where we went while it

1:09:23 goes where we belong down this is the Van Allen belts the radiation belts

1:09:29 around the earth the outer one and the inner one as particles hit it oh yeah

1:09:36 as particles hit it it rebounds like this and it presses on the the red one down there which then presses on the

1:09:41 surface of the earth what we do is build a charged pocket of air on the surface

1:09:48 the earth with these wires and when they get pushed on they're going to make voltage and how do we know this

1:09:55 professor john trump at MIT

1:10:01 he's now deceased as well I wrote about him in my book made a most remarkable discovery in the 50s again with high

1:10:10 voltage two plates there those two plates represent 10 inches by 10 inches metal plates they're in a very high

1:10:16 vacuum and he has the ability to measure the attractive force between these

1:10:22 plates when he puts a charge on it so he said to me I went to see John before he died he said I put 300 volts per

1:10:27 centimeter that's a term for the field intensity I put 3 our bolts percent between his plates and I measure the

1:10:33 force at five ten thousandth of a pound bugger-all not much it anyway so then he

1:10:39 says I raised it to 30,000 volts percent only only raised it a hundred times but

1:10:47 yet the force is now up to half a pound a thousand times four she said well I wonder what happens we could go to the

1:10:53 limit of our equipment to three million volts per centimeter watch this

1:10:59 five and I have a 5.7 thousand pounds of force between two plates 100 square

1:11:06 inches each now the outer atmosphere that green envelope you just saw in the red one those are our plates and we've

1:11:14 got the earth as part of the whole system's three plates of all when you move these plates he found back and

1:11:20 forth mechanically the voltage started to change just moving the plates closer or further apart that top figure up

1:11:27 there started to vary if you got varying voltage you've got energy and this was

1:11:33 what he was tapping now that is one source the other source is what's called thermionic it takes heat from your body

1:11:39 heat from the air that is then processed through what is called a tribal

1:11:44 luminescent substance and it simply means it's like the phosphor on your TV the phosphor gets hit with an electron

1:11:51 gun and it emits light of a certain frequency but if you hit that phosphor

1:11:56 with that same frequency of light going the other way it makes electricity come out the other side photoelectric effect all atoms that

1:12:05 in our part of the universe share energy between each other in what's called the infrared spectrum the heat spectrum so

1:12:13 if you get a material that is a responsive instead of to visible light but to the invisible infrared radiation

1:12:20 then that will convert two electrons on one side of this material and we put

1:12:25 what's called a tuned circuit in a cavity just like more I did and it will strip-mine those extra energetic

1:12:31 electrons off and into a little spark gap and down to recharge your battery so those two types are free energy and

1:12:39 there are people working on it too in a network that I'm a member of in France and here in Mexico

1:12:47 and elsewhere probably but the the main part of our membership is in those countries we are able to succeed what

1:12:56 we've got to varying degrees but basically if you use the atmospheric when I told you about this one here

1:13:01 you'll be able to trap mechanical pressures on the outer Van Allen belt

1:13:08 and turn them into electricity and charge batteries which you then run inverters from and you've got power to

1:13:14 run your home without the power company obviously one of the reasons it has not been widely distributed by the way the

1:13:21 thermionic device if you take a nuclear there are certain types of nuclear reactions you can make that produce a

1:13:26 lot of infrared or heat energy and if you do that inside of a material of a

1:13:32 vault it's lined with that tribal luminescent material you can convert that heat from that nuclear reaction straight into electricity which may or

1:13:41 may not be what Bob Lazar was talking about when he talked about his uh his alien in the sport craft he saw the

1:13:47 three gravity wave focus machines out at area 51 he did describe something which I

1:13:52 believe to be what we use ourselves so whether they use an element one one five

1:13:58 and bombarded with neutrinos and get heat out of it or whatever they are actually taking heat like I'm telling

1:14:04 you converting it straight into electricity to a certain degree solar silicon cells do the same thing for us

1:14:09 in solar collectors

1:14:17 oh come on this is the backyard I've just got two more holes to fill and put

1:14:23 the poles up and we'll be testing this out in our backyard that's the charged antenna you put two insulated wire

1:14:30 insulated to thirty to forty thousand volt so it won't leak into the atmosphere and you charge it up and it becomes your balloon to be compressed by

1:14:37 the impact on our outer ionosphere and the Van Allen belt yeah all right mmm

1:14:50 all right look I'm not going to explain this I'm just going to show you some of the water and aircraft that I have made

1:14:57 and tested here since that time and some of working on now they cycle about every

1:15:05 five seconds this one was something I made for a darpur a proposal for a micro

1:15:10 aerial vehicle for surveillance this was along the same lines

1:15:16 they weren't accepted by the way so there's nothing secret here these all

1:15:21 employ the principles of for tech spins in air or charged air this is another

1:15:28 one built in Australia stateside

1:15:36 by the way the real things weren't quite as pretty all the time they had scuff marks and things on them but anyway this

1:15:42 gives you the idea some of are made out of different materials fibers composite

1:15:49 and things like that all of these have definite reasons for their design and

1:15:59 that's a plasma craft with the ion Peaks on the center vortexes I've discussed discussed with you before okay that's

1:16:08 probably enough for today

1:16:15 let's see if we've forgotten anything smoke rings that okay that's it folks